Tonight is elimination night with a pressure test for Laura, Byron and Sam having to prepare a plate of sushi for Nobu Matsuhisa…now I went to Nobu restaurant in Perth a couple of years ago when on holiday from Country Town, and I’ll put it out there and say I don’t eat a hell of a lot of sushi, but OH MY GOD is the only way to describe the meal that I enjoyed there.

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I seriously hope that Laura makes it through as that girl put up an amazing sweet chocolate dish and it was the dodgy savoury chocolate dish that sent them through to elimination, but one in all in I guess.

Mind you what’s with the world’s smallest suitcases…I mean hello??? You don’t know how long you’re going to be at Masterchef, that’s okay, pack a tiny little suitcase with next to no clothing, cram it all in there…they pack more for When Love Comes to Town and the bus trip.

Well it’s good to see that all three are panicking a fair amount, which is how it is meant to be.

The task is to prepare 4 plates of sushi, 1 for each judge and 1 for Nobu and it must be consistent.  Also there is no recipe, but thankfully Nobu will show them how to do it…well he’ll only show them once…and there are 7 different things on the plate…oh shite!!!  Just watching him I know I wouldn’t be able to get through the challenge.

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They have 90 minutes to make the 4 plates of food…I’m worried for them!!!

It’s funny seeing all the other contestants watching the 3 in the kitchen on tv screens and they all freak when they see Byron hacking into the snapper.

So far there is one person with their rice cooking…little old Laura…god love the girl.

Oh dear…1 hour to go and Nobu is concerned as the rice takes 45 minutes and that leaves 15 minutes to put it all together and he can do it in that time, but he’s worried for them.

It gets better as Byron has burnt his prawn heads…gee this is going to be tough.  Now Sam has rice that is burnt…oh dear…it’s all going on.  Oh now…now Laura has forgotten the asparagus and has started to roll and cut up her vege roll…poor thing…she’s hoping to cook it and squeeze it in somehow.

Time is up…oh dear…Laura realises she left a whole thing off her dish and it is just sitting off to the side…poor darling.

Time for tasting…up first is Byron and the first thing he is asked is what is missing.  Nobu thinks for a first time it’s not bad and it’s not beautiful like his sushi is…then there is the wasabi issue which brings coughs to a few judges.  The judges think he started well, but rushed as he went on.

Then it is Laura…and Nobu talks to her about cooking with passion and George notices the missing item.  They comment that the food is all of an equal size which is good.  Gary comments that the rice is cooked well.

Finally it is Sam’s turn…problem is the others got the right amount, but Gary missed out on his squid…well he’s not overly happy about that.  Oh no!!!!  Nobu appears to have found a bone, but of course we get an ad break before we find out for sure…yep it was a bone from the snapper and Nobu says how dangerous that is.

Gary comments that it will be hard to split Byron and Sam…umm is he saying that Laura is safe???

Even though Laura had only 6 things on the plate she is safe as her dishes were more equal and more perfect and consistent.

Byron’s were clumsy and inconsistent and Sam’s were cut too thick.  Then Matt says that one of them left the bone in the fish…sorry Sam that tiny little bone is sending you home.


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