Masterchef…funky pawpaw

Ummmm…we enter the kitchen.  There’s a mystery box and there’s also a board with lamb chops and 3 vegies (potato, pumpkin and brussel sprouts) on it…but no Gary wasn’t to talk about strategy and talk to the contenstants.

Thankfully Matt steps up and says the box has 8 risky ingredients.  If you choose the box you get an hour to cook, choose the meat and vegies you get 30 minutes.

Sam, Byron, Emilia and Ben choose the board, the rest choose the risky mystery box.  The box has tofu, vegemite, pawpaw, baby zucchini with the zucchini flower still attached, salsafy (but it is some kind of root vegetable) cardamom, pheasant and choko.  Hell I would have chosen the meat and 3 veg I think.  The box people must choose one thing from the box, the board people don’t have to use all four ingredients.

Tash and Sarah are both making mousse as part of their dish and Gary and Georgie Boy are going on about a mousse off.

Oh dear…now we hear that Georgie Boy doesn’t like the “funky smell” of pawpaw and he likes it but normally covers it in lime juice…Amy’s making a pawpaw sorbet and a pawpaw custard and praline…if it works I would be happy to try it, I love pawpaw, and not covered in lime juice.

Time for the safe board people to start…with 30 minutes to cook.  Emilia is grateful that she’s had the thinking time as normally she chokes when she doesn’t have thinking time…oh and she’s not using the lamb chop.  She’s sticking to the potato, pumpkin and brussel sprouts.

Well that hour is up rather quickly.

They decide to taste Georgia’s dish…pan-fried pheasant with zucchini flowers and vegemite mayonnaise…she’s managed to use vegemite, tofu and pawpaw in the same dish and Gary is shocked that it works.

Then they taste Amy’s dessert…which I have to say looks amazing…it’s pawpaw sorbet with pawpaw caramelised custard with candied zucchini and praline…and Matt’s going on about the pawpaw without lime comparing it to a Ferrari being up on blocks, but he’s converted.  George says she’s definitely grown during the competition.

Then it’s Jamie…roast pheasant with salsify and baby zucchini…oh dear the thicker parts of the pheasant aren’t cooked.

Next they try Emilia’s dish…brussel sprouts, pumpkin and potato…will she convert the meat eating judges???  Well they cleared the plate and George thinks it is clever and sophisticated.

image from

Lastly they try one of the pheasant mousses…Sarah’s…honey I wouldn’t say that you won the mousse off given that they only tried yours.  But she made pheasant mousse tortellini with vegemite bournoisette (however you spell it).  Matt likes the mousse.  Gary likes the vegemite and pasta and says it tastes delicious.

The winner is…the ad break….oh no actually it’s Emilia and her vegies.  Off she toddles into the pantry with George and Gary and she gets to choose the core ingredient, how long the cooking time is and the cuisine cooked.

The choices are…prawns, lamb or pork for the protein.  Then for cook time the choices are 30, 45 or 60 minutes.  The cuisine choices are Greek, Mexican or Thai…um I think she’s choosing Thai after the 4 million ads I’ve seen the last few days.

She’s chosen prawns with a 45 minute cook time and Thai food…turns out that Sarah is the only person not comfortable with Thai food.

Oh dear…Steven’s not well and is sitting out so he’s straight through to the pressure test…poor bugger.

Well Emilia has decided to make her own rice noodles…gee girl, talk about stepping up when it counts, hope it works.

Rachael is doing some form of broth where the judges have to cook their own prawn balls in the broth…um okay!!!

At least Ben is honest by saying he doesn’t have time to make his own rice noodles in 45 minutes, but he’s plan is to just not be one of the bottom 3.

Brent is making a coconut and lemongrass pannacotta as part of his dish…and he’s freaking out that he’s next to Emilia who is the pannacotta queen.

5 minutes to go and Rachael’s having a teary…yep, not a good sight.

Time’s up, time for tasting, time to see if Rachael gets rid of those tears…up goes Brent with his pannacotta and prawns and charred mango.  George gives Brent a spoon of pannacotta to give to Emilia to taste and she says it’s a little overset.  George loves it and thinks it is clever and creative and Matt thinks it’s the best dish Brent has put up.  Gary says the pannacotta is the perfect texture for that kind of dish.

image from

Up goes Renae with green curry broth with poached scallops with prawn rice paper rolls.  George thinks the dish is brilliant and Matt says she’s blossomed.

image from

Ben made prawn and rice noodle salad and he says that he wish he’d taken more care in plating up.  The judges aren’t impressed at all as it is a mid-week style dish.

Byron’s next with his smoked prawns with aromatic coconut broth…oh dear, it appears the prawns aren’t cooked as they weren’t in the hot smoker for long enough…oh dear the prawns are raw.  George is almost despondent and others gather around Byron and give him a hug.

Time for Rachael…with her prawns balls, prawn chips and broth.  Oh heck, she’s got George teary, he just wants to eat the food already.  Matt’s loving it.  Oh heck George has now decided he wants to go to Darwin to the Greek festival and to go to Rachael’s house to eat and he’s full of superlatives…and she’s crying even more.

image from

Jamie does something with the foam gun, but his prawn is over cooked.

Kira’s dish is fabulous.

Sam’s dish is colourful and vibrant, but not inventive.

Sarah, who doesn’t know much about Thai made prawn curry with crispy sesame sticks and apparently her dish is stinky…well she did use shrimp paste.  Gary says there’s lots of things wrong with the dish and Matt liked the crispy sesame stick.

Last up is Emilia and it looks amazing…she made prawn red curry with home-made rice noodles and sesame praline.  Oh dear, the bamboo is leaving a bitterness in the judges’ mouths.

The top 3…who get to battle for the chance to win an immunity pin are…Brent, Renae and Rachael.

The bottom 3…who will join Steven in the elimination challenge are…Byron, Ben and Sarah…oh this is going to be a big one with those guys in the pressure test.

Gary says that something has changed in the competition and they’re squeezing it to put the pressure on…he tells Sarah, Ben and Byron to get their head straight and Sarah’s teary…tomorrow night there’s 2 chefs and a very elaborate pressure test.


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