3 rounds for tonight’s elimination…each round with less time and less ingredients…sounds like fun!!  It gets better as only one person can use an ingredient and once it is gone, it’s gone for all the rounds….mmmm I’m liking this challenge.

Contestants are running madly getting ingredients for round 1.

Oh look…the pressure is getting to people, actually it’s getting to Tracy…surprise, surprise…mind you they have 30 minutes to cook and 10 ingredients.

Oh look…Sean’s marron is looking rather raw and yuck…that’s what happens when you cook too many yesterday and then try to do it again today.

Steven’s buggering up his duck and it doesn’t have crispy skin and it hasn’t been rested before he cuts it up and there’s blood seeping onto the plate….oh look Gary notices both things straight away.

There’s a few good dishes and a few that have problems…things like clawy heavy cream and then there’s Sean’s dish and the response from George is “oh my gosh!” Sorry Sean there’s no love for you today with your marron.

There’s some great comments for some dishes…then there’s poor Emily with her sweet and sour chicken, but it is so great to hear Matt give her some constructive criticism about what would have made her dish outstanding.

The four that are safe so far are…oh look…ad break…anyway Tracy is safe, as is Emilia, and Sam and Ben.

Round 2 is 6 ingredients and 20 minutes to cook…oh and less ingredients left.

Oh hell…Sean grabbed squid and is regretting it straight away…and I’m not sure about Emily putting the meat onto the gas burner…Matt tells her to make sure it doesn’t have a gas flavour to it.

Three are safe…three are through to the third and final round…Steven’s made a pork fillet with a red wine and bourbon jus…mmmm interesting mixture…well they don’t like that.  Georgia has made some rather cute canapes and George likes them and says they look as pretty as a picture…sounds like she may be safe.  Jamie made lamb and Gary’s happy and Matt’s ecstatic saying it would have been a great 1 hour dish, but to do it in 20 minutes is amazing.  Emily made dry fried crab with an apricot jam sauce concoction…they like the crab, but the sauce doesn’t go well with it…sorry hon.  Sean’s made a seafood and passata stew, well that’s what the screen called it, he said it was a braise…Matt quite enjoyed the squid, Gary didn’t like the passata as there was too much.  Brent made smoked eel tartare…ummmm okay…they enjoy it, I don’t think I would go there though.

So the three that are safe are…Jamie, Brent and Georgia.

Round 3 is 10 minutes with 3 ingredients with Sean, Steven and Emily cooking and there’s next to nothing left to cook with.  God love George… “Do you need to run?  No.  Sprint!”

Emily got the bananas, but she’s not sure what to use as there’s no egg, so she gets condensed milk.

Steven gets fish…but he’s also got to fillet it and clean it…oh hell, it’s a fish he’s never filleted before…I think that Scott was right…it’s like a scene from a horror movie watching him.

Sean’s chosen liver and he’s never cooked with it before and he’s also got bacon and says “bacon fixes everything”…god to love that point of view, except it looks like it’s stewing…oh dear…and he’s got raisins.

Ummmm hang on Emily is trying to fry the banana before she puts the crumb on there and she admits she’s never done it that way before…okay I’m completely confused.  Then she coats the banana in the condensed milk and puts it into the bread crumb…yep still confused.

Well that 10 minutes went very quickly…

Steven made pan-fried John Dory with samphire and peanuts…the judges like how the fish is cooked, but it’s a strange shaped fillet…Matt is in shock and Gary thinks it is the best dish he has put up.

Sean made fried liver and bacon with raisins…honestly I don’t think I would be trying it.  Matt thinks that he’s done really well and it is a surprisingly delicious dish, but George thinks the liver is inconsistent…well George that’s what happens when Sean mixes two pans of liver and bacon…the stewed pan and the fried pan.

Lastly is Emily with her bananas….but there’s an ad break and can they hurry up as the first part of the American Idol finale has started on the other channel and I’m desperate to watch it and flicking channels won’t cut it tonight…oh and I’m not watching the Masterchef master class for that reason as well.  Back to Emily…pan fried bananas with panko crumbs and condensed milk… I kid you not that is what the screen called her dish and she’s not happy…but honestly there were very few ingredients and only 10 minutes.  Matt says the banana is very starchy and not sweet as she fried it first…oh dear…poor love off you go.  It was a given as they tasted it in front of her.

But now she’s back home she’s begun an apprenticeship and is teaching Malaysian cooking classes.

Righty-o…off to American Idol.




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