Masterchef…going, going, gone

Tonight is elimination night with Rachael, Brent, Ben and Tash on the chopping block and there is an auction to take place…however it is not with money…they choose ingredients bidding with time.  Everyone starts with 100 minutes cooking time, but it will go down through the auction.

There are 4 proteins; rib eye, pork belly, pigeon and mackerel.  Then vegies; root vegetables, Asian, nightshade and native vegetables.  Then pantry ingredients; sauces, basics like flour, sugar and vinegar, then dairy and spices.  They have oil, salt and pepper on their benches…mmmm this shall get interesting.

Proteins are auctioned off first…rib eye goes up and Ben doesn’t want it but is going against Brent for it and the girls are quiet and enjoying the battle that is going on…it goes to Brent for 25 minutes.  Pork belly goes to Rachael for 25 minutes.  Pigeon is up and it goes to Ben for 5 minutes and Tash gets the mackerel for no time taken from her.

Produce time with nightshade vegetables up first and they go to Ben for 15 minutes.  Then root vegetables go to Brent for 25 minutes…he’s down to 50 minutes.  Next is the Asian vegetables and the girls are battling over them…Tash gets them for 45 minutes.  Rachael is left with the forage native vegetables for no cost and she’s not impressed at all.

Onto the pantry ingredients…sauces are up first and they all know that Tash wants them, but Ben and Rachael are bidding as well and playing the game…Tash ends up with them for 25 minutes…oh and 30 minutes to cook.  Rachel needs the staples, but Ben’s playing the game still…and Rachael ends up getting them for 25 minutes and has 50 minutes left to cook.  Next is the dairy basket and there’s Brent and Ben left…and yes Ben is pushing to see how much Brent will bid, but Ben gets them for 25 minutes and he has 55 minutes to cook with.  Brent is left with the spices and 50 minutes to cook.

The lack of dairy is making Brent’s ideas rather interesting…well so says Gary.  Ben’s doing a capsicum custard…okay I’m confused, as are the judges.  Brent’s making a puree and has no dairy…oh hell it looks rather shocking.  Rachael’s attempting to deep fry the pork…but it comes out black…oh dear, that’s a shocker to those on the balcony!!!  But she’s very happy and it’s something to do with the mustard and saltbush and flour being on it.  Matt’s concerned and now Rachael is starting to stress and there’s mere minutes to go, now she thinly slices the pork belly and puts it in the fryer.  Now Tash is worried that the fish is slightly undercooked with a couple of minutes left.

Judging time…up first is Brent with his dish…roasted rib eye steak with smoked beetroot and carrot and parsnip puree and Gary says it looks good, but the negative is losing the dairy.  George thinks it is a brilliant dish.  Matt loves the different flavours and textures.

image from

In goes Tash with her dish…harissa-stuffed mackerel with Asian greens…and thankfully it’s cooked well.  Matt says she spent well in the auction and she is a very clever cook.  George says she’s an amazing cook.

image from

Next is Ben and his dish…roasted pigeon with aubergine puree and roasted capsicum custard and all the judges are curious about the custard.  Gary says the custard tastes delicious and Matt says it goes so well with the pigeon.  Thankfully the pigeon is cooked perfectly.  The downfall s the copious amounts of gravy.

image from

Last up is Rachael with her…actually with her tears and an ad break…her dish is saltbush pork with native greens…and Matt loves the way she laughs and cries, actually he likes the laugh and doesn’t like the crying.  Looks like even George is getting a tad emotional and that’s before tasting her plate.  Gary is questioning where the rest of the pork is as it’s not on the plate.

Matt says he think Rachael knows she’s going home even though she doesn’t want to…I have to say I’ve got a soft spot for Rachael.

Yes…she’s going home…George says that they will absolutely miss her as she’s an honest soul…there’s nobody quite like Rachael in this series…oh and then George says “as much as we would like you to stay so we can feel warm and fuzzy, it is time for you to go sweetheart”…ohhhhhhhhhhh.

Update is she’s running an in-home cooking school.

Now there’s a Masterclass on and I know that Darren Purchese is going to be on it and it’s not clashing with any other show so it’s time to curl up and relax for the night…


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