Masterchef…the first elimination

Oh dear lord they’re starting the show with them sleeping in the lounge room of the Masterchef house, now I’ve seen pics of the house and I’ll tell you I would be sleeping in a bed, not in the lounge like it’s a slumber party!

Finally in the kitchen Kylie Kwong comes in and we find out the elimination challenge is based on Chinese cuisine.

The first round is fried rice with an open pantry and they even provide the cold cooked rice for the fried rice as it is the best rice for a good fried rice and the 12 best are safe from elimination…Kylie wants fluffy egg in it, and some smokiness which could be from a variety of options and wants the first 20 minutes preparing and the last 5 minutes cooking in a very hot pan.

Nothing like the hot bloke of the group, Byron, deciding with 4 minutes to go that the rice is too vinegary and race to the pantry for more rice, then forgetting to add his prawns and Deepali deciding to stick with burnt onions and hoping to mask them.  Plus the guy who’s never made fried rice before, Brendan…oh this should be good!!!

Oh dear, poor Deepali they noticed the bitterness of the burnt onions, I think that’s called shit happens love!  Kylie is impressed with shredded gai-lan in Nicole’s friend rice and enjoys Emilia’s Chinese cabbage and Gary likes Georgia’s simple fried rice.  Up comes Steven with his spicy frie rice with pork two ways and when he says prosciutto I think Kylie Kwong is about to have a heart attack as the boy is Malaysian and his knowledge on Chinese food is right up there…silly silly boy is all I can think as we go to an ad break…and Matt says he didn’t nail the brief.  There’s a lot of fried rice being bought up that isn’t Chinese fried rice according to Kylie…not that I would know what is Chinese frie rice and what isn’t.

The safe people are Tash, Emilia, Colin, Nick, Nicole, Sarah, Scott, Tracey and Byron and oh…I missed one…oh well that’s what I get for trying to work on a uni group presentation discussion online while trying to watch Masterchef and type…and let me just say modern technology with video and audio and group real-time discussions are crap and I don’t like them one little bit.

Round 2 is naming an ingredient…you bugger it up and you’re into the last round, well the first 3 people are…they can look and smell the ingredients, but can’t touch or taste the ingredients.  There is duck, poor Ben is stressing over the technicalities that may come up, but there is star anise, ginger, spring onions, Chinese cabbage, pork fillet, coriander, mud crab (and yes the crab cooking lady Rachael from the NT chose it), snake beans (which Kylie calls yard long beans, but accepts snake beans), lotus roots, coriander seeds (at least I think that’s what was said), Renae says black fungus or cloudy mushrooms and gets it and Matt and Kylie thinks it’s impressive, Chinese broccoli, tofu…oh that’s not specific enough…gee medium tofu isn’t even specific enough, Deepali says white tofu…oh well hon you’re through to round 3…but it apparently is silken tofu, there’s also Chinese dried sausage, Rachael says fish paste…it’s shrimp paste, oh dear off you go to round 3.  Apparently there’s hoisin sauce…nope it’s char sui sauce (I think it was…) so Brendan mate is off to round 3.

Round 3 is 60 minutes to cook a Chinese inspired dish using the ingredients that we named correctly in round 2.  Rachael grabs the crab, could have guessed that one.  Deepali is making pork and Chinese cabbage dumplings with a dipping sauce, yet she doesn’t cook pork at home…oh hell.  Brendan is making something with pork as well with a lot of other stuff.  Kylie tries to push Deepali away from using the pork fillet and now she’s stressing…and she changes to duck.  Oh heck, poor Deepali has a seriously tiny pot to cook her pot stickers…and yes they stuck.  Brendan is cooking and those on the balcony notice the pork looks rather raw…however he doesn’t.

First into the judges’ room is Rachael with Szechuan pepper and coriander crab with Chinese broccoli…Kylie thinks it looks beautiful and wants to dive into it…and she thinks the dish is a true reflection of who she is and George thinks she’s safe as the dish is incredible.

Deepali made duck and vegetable pot sticker with dipping sauce and she enjoyed cooking, but is disappointed with what she put up and here are the tears…suck it up honey.  Matt’s concerned that there are only 3 tiny little pot stickers for 4 judges and Kylie says they’re tasty and the pastry is great and Gary likes the sauce but they want more and there’s not enough filling and as Matt says “there’s not the pregnant look on the side” and she’ll go home unless Brendan’s dish is catastrophic.

Brendan thought today was a revelation and he loved every second.  He made Chinese pork lion with greens and lotus root chip.  Gary thinks it looks good…but then Georgie Boy picks up a piece of pork and both him and Kylie say they’re not eating the pork.

Matt tells Rachael she’s safe with the great mud crab…and Kylie Kwong wants it on the Billy Kwong menu and will call it Rachael’s crab…well done love.  Gary tells Brendan that they all thought he was shooting in the dark and tells Deepali that there just wasn’t enough there and says that sometimes it is the little things that gets you sent home but today it is a big thing and tells Brendan that he’s going home because his pork was raw and they couldn’t taste it…and here are the tears from the eliminated Brendan who is reminiscing from his few nights on Masterchef and Kylie tells him that he is a fine man with high standards and high self-respect and he is successful, oh bless you Kylie Kwong…off he goes into the dark car to home and he’s set up a little food van of his own doing Southern style US food.

Next week we have a mystery book and what appears to be a breakfast challenge of sorts…see you on Sunday Masterchef!


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