Masterchef…immunity pin challenge

Well boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen I have escaped Country Town 2.0 for a few nights all in the name of a work related course…as a result I didn’t get to see last night’s elimination challenge…not a single second of it as I was out for dinner with colleagues…oh look they show us a bit of it at the start of the episode…and now I know that Dessert Boy Nick has gone home…oh well.

Anyhow, tonight I’m comfy in the hotel room flicking between typing this and then in ad breaks reading some uni stuff…but on to the topic that matters…the first opportunity to win an immunity pin for the year.

So up for immunity tonight we have Amy, Tracy and Laura and they enter to see the three judges and Kylie Kwong…and apparently she will be there for every immunity challenge as a mentor for the contestants, which is pretty impressive.

Round 1 is a knock-out challenge, round 2 is the chance to compete against a professional chef and if you beat the chef then you win immunity…sounds pretty simple…yeah sure!!

Round 1 has a mini challenge with a mini mystery box under a cloche.  In it there is a mixture of tiny ingredients, quail, quail eggs, Melba toast, finger lime, miniature beetroot and honey amongst other things.  So they want an amuse bouche.  They can only use the staples and can’t use anything from the pantry or the garden and they’ve got to make 4 serves, in 30 minutes…holy heck!!!

They’ve even got mini equipment to use, little pots, little spoons…oh I love it.

Poor Amy has to re-plate with less than a minute to go as she decides to do a share plate, but that’s not what the judges asked for, they want 4 separate plates and she has to make more sauce as well…oh poor love.

Laura’s up first with pan-grilled quail with white bail crumble and hard boiled quail eggs…oh heck, poor Gary had a bone in there and the poor love can only say I’m sorry.  They like the flavour, but not the fact they have to re-assemble the dish.

Tracy’s next with quail ballantine with quail egg cream and candied beetroot and then she notices there’s some string left on the ballantine.  Gary says it’s “bloody delicious.”

Amy is last with pan-roasted quail with fried beetroot.  The honey and finger lime sauce has gone rather toffee-ish which isn’t great, but Matt says it was beautiful.

So it’s come down to Tracy and Amy, because Laura left bones in the quail…but there’s an ad break before we get the result…no surprise there.  Anyway Tracy ends up going through and is given a chef’s jacket to wear instead of her apron.

The chef she is up against is…Ollie Gould from Stokehouse restaurant, which unfortunately burnt down earlier this year, but they’re running as a pop-up restaurant.

Ollie as the guest gets to pick from two core ingredients…fruit or nuts, remembering the one not chosen is removed from the pantry.  He chooses fruit.  Tracy has 75 minutes to cook and Ollie has 60 minutes.  Tracy also gets Kylie as the mentor.  The judges leave the room before the time starts.

Tracy’s chosen tomatoes and avocado from the fruit table…and she’s choosing to make a gazpacho that will be dressed with fresh avocado and Kylie advises her to use more fruit, so she’s back to the pantry stressing in thought with 10 minutes gone.

She then decides to go with a lemon-lime and candied orange tart with Italian meringue.  Kylie likes the sound of it and then Ollie starts to cook and he’s decided to do pork loin with stone fruit and beetroot, the poor bugger doesn’t know how to get the stove going or where to find anything.

Oh for goodness sake, now Tracy has put the pastry in the blast chiller for a couple of minutes too long and can’t roll it easily…this is getting ridiculous…and she’s more flustered than ever while Ollie is all cool, calm and collected.

Tracy gets all stressed when Ollie pops over for a chat with her while his pork is cooking…oh dear, now he’s worried if it is over cooked.  Gee can people focus on the job at hand already.

Time is up…and off we go to the three judges in the tasting room with them having no idea who cooked which dish.  First they taste Tracy’s dish.  Lemon-lime meringue with candied orange…but the meringue is over-whipped and the curd is slightly loose.  The pastry is great however.  The three judges score.

Then it is Ollie’s dish…seared pork loin with summer fruits, beetroot, fried buckwheat and prosciutto.  Oh dear, the fat around the edge of the pork isn’t rendered down.  Gary thinks the pork is well cooked, but there is one too many fruits.  George thinks the parsnip is weird and trying to compete with the fruit.  They score.

Kylie compliments Tracy on her inner strength today, then Gary spies meringue on Tracy’s shoe, giving away who made what.

Matt gave Tracy 7/10, George gives her 7/10 and Gary gives her 6/10 giving her 20/30.

Matt gives Ollie 8/10, George gives him 8/10 and Gary gives him 8/10 giving him 24/30, so he beat Tracy and she doesn’t get the immunity pin.

Tomorrow night…the recreate dishes from memory after being told what to do by the chef…with no recipe…fun if you ask me!!



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