Masterchef elimination

Mango Alfonso

Well last night’s Masterchef episode was rather good…however as I had company I made the socially acceptable decision of not blogging during it.  But I was very verbal in my commentary whilst watching the episode, especially when it came to the whole white wine mousse saga with agar agar verses gelatine…I mean seriously, it wasn’t like it was a long way into the challenge.

Anyway onto tonight’s episode with the “Men in Black” as Gary referred to it.

So tonight there’s Christie Tania from Om Nom Dessert Bar at the Adelphi Hotel…and let’s say that the dish they’re making looks spectacular…and that’s probably an understatement.  It’s called Mango Alfonso (click on the recipe name if you’re brave enoug to see the recipe) and there’s profiteroles with mango mousse inside them with liquid fondant on them and then tempered white chocolate between them and then on the top is a sphere with half mango mousse and shiso for the other half…then there’s a Kalamansi sorbet and a coconut cream and lemongrass foam on them and there’s some coconut spheres which requires molecular gastronomy and another contestant says she’s like the female Zumbo….oh yes…I am so going to enjoy this…especially as the guys are freaking out!!  Oh and there’s 10 components!

Oh dear Scott hits trouble town very early and Christie notices and suggests that he does a component again and Georgie Boy tries to settle Scott down by calling him Big Boy.

Jamie’s struggling with his choux pastry as it is rather runny, which will probably result in a flat profiterole.  Christie tells him the profiteroles are too flat and he has to make them again.  Steven’s all cocky and then he gets told they’re too flat and has to make them again, which excites Scott.  They go and check Scott’s mixture as he goes to put it in the oven…poor bugger gets told to chuck it out and do it again…oh this is fun!!

Oh look…Jamie is buggering his second batch of pastry and he gets told to do it again.  Now Scott has his second attempt declared as being too wet…but he decides there isn’t time to redo it…ummmm honey I’m worried.  Now Jamie hasn’t got time to temper the chocolate properly and decides to just melt it and pray for the best…oh hell….

Scott realises with 15 minutes to go that there isn’t enough time to finish everything, so he’s trying to work out what to leave out.

Time is up…and they’re relatively happy….oh until Jamie’s profiteroles decide to dive off the plate after time is up.

So it is judging time and with Steven’s dish they’re pleased that all the elements are on the plate.  George thinks he’s done an exceptional job.

Next is Scott who says he’s given it a crack and says he’s never read so much in his life…poor bugger.  Gary loves the coconut foam and sorbet and thinks the choux buns are awful.

Lastly is Jamie’s dish…and Matt questions him about what went wrong.  Thankfully they get to taste the fallen profiteroles as they fell after time was called and his hands weren’t on the dish, but they taste them separately to the dish.  But oh dear…the bottom profiterole should only be filled with mango and his wasn’t.

Time for the results and Steven is safe and apparently it was his moment in the show where he stepped up and showed he’s a real player in the game.

Apparently it all came down to choux pastry and profiteroles meaning that Jamie’s safe and Scott’s going home and now he’s working on a restaurant and will be working in the kitchen when it’s ready.



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