When Love Comes to Town…Robe

Tonight we’re off to Robe in South Australia, a town of 1,000 people with a summer population of up to 10,000.  A fishing and holiday town on the coast and finally I’m happy that they’re in a small town and as usual they all get off the bus to the screams of the Robe locals and cheering school children and there’s 8 women getting off the bus tonight.

Now for the men…Bill and Charlie…2 opposites in looks straight off the bat…one with a receding hairline and the other with the spiked up hair…Charlie is a 29 year old farmer and surf coach with the spiked up hair, but he only told them that he’s a surf coach as he’s a multi-million dollar farmer managing 7 farms, but he doesn’t want them to like him for his money…ohhhh clever man…but jeans and thongs!!!  I’m sorry I don’t get that!!

image from ninemsn

Bill is 33 and a crayfisherman with a receding hairline…I’m not sure about the 4am starts for the crayfishing though…I thought getting up at 5:45am was early enough, at least he gets peace with only one other person on the boat…I get a class of cherubs when they walk through the door each morning.

image from ninemsn

Bill is chosen by Jessica, Tash, Rebekah and Abbey.

Charlie is chosen by Renee, Ainslie, Jemma and I think it was Shelley…there was another girl there, she said nothing, you hardly saw her but she was definitely there.

Renee says the high maintenance girls have all chosen Bill…and he’s taking them crayfishing…oh shite, even with romance I wouldn’t be happy with that between the water and the roses, sorry hon, not a winner for me!!  Within minutes Rebekah is driving the damn boat…oh FFS girl, ease up a tad.  Tash is stressing as she’s the only girl on the bus that hasn’t had a second date and she thinks Abbey is drop dead gorgeous with ridiculously long legs, honey stop stressing.  Back to the romance…crayfish and bubbly, even though they’re still on the boat.

Charlie takes the girls for a surfing lesson…shite I would be struggling with that date too…and poor Renee can hardly get the thing on and of course there is the obligatory topless shot of Charlie.  Poor Renee struggles so she gets taken off for a walk by Charlie who’s excited that she grew up in the country.  Finally the girls hit the water.  Charlie is shocked that Ainslie turned 36 that day and thinks she looks younger.  Off to Charlie’s beach shack…but I have to say I’m over hearing Nat tell me that Charlie is a cattle baron of a multi-million dollar empire…enough already!!!  Oh dear…Charlie’s never been with a girl that has a child…mmmm…this may be interesting as he’s not sure how to deal with that.

Decision time…Bill chooses Rebekah and Tash for a second date…thank God for that otherwise it may have gotten very messy.  Charlie chooses Renee and Jemma for a second date…now I’m just putting it out there, but there were 4 girls on the group date with him and only 3 really got shown…what’s the go with that????

Oh no…Charlie has taken Renee and Jemma to one of his farms and mentioned he’s got 7 farms.  Good thing Jemma says she likes a person for who they are, not for the 7 farms they own.  Jemma’s putting hay out for the cows and says “come on eat it”…oh that’s something I would say and as for being in the yards with the cattle…been there, done that, never doing it ever, ever again, even after hearing noisy calves all night a few weeks ago!  Hell now he’s got Jemma cleaning the troughs, honey, honey, honey how are you hoping to impress a girl making them do that???  Thankfully there’s a picnic after the trough cleaning.  Now he’s got Renee cleaning the ute and strangely enough gets her wet with the hose rather quickly as he thought she wasn’t as positive as she was on the beach…mate I wouldn’t be positive cleaning the ute either…how the hell is that a date???  On the last night they’re back at the beach shack.  Ohhh Charlie says he wouldn’t have minded kissing Jemma that last night…have to say that’s a tad cute!!!

Bill gives Rebekah flowers and takes her on a four wheel drive bash…Nat says he should have cleaned the car, but I’m sorry if you’re going to be going up and down sand dunes and all over the place you don’t want the cleanest of cars to do it…a waste cleaning it for it to get covered in dirt, dust and sand mere minutes later…just my thoughts of course!!  Then they start talking about her watch and it was from an ex and gee I don’t know about getting into all that so fast love, remember I said before to ease up a tad…you need to heed that piece of advice!!  Bill has decided to take Tash on a stroll along the foreshore for their date, then off to the fish and chip shop before eating on the beach.  Then Bill takes both girls to his friend’s Mexican cantina and they get to meet his friends and family and his sister likes Tash and Tash claims “I may have found love in Robe.”  The last night is back at Bill’s house and there’s a table tennis table in the dining room and there’s a painting on the wall that slightly resembles Tash…same hair, same lips and apparently a nice bum and it was a painting that he said was his perfect woman and turns out that he painted it.  Poor vegetarian Rebekah is feeling rather left out while Bill and Tasha are enjoying abalone and looks rather uncomfortable as the third wheel in the kitchen.  Poor Rebekah has a vegie feast made for her but still feels like the poor second cousin and starts to feel crook…honey you’re overwhelmed by the whole situation and look you seem rather perky when he shows you to your room for the night and as soon as he’s gone we hear the tears on the other side of the door.

Here comes the bus…decision day…Bill declares how much he likes Tash, but doesn’t say any such thing to Rebekah and he really wants her to stay.  Rebekah decides to get on the bus, surprise, surprise.  Tash decides to…oh hell ad break…come on honey stay, you know you want to…damn she’s getting back on the bus.

Charlie really wants Jemma to stay…Jemma is up first…and she decides to stay!!!  Good decision darling!!!  But there’s still Renee and thankfully she decides they’ll be better as mates and she decides to get back on the bus.

Back to the Barossa with Mindy and Andy for an update…and he surprises her with a hot air balloon ride…as you do…oh actually not in any version of Country Town that I’ve even been in and of course they had to cuddle up while they were up there as it was a tad cold.  But she’s about to go and they’re rather touchy feely and they’re planning on meeting up again.  Apparently there’s been no kissing yet though, but there’s a hand on his thigh while he is driving and his hand on hers…ohhhhh cute!!  Oh wait…there’s a kiss when she goes to leave for Brisbane and he’s eager to catch up with her again.

Tomorrow night there are 5 new girls to deal with…what the fark????  Oh and we’re off to croc country…bring it on I say!!!

I’ve just checked the website and there’s details of the guys for the next episode from Sale, Victoria…yep I’ve been there too, was born there and lived there for a few years.

But the guys are hairdresser Leigh

image from ninemsn.com.au

and gym owner Reggie who lives with his parents.

image from ninemsn.com.au

And here’s the sneak peak they have of the intruders…click on the picture for the video.

image from ninemsn.com.au

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