Masterchef…Queen Victoria night markets teams challenge

Good to see that teams are picked by who gets in which car…4 teams of 4…so much easier than picking teams.  They’re off to the Queen Victoria night markets which have 40,000 people go there normally and can have multiple transactions a minute in the food area…oh shite they’re in trouble.

They’re off to Coles with $700 to shop for their team to cook and the most profit wins the challenge at the market.

Oh and the time starts from when they are in the car…take too long shopping and you have less cooking time.

The blue team want to spend only $500 of their $700…to save the rest for profits.

Oh…bought tortillas…mmmm not sure about that…hope they don’t get slammed for it.

Blue team spent a mere $350 and have only 1 trolley of food…I’m worried for them.

Red team is first but are too busy debating over empanades and churros…but they are adamant on empanadas and have 3 options.

Blue team are making Korean steam buns…but here is no steam over and they thought they would have a steam over…well that was a stupid thing to think wasn’t it???  Oh well steamed buns plan 2.  George questions the left over money then Gary and George question the multiple choices.

Green team…burgers, burgers, burgers and chips…George is worried…so they’ve cut it back to do just beef burgers and chips.

Yellow team have only one dish…George thinks it is clever that they bought tortillas as it is quick.

image from

The red team is self-destructing…ohhh this is fun!!!

Now the steamer is on fire for the blue team…too funny

Service begins and there is a bit of chaos and not a huge amount of cooked food ready to go…oh and red has nothing to serve…oh well…

Oh no….green don’t have chips….oh dear.

The judges love the yellow’s dish, but they have noticed they’re getting slammed for service.

Half an hour in and the red team finally start serving…about damn time.

Oh dear…blue team have run out of cooked food…gee this is going bad.

The judges love the idea of the blue team’s dish, but think it doesn’t look all that great and they think it is really hard to eat.

Finally the red go for the churros…as they ran out of empanadas.

Oh dear the judges visit the red team and there’s a 10 minute wait on empanadas and they walk away.

Matt likes the look of the burgers.  George loves the burgers…then they get chips and they love them.

Oh dear…the red team finally have dough…but thankfully the dough tastes good as Gary says it was a bad idea to make their own dough.

Time is up…decision time…red and blue saved money and the start, yellow and green spent money at the start…yellow and green teams made the most money and are both safe…no surprise as they had plenty of food and didn’t run out of food.

Green team made over $2300, yellow made over $3800…holy heck….over $1500 more than the next team.

image from

Either blue or red are into the elimination.  $2000 verses $1600, red are through to elimination…talk about a rollercoaster week for poor Rachael.

Food sells, money gets through…Brent points out 4 team challenges and 4th loss for him…poor bugger.

The elimination is an ingredients auction…should be fun!!


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