When Love Comes to Town…Cobram

We’re off to Cobram on the Murray River. Well it turns out that Renee grew up about an hour away and amazingly there is no huge amount of cheering for their arrival, actually the streets are empty.

Oh dear the first guy, John, is 25, is rather tall…a mere 6ft 10in, and a cactus farmer…mmmm interesting.

image from ninemsn.com.au

The other guy, Adrian, is 33, and is a cabinet maker and a farmer and after a girl who doesn’t mind getting dirty, but is classy as well.

image from ninemsn.com.au

John ends up with 6 girls for the first date and Adrian ends up with 4 girls.

Adrian’s off to a local fundraiser for his group date and is helping with the fete with his girls…well it seemed to be over rather quickly.  For the one on one dates he chooses Zoe and Ainslie.

John takes them to the cactus farm for the date and half the girls are seriously not happy being there…then there’s a blood curdling scream and oh dear one girl has a splinter…oh honey, honey, honey talk to me when you burrs in your hand while changing the tyre on the side of a country road and your hand starts bleeding.  He asks Caitlin why she chose him…should we be worried that she says that she doesn’t know, but she caught his eye.  Then he corners Renee and he’s excited that’s she practically a local having grown up just down the road.  For the one on one dates he chooses Caitlin and oh dear his stomach has been in knots choosing between Jen and Renee…oh poor precious man…for crying out loud choose…oh no…an ad break to sit through…oh look, he’s chosen Renee…gee she’s been chosen in a few towns…just saying.

Are you kidding me???  John’s taken Renee back to the cactus farm for the date to collect seedlings…I’m sorry but how the hell is that classed as a date????  Then John takes both girls onto the paddle steamer.  Oh no, Renee gets bad news from home about her grandfather…poor thing makes the decision to go home to her family, which leaves John and Caitlin on the paddle steamer together and alone.  Poor John wants a kiss and gets a hug…like he says there’s always tomorrow.

Adrian has taken the girls out together…what happened to one on one date???  I’m concerned about these two blokes, the one on one dates are rather crappy so far.  Anyway Adrian has taken them water skiing…oh dear poor Zoe is feeling like the 3rd wheel…and this boys and girls is why one on one dates means one girl and one guy…not 2 girls and one guy.  On the last day Adrian takes the girls to his farm…they’re in shock as he’s currently living in a shed and poor Zoe is definitely in shock.  Ainslie is slightly more restrained with her reaction.

Time to decide…Caitlin’s up first…gee that was quick, back on the bus she goes because he told her to not get off the bus unless she’s 100% sure.

Righty-o onto Adrian’s two ladies…Zoe’s up first and she straight out says that she felt like a 3rd wheel at times, gee not backwards in being forwards.  Now for Ainslie…ohhh she’s back on the bus as well.

Back to Sale for an update or two…Reggie and Shelley seem to be having a good time…apparently Shelley’s “a good chick” oh honey, honey, honey…seriously???  Looks like there’s feelings developing.  Leigh and Abbey have major chemistry and are kissing and very touchy and she’s “a smitten kitten” and he’s all gooey and butterflies are taking over him…oh dear…but no she’s not his girlfriend yet, but he hopes it will happen.  Oh now they’re on a double date…but Leigh and Abbey still think it is too soon to use the words boyfriend and girlfriend.  Time for the girls to leave Sale…and Reggie is planning to go to Sydney to visit Shelley.  Abbey doesn’t want to go, she’s devastated…ohhhh poor thing…and he feels the same thing about her.


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