So there are 3 bits of equipment that have to be used as an element for cooking the dish…Georgia ends up with the blow torch, Amy with the smoking gun and Colin with the cream foam gun.  They have unlimited choice in the pantry, can only go to the pantry once, 45 minutes to cook…too bad if you run out of food or forget anything.

Colin decides that he’s going to be delicate with his dish as opposed to being masculine like every other thing and Amy’s stressing because there’s no quail but goes scallops.  Georgia stocks up and shocked George, but as he says given that she’s only allowed in the pantry once she’s stocked up with all the needs and some more and she’s going for a savoury dish.

Georgia’s struggling with her crispy meringues, they’re rather small and burning very quickly…now she tries to make sugar wafers and they’re not working either…now she’s trying sugar coated corn kernels…all I can say is what the???

God love Colin for practising with the foam gun before time runs out.

Time’s up…

Colin is up first with his dish…and the judges bring up what happened with Steven and the foam gun…Colin does well with using it.  His dish is prawn and scallop “clams” with prawn and wine foam and it looks very pretty.  George says the chip is overcooked.  Kylie loves the concept of the whole dish.

image from

Georgia with candied carrot and carrot puree and tapioca.  Gary thinks it is pretty but she hasn’t shown them the blow torch.  George is so sweet and he congratulates her for putting up beautiful dishes.

Amy is last with scallops with smoked white bean puree and Kylie can taste the smokiness in the puree.  Gary says the scallops are cooked perfectly.  Matt is almost drooling over the smoky almost bacon tasting puree mixed with the creaminess of the scallops and thinks it is the best dish Amy has cooked.

image from

Amy wins and gets to cook for immunity and is all set to jump for joy.  She is up against… Jock Zonfrillo from Restaurant Orana and he’s a fan of using Australian Indigenous ingredients, oh and he’s from Scotland and Renae is slightly overwhelmed and getting teary and as she says “I have a little fan-girl moment”.

However the choice is prince or pauper…prince being duck, quail, marron, prawns, a bottle of Krug etc…pauper being mince, offal, passionberries (bush tomato), salt bush, dorigo pepper, pumpkin, turnips.  If Amy chooses out of prince or pauper it’s 60 minutes each, if she lets him choose it is 60 minutes for her and 45 minutes for him.  Whatever is chosen is only that…no pantry, no garden…and she’s letting him choose solely based on time…hopefully it is a good choice for her.  Jock chooses pauper as it is what he is more comfortable with.

Oh dear lord…she asks “What is the skin like on a leather jacket?” ummm I know next to nothing about fish and given the name of the fish I could answer that question!!  Thankfully Jock gives some advice.

Jock chooses oxtail and chuck steak and everyone’s worried.  But he’s after the fat from the oxtail and he’s planning to serve the chuck steak raw…ummm okay.

5 minutes to go and everyone’s stressing about Jock…there’s nothing on the plate, the steak isn’t cut and he’s busy chatting to Amy…oh this might turn out to be rather interesting. 2 minutes to go and he’s finally cutting the steak and just started plating.

A minute to go and Amy realises the crispy potatoes discs are soggy and thankfully decides not to plate them and amazingly Jock has a dish up.

First is Amy’s dish…pan fried leather jacket with potato puree and apple sauce and Gary would like more colour on the fish.  Matt says the fish is well cooked.  George’s only comment is “yum.”

image from

Next is Jock’s dish… “roast” beef and pumpkin and all the judges comment on how stunning it looks and Gary says it smells roast beefy and he wonders how it was prepared.

Scoring time…Amy’s scores…Gary 8/10, Matt 8/10 and George 8/10 giving her a score of 24/30.

Jock’s scores…Gary 8/10, Matt 9/10 and George 9/10 giving him a score of 26/30.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Martin Giffard
    Jun 11, 2014 @ 16:29:59

    Oh come on! Jock dawdles along to show how cool he is, then servies up raw meat with blowtorched pumpkin! 26/30? Tell the judges they are dreaming!


  2. Richard & Yanti
    Jun 27, 2014 @ 02:43:07

    Dear Martin,
    Why can’t i find Jock’s raw meat with blowtorched pumpkin recipe on If you do know please send me the recipe. Would really appreciate it.


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