Channel surfing…Masterchef and When Love Comes to Town

Now I’m in the so called semi big smoke as part of this work course I’ve been on which means I’ve been able to go out for dinner.

The other side of that is that When Love Comes to Town is on at 7:30 tonight as is Masterchef and I made it back from a delicious dinner at 8pm…and I’m sufficiently stuffed after a delicious pasta dinner with spinach, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, chicken and a cream sauce and now I get to flick between both shows.

So Masterchef is making pretty dishes and getting ready to serve an entrée and I know from the preview last night they didn’t have the written recipe…as for When Love Comes to Town there was a 31 year old bloke talking to a 22 year old girl who wants to settle down already…honey you’re so young…that’s all I can say.

Masterchef has entrée due in the restaurant now according to Georgie Boy…nothing like him yelling across a kitchen…I love the sound of it.

The red team’s dish looks a lot different to the original dish…or as Matt tells Jamie it looks like someone who hasn’t been to the hairdresser in a while, and the original looks like someone who has been to the hairdresser…ummmm okay Matt.  However Matt enjoys the taste of the dish.  Gary thinks the green sauce is rather bitter compared to the original.

The blue team goes to the judges and looks at the original dish…the components are all there, but there are differences in how it looks.

Ohhh I’ve gone back to When Love Comes to Town and there’s a catch up on last night’s couple…Adam and JJ…oh bless, they look happy in a strange way.  Then we’re off to Kangaroo Island where it looks rather grey and miserable.  Now Tom’s on Kangaroo Island and sorry to say he’s not as easy on the eye as Adam and Moshe from last night…he’s not bad though.  The other group date are making something with stone…um what is it with blokes wanting the girls to build things…oh wait Gav is a stonemason, so I guess he can be slightly forgiven.

Now Tom’s choosing who he wants to go on a group date with…oh no…ad break…back to Masterchef for a bit I think.  30 minutes has gone and the blue team has the main course plated up and they’re busy making a dessert with a cheesecake and a honey jelly…mmm sounds very nice.  The blue team takes their main to the judges and compare it to the original and they’re happy with how it compares and the original chef thinks it looks good…but George doesn’t really like the broth, says it is too sweet whereas the original was rather acidic.

The red team takes their main course to the judges…Jamie think it looks pretty close and the original chef thinks so as well and Matt said he would be happy if he was at the restaurant and that plate was served to him.

Ummmm…back to Tom on Kangaroo Island and he’s chosen Rebekah and Kelly and the poor love has butterflies in her tummy…oh dear lord, seriously???  Over to stonemason Gav and he’s chosen…Shelley, well I have to say I don’t remember noticing her last night…but he’s also chosen Jemma…yep, don’t remember her from last night either.  Now we get an Adam and JJ update and they’re looking rather cosy at a winery…oh hang on a second it’s where his mother works…that sneaker bugger introducing JJ to his mother under the cloak of wine tasting darkness…god love the mother, she’s happy.

Back to Masterchef and service is over but they have to be reminded to celebrate after they serve desserts to the customers…ummmmm it’s the simple things people.  The blue team aren’t overly happy as the sorbet is starting to melt and the jelly isn’t set properly, well I did remember there being a push to do the jelly and it being knocked down.  There are a lot of comments of wow and yum about the cheesecake and lots of disappointment about the jelly and Gary thinks the crumb is better than the crumb on the original.

The red team serves their dessert to the judges…oh dear…the caramel on their pannacotta stayed in the mould…and some miss it while others don’t.

The results on Masterchef are in…the blue team won the entrée, the red team won the main course and the blue team won dessert and won the challenge…the red team is going to elimination.

So back at When Love Comes to Town Gav takes Shelley out and it all looked rather exciting, until I flicked channels that is…well they were carrying on around some birds.  Tom is taking Kelly out getting oysters out on the water and is too busy talking about the effects of oysters as an aphrodisiac…oh bugger, Kelly doesn’t like oysters…god bless her she tried one, oh no she didn’t, she spat it into the water.  Jemma is talking to Gav about family life as she’s a mum and he’s trying to prove that he’s a family man.  Rebekah is on her date with Tom and they’re at the pub and gee she’s not backwards in being forwards by saying there’s an age difference and her asking how soon he wants a family and thankfully he says he wants a girl to focus on her career first before babies…good save there Tom.

Oh heck, they’re back to Margaret River and our dear JJ is getting ready to head back to Melbourne, but there are plans for Adam to go and visit her, however he says he would like her to stay in Margaret River forever…holy heck mate, slow down a bit….oh dear she’s having a teary as he’s taken her to a place that’s amazingly important to him…honey, honey, honey, slow the pace down a tad…but it looks like there are some serious feelings going on.

The last night on Kangaroo Island the girls go and stay at the boys’ places and Gav’s surprised the girls with a joey and they’re all excited…sorry I wouldn’t be gushing…I’ve seen too many kangaroos around Country Town 2.0 in the last 4 months that I’m over them.

Decision day is up…

Jemma is up first…and she’s back on the bus…mind you I’m thinking that suitcase is rather empty…I thought that last night too, not one girl has struggled carrying their suitcase through the grass in the heels.

Shelley is up next for Gav…and seriously…an ad break, yeah hurry up already!  Oh dear, she’s back on the bus.

Rebekah is back on the bus…the logistics are concerning her…hate to say it honey, but you do realise you’re going to various country towns and not stopping in the city.

Finally to Kelly…oh look…she’s decided to stay and the response from Tom is “oh, that’s unreal!”

Next time we get some updates from Tom and Kelly and it’s looks rather interesting…as for the bus it is off to the Barossa.




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