Masterchef…Shannon Bennett elimination

In tonight’s elimination we have Scott, who went through because he was sick yesterday, Jamie who stuffed up his baked eggs, dessert boy Nick who did dodgy French toast and Deepali who stuffed up her crumpets.

In comes Shannon Bennett…nothing like a well-known chef to strike fear into contestants.  Deepali is terrified, Nick is wrapt and some of those who are safe think the contestants need to be scared.

The dish is met by “oh my god” by all…George tries to calm them and says “how hard can it be it is just chips and steak?” Oh dear…Deepali doesn’t eat beef as a result of her religion…George settles her.

Pommes soufflés…oh dear lord…they look amazing, and they’re just potatoes, oil and salt basically, apparently professional chefs don’t like making them, watch out your four little black aproned beauties.  They have 1&1/2 hours to reproduce the dish.

But the dish is called…Filet de Boeuf et Pommes Soufflé au Jus Gras…otherwise known as beef fillet with potato soufflés and parsley puree.

God love that Deepali has gotten out the ruler to measure the potato for her pommes soufflé…but then there’s the saga of getting them to blister in not super-hot oil and not to get them too crispy and to put them into hot oil to make them puff up…too tricky for me I think.

Scott is definitely in struggle town…he’s putting things in the wrong pan and then wipes out his chicken fat for his jus when he isn’t meant to…take a breath hon, otherwise you’re going home.

Jamie decides to leave the pommes soufflés and focus on cooking his steak and then somehow Scott gets the pommes soufflés to work and catches up…a miracle has occurred.  Shannon is worried that contestants won’t get the beef cooked in time if they don’t start now as it is a huge chunk of steak with shallots and bone marrow on top of it.

Deepali is busy getting advice from the balcony as she literally has no idea about beef.  Then again I’m not a steak cooker myself, unless it is a very, very rare occasion.

Mind you Nick’s steak is a rather bizarre shape, which Shannon comments on.  He gets it out of the oven and starts freaking out that it isn’t cooked and wants to pan fry it, but the balcony tells him that it will rest on the plate…honestly where are their heads at tonight???

God love that with 30 seconds to go Gary reminds them that if it is not on the plate then it can’t be tasted.

Time’s up…time to taste.

Scott is first and he’s seriously nervous, but Gary says he’s impressed and he didn’t think Scott would do so well as he was so far behind…Scott tries to sound super-positive, saying he’ll hold his head high if he goes home on this dish.  Such a shame they don’t cut the beef in front of him though.  Shannon thinks the potatoes are the hero, George says the beef is cooked well.  The judges are all impressed after tasting.

Up next is dessert boy Nick…who strolls in with a bandaged and burnt hand.  Matt comments that the beef looks ugly…well it wasn’t trimmed, so it definitely doesn’t look pretty…especially as it also wasn’t weighed…cue an ad break before it is cut.  Oh dear…the meat is rare, almost bleu, where’s Little Miss Posh from MKR when you need her???  But the judges enjoy the rest of the dish.

Next is Deepali who is stressing as well about the meat and the potatoes.  The potatoes are more like chips according to Georgie and the meat is well cooked and Matt loves the jus.  Oh wait, the meat is all over the joint now they’ve fully cut it.

Lastly is Jamie and he’s rather emotional and George is all concerned.  The meat looks good, however the potatoes aren’t salted…and sorry boys and girls this is an elimination so it can come down to a lack of salt on the potatoes.

So Nick has the best potatoes, Deepali has the best jus, Jamie has the best meat and Scott has the best parsley puree…well that doesn’t help.

However Scott is safe and Shannon saw a lot of passion in his cooking.  Now Matt decides to tell them all their mistakes…yes we know what they are, get on with it please.  Straight up he tells us that Deepali is going home and she’s fine with that…until she talks of course then the tears start and Gary tells her to be proud of herself…and bless Matt, he gets up and gives her a proper hug as she leaves.  Oh look she’s now selling her home-made chutneys around Perth.

Tomorrow is the first group challenge…an upstairs-downstairs challenge and according to the ad that I’ve seen too many times during tonight’s show someone will have a melt-down as their dish is sent out raw…ohhhhh bad mistake.




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