Masterchef…mmm chocolate

Can someone please explain to me why we start the Masterchef week with a view of contestants running and telling us how hard it is to stay fit in the house???  Honestly, you’re in a cooking competition, of course it is hard.

The mystery box is full of super foods tonight…sweet potato, blueberries, sardines, walnuts, kale, lentils, natural yoghurt and goji berries.  I’m sorry, but if you live in Country Town 2.0 you’ll be struggling to buy a fair few of these items.  Can’t say I’ve seen any kale around, actually I think I saw it once, but I was about 400km from Country Town 2.0 and was too scared to contemplate buying it…as for blueberries or goji berries…yeah not likely, hell there’s fruit and vegies arriving in Country Town 2.0 once a week and it’s hit and miss and that’s being polite.

As usual there are 5 dishes being tasted and there is an hour to go.

Byron is making a crème caramel…mmm interesting idea given he’s using super foods, plus he needs 40 minutes and it’s in the oven with 38 minutes to go…but oh dear, they’re not setting with only 10 minutes to go…back up plan is required, he needs to be grateful that it isn’t an elimination challenge…so now he’s making crumbed sardines with a kale salad…seriously love, as Gary said, crème caramels in a one hour challenge was always going to be a struggle.

Now we get to see Emilia and Brent being all buddy-buddy and helping each other…do they realise it is a competition???

The judges choose to taste Emilia’s dish first…and Brent is hoping that he gets picked as well or he’ll be seriously peeved.  Her dish is pan-fried sardines with whey-poached lentils.  Then she gets asked if she think she can win and she says she can and she’s asked what she’ll do if she wins and she said “it’s called a bender” and nobody can keep a straight face given her honesty.  George enjoys the dish.

Then they choose Ben with his dish…sardines with kale, sweet potato and toasted walnuts.  Gary is enjoying all the different tastes and textures and George says it is one of the best dishes that Ben has put up.

image from

Next is Colin with…crumbed sardines with goji berries and walnuts.  Gary’s excited when he hears Matt crunching while he is eating.  Matt enjoys the sardines, but isn’t sure about the yoghurt.  Gary on the other hand enjoys the sourness of the yoghurt.

Next is…Brent…he can breathe easier now with his dish of…walnut sardines with curds and whey.  Matt thinks the dish is genius.

Lastly is…Renae…who is shocked and thought they were going to say Kira…he dish is…walnut-crusted sardine with lentil and sweet potato salad.  Gary says there is complexity to the dish and it is put together beautifully.

Oh hang on a second…they now say there is a dish that they want to pay respect to as there was nothing on a plate with 10 minutes to go and they ask to see Byron’s dish, but he says he’s eaten it…poor bugger is in shock and Gary can’t stop laughing.

Now we hear that the decision isn’t unanimous as any of the 5 dishes could have won…but the winner as usual…is an ad break…but the winner is Ben.

However the core ingredient is sitting there in the room and when it is uncovered it is a mountain of chocolate in all different forms…mmmmmmmmmmm…chocolate.  Gary says that Ben doesn’t look all that excited and that’s because he wants to know what the advantage is…but apparently it is a team challenge.  Matt says there is five teams of three and Ben gets to pick all of the teams, including his own.  Each team has to make a sweet dish and a savoury dish and they both have to include chocolate…mmmm interesting.  The winning team gets a chance to play for immunity and the losing team goes into a pressure test…no surprises there.

The teams are: Ben, Emilia and Jamie as he thinks they’re good cooks.  Then…Kira, Tracy and Tash and he doesn’t think they work well together because of their personalities…then…Laura, Byron and Sam…then… Brent, Renae and Sarah and lastly Georgia, Colin and Amy…oh and there’s only 60 minutes to make the two dishes.

Now I’m just putting it out there…Georgie Boy it is “boom, boom shake the room” with boom rhyming with room…not bomm how you pronounce it…just saying…it has bugged me for years, more so tonight given that I’ve spent a lot of hours today in teacher mode writing report comments.

It is hysterical that Jamie and Ben are confused about their meats and think there is no venison and change to quail from their mystery meat and then the judges ask and they say there is no venison and George picks up the meat in the bowl on their bench and says “are you serious?”  Ummmmm boys there is most definitely venison in the pantry, in fact it is on your bench right now.

Oh dear Emilia’s in all kinds of hell…a cold oven so tuille not cooking and then she goes to another oven and burns the salted caramel…poor love.

Mind you Laura makes chocolate noodles by piping chocolate into iced water…mmm may have to try that one day.

Now Tracy’s stressing about screwing up the chocolate sauce for her venison dish…seriously there’s a lot of freaking out going on tonight.

Up first for tasting is Kira, Tracy and Tash…the sweet dish is deconstructed hazelnut mocha and the judges love the presentation and think it is very clever.  Their savoury dish is juniper and thyme-cured venison and chocolate chutney and Matt didn’t get any chocolate in his two mouthfuls and says the sauce needs to be thinner.  Gary says the dish blows them away, but the chocolate doesn’t.

Brent, Renae and Sarah are up with their savoury dish, jerk chicken with cocoa chips and Gary loved it and Matt said it works.  The sweet dish is bitter chocolate mousse, chocolate dacquoise and strawberry jelly and George says the mousse is genius, Matt thinks the terrine has too much texture in it.

Colin, Amy and Georgia go up…savoury is chocolate fettucine with pan-seared lamb and the first comment is Gary saying “Colin do you have any idea how much I really don’t like chocolate pasta?  Given the choice I avoid it like the plague,” hate to say it, but guess what Gary, you asked them to be inventive and he was inventive…there is no place for being too fussy and not liking food before trying it when you’re a judge on a food competition.  Oh look, Gary’s never had a chocolate pasta dish he’s liked, but surprise, surprise he loves it…especially the chocolate-red wine sauce which he then drinks.  The sweet dish is chocolate fondant with tempered chocolate and raspberry vodka sorbet (unfortunately the website has a picture of the wrong dish with the recipe) and George loves the tempered chocolate.

image from

Next is Laura, Sam and Byron…and Matt is excited when he sees a panna cotta wobbling towards him.  Their sweet dish is basil panna coota with lemon curd domes and white chocolate noodles and Matt thinks the techniques shown are a winner…their savoury dish is chicken roulade and George asks if they’re happy with the roulade and can’t believe it when they say that they are.  Gary says that he doesn’t like anything on the dish.  Matt gets the pairing of stone fruit and chocolate, but doesn’t like the pairing of stone fruit, beetroot and chocolate.

Lastly is Ben, Emilia and Jamie.  The savoury dish is pan-roasted quail with parsnip puree and chocolate beetroot chutney.  George says the quail is overcooked but there is a lot of detail in the dish.  Sweet is smoked white chocolate mousse in tuille and berries and she says the dish isn’t what was planned and she’s all teary and Gary tells her he isn’t being nice because she’s teary, but because the dish is good.

Matt says that this invention test showed more invention than any other challenge which was great to see.  The winners were Colin, Amy and Georgia.  Gary says there are 2 teams that are at the bottom…Tash, Kira and Tracy along with Sam, Laura and Byron.  The final decision was based on flavour…the losers were Sam, Byron and Laura based on their savoury dish and Laura is teary straight away and I don’t blame her as her dessert was amazing.

Shite…the pressure test is sushi for Nobu…holy fark!!!  No thanks!!


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