When Love Comes to Town

So this show is new…city girls being taken to country towns to meet a man as apparently there’s a lack of women in the country….um hello????  Can anyone tell me where the hell the single and available men are in Country Town 2.0 as I’m yet to see them anywhere!!!  Actually Country Town 1.0 had a lack of single men too…just pointing that out for the world.

But apparently for this show the girls will meet 2 guys in each small town and the girl can choose to stay in a town and see what happens, or continue on to the next town…mmmm interesting concept.

First we’re off to Margaret River…mmm I wouldn’t complain going there, 3 hours from Perth, a foodie heaven, sounds like my kind of place, but it would be rather cold there in winter, which would be a problem.  God love that they say this town of just 4,500 people…hell that’s a big town in my books!!!

The bus pulls up and there’s a screaming and cheering audience waiting as the girls get off the bus…oh god help me…there’s a fair few really short skirts and dresses and high heels…oh and a lot of cleavage going on.

The girls are going to be introduced to 2 men and then they choose one to go on a group date with and get to know better and then the men choose a couple of girls to have a bit more time with…sounds like Farmer wants a wife in fast forward.

So here come the two men and I have to say they’re pretty easy on the eye.  There’s 29 year old Adam who’s a carpenter and surfer who grew up in the area on a farm…yep…farmer wants a wife similarities are going on in my head.  Strangely enough Kelly stands out for him.

The other bloke Moshe is 26 and is a lawyer…and yes there is the usual shirtless footage.

The girls have to choose the bloke they want to go on the group date with.

Moshe is chosen by Jessica, Lindsay, Renee amongst others.  Adam is chosen by Tash, JJ, Kelly (and yes he’s stoked), Monica, Abbey…and there’s a few who they didn’t tell us who they chose.

7 girls chose Adam and they’re off to his house.  5 girls are on a date with Moshe and they’re off to the local show.  Unfortunately for both dates there’s two cars driving…one with the bloke and one without.  The poor girls not in the bloke’s car aren’t happy at all.

Adam wants the girls to make a chook shed…bugger that, I wouldn’t want to be hanging around for that!!!  Bless Abbey, she’s a banker who decides to get Adam alone so he can teach her how to hammer in the nails…god love it.  Then Kelly manages to get her way into the house under the ploy of wanting a drink and she mentions kids very quickly…oh honey, honey, honey…slow down a tad.  JJ is with Adam now checking out a tractor…his most prized possession, oh honey you look ever so happy being there…oh wow, he’s attracted to her…and she’s getting a tad gushy, but then he says that they’ll probably clash heads as they’re a lot alike, but she doesn’t think they’re that much alike and she gets a tad emotional, seriously honey you do know you only just met him.  Hell they finally made the damn chook house, now to catch the chickens…no offence Adam but in my princess view of the world all that is a man’s job, this little Country Bumpkin’s not doing any of that sort of work.  For the second date Adam chooses…Abbey and JJ…well poor Kelly drops her head, poor thing’s not overly happy with that…but gets over it very quickly.

Moshe’s girls convince him to go on the dodgem cars…so grown up there…then he chooses legal secretary Rebekah for a one-on-one stroll…and she’s not backward in being forward…gee love settle down.  Moshe is now strolling with car hire co-ordinator Jessica who is freaking out when a bull is brought over to her…oh honey I know exactly how you feel after dealing with cattle mooing the other week all damn night…welcome to the country darling.  But what’s with telling him you’re looking for your “magic man”???  Renee, who works in corporate PR is stressing that she’s missed out on time with Moshe as she was in the other car for 45 minutes and now she’s sharing him with Mindy who’s in HR and not one-on-one like some of the others.  Oh dear…Moshe wins the laughing clowns game and choses the Super Banana and not the giant teddy bear, which Mindy’s not over thrilled about…stiff luck honey.  For the second date Moshe chooses…Jessica and Renee.

Adam takes Abbey surfing and is so distracted by her in her hot pink bikini before she puts on her wetsuit that he puts his on backwards…yeah smooth move there mate…not!!  Oh look Abbey likes Adam as more than a friend…but of course he’s got a date with JJ.  Adam takes JJ to the local pub for their date and she starts by saying she’s had a lack of sleep…oh honey, such an great opening line…then there’s talk of jealousy and it’s not looking really good for any possibility for them.  The last night before the bus leaves both girls stay out at Adam’s farm for the night with him…and bless Adam he decides to apologise to JJ for what happened at the pub…too cute.

Moshe takes Jess to Lake Cave…complete with a glass of bubbly in the cave…and he definitely likes her and she definitely likes him, but they’re not exactly telling each other that because of his other date.  Moshe takes Renee to a forest for their date and he says he found it easier to connect with Renee than Jess.  On the last morning Moshe arrives with breakfast in bed for the two girls.

The bus is back…now we need to find out if the girls are getting back on the bus or stopping in Margaret River.

Jess is…getting back on the bus…but is crying, okay I’m confused.

Renee is…getting on the bus…poor Moshe doesn’t have anyone staying to get to know him better.

Abbey is…getting on the bus.

JJ is…conflicted and Adam has fallen hard for her and says she brings out the best in him…decision time JJ hurry up and tell us what you’re doing…and she’s decided to stay…wow I honestly didn’t see that coming!!!

Next time we’re off to…Kangaroo Island.  But we also get an Adam and JJ catch up.


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  1. love soulmate
    May 29, 2014 @ 20:00:44

    A woman whose body aches for love. A woman who’s had some heartbreak, has been hurt, has maybe even done some hurting. A woman who knows she …


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