When Love Comes to Town…Sale

Oh we’re off to Sale in Victoria…a rather large town, one I haven’t been to for many years, but the town I was born in…and by many years I would say about 30 or so years.

The girls get off the bus and before they meet the guys there are 5 new girls for them all to meet…and no they’re not happy…strange about that…Tash honey, maybe you should have stayed off the bus in Robe…

Here come the blokes…Leigh and Reggie and Leigh’s got the flowing locks and they’re kind of nothing like all the previous guys.

Leigh’s a 26 year old hairdresser…as for Reggie his one heartbreak is football related…oh honey, you need a woman, he’s a gym owner…but it gets better Leigh and Reggie are good mates and they went to school together.

Leigh – image from ninemsn.com.au


Reggie – image from ninemsn.com.au

Leigh’s group date has 6 girls.  So does Reggie’s group date.

Reggie takes the girls to the races and the old and new are splitting and taking sides…and one new girl has “resting bitch face”…oh we’re mature tonight.  Gee Amy’s really into it “dating country boys isn’t fun”….oh honey, bad mistake when you meant city boys.

Leigh’s taking them bowling and same same old v new…but Tash is putting it all out there in her hot frock…now they’re playing bingo and doing the bbq at the bowls club…but he’s speechless over Abby.

For the one on one dates Reggie chooses Shelley and Zoe.

Zoe – image from ninemsn.com.au


Shelley – image from ninemsn.com.au

Leigh chooses Abbey and Tash who is completely shocked.

Abbey – image from ninemsn.com.au


Tash – image from ninemsn.com.au

Poor Shelley is nervous as she doesn’t know new girl Zoe…oh poor thing.  Reggie takes her to play tennis…poor love got hit in the head too, by her own doing.  Reggie takes Zoe for a country drive…then for coffee and some daggy piano playing.  On the last night Reggie takes them home and has told his parents to go out….but they’re there…oh hell…but then mum and dad are off to sleep in the caravan.  He hopes Shelley will stay and tells her in the spa.

Leigh takes Abbey for a pampering day at his salon….poor Abby is stressing over her hair….but she copes.  Leigh takes Tash to his band rehearsal…and apparently “she looks so banging with that guitar strapped on her”…oh dear, so different to all the other guys.  On the last night he takes them for a beach front retreat.  Both girls like him, but haven’t told him…oh dear…but the girls are talking to each other…oh and Abbey can see Tash and Leigh have a connection…poor thing is stepping back.  Oh no…he tells Tash she shouldn’t get on the bus…shite!!  Plus he never told Tash that he wants Abbey to stay.

Decision day…

Tash decides to get on the bus…and Abbie is relieved.

Abbey decides to stay in Sale with Leigh.

Zoe gets back on the bus.

Shelley decides to stay with Reggie.

Robe update for Jemma and Charlie…it looks like they’ve enjoyed the time together and he’s sad she is back to Brisbane…and they kiss on the last night.

Turns out next time we’re off to Cobram in Victoria and the two guys are…

John who runs a cactus farm and is about 7ft tall…a whopping 208cm!  He’s also a self-confessed geek….oh I like geeks.

John – image from ninemsn.com.au

Then there is Adrian who is a farmer whose last relationship ended when the girl wouldn’t move from the city…oh dear…hope it doesn’t happen that way again for the poor bugger.

Adrian – image from ninemsn.com.au


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