Masterchef….Matt Stone immunity challenge

Brent, Renae and Rachael are up for the chance to get immunity tonight…however they have to get through a round 1 elimination challenge first…a cheese naming challenge.

I’m a bit like Rachael…I would be in hell as I’m not a cheese person…I don’t do soft cheese, no camembert for me, no brie, actually I don’t do a lot of cheese.

So they can taste, smell, touch as many cheeses as they like before saying the name and it’s sudden death and sudden knock out…and Matt warns that not all is as it seems.

There’s a knife draw for turns, Brent is brave and chooses first, he gets 1st, Renae will be 2nd and Rachael 3rd.

There’s boccincini…well I probably would have gotten that…not that you can get that anywhere near Country Town 2.0, or that I’ve ever tried it.  Renae says parmesan…yep would have gotten that.  Now for Rachael…she says feta…yep would have gotten that.  Brent’s up again…he says ricotta…he says he sees it in the deli every time he goes to the supermarket…oh that’s right, places that aren’t Country Town 2.0 usually have a deli in the supermarket.  Renae says swiss cheese and George asks for more information…oh dear…she says gruyere…oh dear, she’s incorrect, off you go love.

Now we’re left with Brent and Rachael…Rachael goes for cheddar…and she’s right and almost in shock.  Brent goes for…well he’s debating brie verses camembert…I wouldn’t have any idea…but he goes for it and says that it is camembert…Matt and Gary said it was camembert when they guessed and 2 went brie…and the ad means we have to hang on yet again!!!  But they were wrong and it is King Island Dairy Brie…so Rachael is through to round 2.

Oh dear…Kylie Kwong went a bit of “you go girl” after putting the chef’s jacket on Rachael.

Now for the immunity challenge for her to cook against a chef…she’s up against Matt Stone from the Greenhouse in Perth…I have to say I quite like him after seeing him on the show previously and he’s a bit easy on the eye…just saying!!!  Actually except for the piece of metal through his lip, I’m not into that!!

As usual Matt choses the core ingredient and Rachael gets more time.  The first group of core ingredients is ham…including Spam, the second group of core ingredients is cheese.  Rachael is begging and pleading with her eyes and nods that he chooses ham and Matt Preston tells Matt Stone there is one group that Rachael doesn’t like.  Personally even though I don’t go much for ham, I would choose the ham over the cheese as there’s bacon and other varieties…cheese I could manage, but it would be harder in my opinion.

Matt chooses cheese…oh hell I think Rachael just died a tad inside…now there’s cheese, cheese and more cheese and no ham or any of it’s derivatives in the pantry.

Both Rachael and Matt start by tasting cheeses…wise decision.  Rachael decides to make a soufflé but then burns her roux and has to start it again.

Matt decides to cook manchego and carrot salad…and mentions it is the first time on the show that he’s cooked, even though he’s been on before.

God love Rachael choosing a cheese because it’s soft and gooey and then whisking her egg whites by hand instead of using the mixer…got to love her.

Matt’s charring or rather burning leeks to get a smoky flavour and cooking bread in milk to get nuttiness and getting all rather fancy on his side with poaching carrots in whey and putting glucose in a carrot reduction…but honestly I’m enjoying Rachael tonight.  Except when she hears that he’s cooking a salad she’s gets a tad over excited.

She thinks about doing grilled mango cheeks under her lobster tails to be served with the cheese soufflé…honey I think get rid of the damn mango…you’re not at home in Darwin.  Kylie asking “does that work?” then saying “think about that” should be enough for you to ditch the damn mango…let alone having you saying “fruit tingles and butterflies”…I think I need to remember that line for future reference.

Matt takes a casual stroll to the herb garden and grabs some flowers…oh honey that didn’t end well when someone did that before.

Oh shite…Rachael has left the mango on the plate…but the soufflés look great.

Matt said he was being rustic and then gets pulled up by Brent for using tweezers when plating…his salad does look very pretty though.

Time’s up and can they hurry up as When Love Comes to Town starts in a few minutes.

Matt’s impressed that Rachael attempted a soufflé as he wouldn’t have done so.

Up for tasting for first is the carrot and manchego salad.  Matt Preston says it is very pretty and very restauranty and has plenty of cheese on it.  George says it is all about cheese, which is what they asked for and it is really delicious.  Matt Preston says he needs more acidity and sweetness.

Now for Rachael’s twice cooked cheese soufflé with mango and lobster.  Gary likes the idea of a twice baked cheese soufflé, but questions the lobster and the mango.  Gary thinks lobster and mango work together, but putting the cheese soufflé with it doesn’t work.  George thinks there’s 2 dishes there with a combination of flavours that are a train wreck.  Sorry Rachael honey, I don’t think you’re getting the pin tonight.

Time for the scores…

Matt’s scores…Matt 8/10, George 7/10 and Gary 8/10 giving him 23/30.

Rachael’s scores…Matt 5/10, George 5/10 and Gary 5/10 giving her 15/30.  Like I said no immunity pin for her tonight.

God love Kylie for saying that it’s not all about how you work, but what you take from it and Matt Stone thinks it is great that Rachael was smiling all day and is still smiling…ahhhhh a tad cute I think.

Tomorrow night is team challenge night and George says it’s gigantic and they should bring their rollerskates as they’ll be running…it’s at the Queen Victoria night market and it looks rather hectic and insane.


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