Masterchef…immunity challenge

Tonight Tash, Sarah and Brent have a chance to win an immunity pin with the winner of the first challenge going through to try and win the immunity pin.

The first challenge is apparently simple, use one of the ingredients under one of the cloches…yes they are all chillies with different time frames, the hotter the chilli the longer the cooking time, including habanero which has 30 minutes cooking time.  They choose knives to decide picking order.  Sarah gets 1st and chooses habanero and gets 30 minutes cooking time, Tash gets 2nd and chooses  pequin pepper and gets 20 minutes cooking time and Brent gets 3rd and cayenne peppers with 15 minutes cooking time.

Sarah decides to make samosas.  Tash decides to use the chilli in a dessert by doing a pineapple and chilli sorbet.  Brent decides to use mussels and wine with his chillies as he has the shortest amount of time.  Tash literally gets the sorbet out of the freezer with 30 seconds to go and amazingly it is set.

Tash goes to the judges with her pineapple and chilli sorbet in macerated fruit salad… George loves it with the coolness and the heat and Kylie loves it as well.

Sarah pork samosas with chilli jam…the samosas are okay but the chilli jam is rock hard and is like a toffee apple as they can hardly get it off the plate.

Brent goes to the judges with his dish of mussels with chilli and chorizo…but a beard is found on one of the mussels.

Tash wins and goes up for the immunity pin up against Ben Cooper from Chin Chin restaurant…who enters with his Mohawk up for all to check out…oh look he’s one of Tash’s food idols.

It’s a blind tasting as usual, but there’s a choice of the two core ingredients.  Tash gets 75 minutes to cook and Ben gets 60 minutes, but gets to choose the core ingredient…the choice is herbs or spices…oh dear poor Ben is rather shocked and laughing, although it looks like a nervous laugh…if you choose spices there will be no herbs, if you choose herbs there will be no spices.  He chooses spices.

Tash decides to make spiced steamed chicken that she’ll deep fry and serve it with a spiced plum sauce…but isn’t happy with the initial spice mix and makes a second batch but cooks the first chicken beforehand in case the second batch isn’t great…then she realises she forgot the garlic and ginger in the spice mix…onto batch number 3.  Then the plum sauce doesn’t have the required depth…talk about a saga and a half.  Then the chicken is slightly undercooked when it comes out of the steamer, but it is about to be deep fried, so hopefully it’s not undercooked or overcooked.  Tash takes a piece of chicken out of the fryer and there’s blood….oh honey, fry that damn chicken already!!  Then she realises a lot of the spice mix has come off the chicken…but she puts the left over spice mix into the deep fryer in a sieve to crisp it up and puts it over the chicken.

Ben starts cooking and thinks of doing a spiced seafood stew which apparently he hasn’t cooked in about 18 years and says it is a dish that is crazy and off the cuff…oh dear this could be interesting.  Ben decides not to pin-bone the fish and keeps it on the bone to keep the rustic side of the dish…ummmm okay.  The contestants advise Ben that Georgie Boy has an issue with bones in his food…oh well, Ben’s keeping the fish on the bone.  Ben’s worried that he’s serving the stew without any rice…oh mate, 1 minute to go and you realise that, too late to do anything about it.

Judging time…first up is Tash’s spiced chicken with plum sauce and they all love the look of it and think that it smells wonderful.  George says the trouble with the challenge was no freshness because they weren’t able to use herbs, yet the dish is very fresh and is complex.  Gary enjoys the dish and uses his finger to clean the plate…always a good sign.

Then we have Ben’s Brazilian seafood stew and they all comment on the colour of the dish…oh dear…George has noticed all the bones, as have Gary and Matt and Matt says they’re niggly who questions the need for a bowl of rice, but Gary says rice would make the bones a bigger problem and they all love the brussel sprouts in it.

Decision time…Tash gets scored first…Matt 8/10, George 8/10 and Gary 8/10…giving her 24/30.

Now for Ben…Matt 9/10, George 9/10 and Gary 10/10…giving him 28/30…sorry Tash, no immunity pin tonight for you.

Now comes the issue for Wednesday’s episode…it is on when State of Origin is on in NRL…there will be some serious channel flicking going on as I’m also slightly obsessed by the dessert marathon that they have to make…oh and Darren Purchese is on there as well…and I have to say that I definitely enjoy Darren Purchese’s cooking…and have 2 copies of his cookbook solely because the 2nd copy was a signed copy and I had a photo with him in January.


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