Masterchef…welcome to the Masterchef kitchen

Tonight we get to the Masterchef kitchen for the first time and a mystery box is awaiting the contestants…but they start by telling us that there are only 23 contestants as Cecilia who is recovering from a brain injury has been advised by the medical staff that she shouldn’t continue on in the competition.

So welcome back Little Miss Dessert Girl from last night and her new BFF runs screaming to the door to meet her…okay back to a top 24…good thing Matt kept hold of her apron for her.

The mystery box has a twist…surprise, surprise…it has been chosen by the all of the past 5 winners who walk into the kitchen along with a brand new Masterchef trophy.  I bet all the bloke are thinking the 5 winners have been girl, boy, girl, boy, girl…mmm must be time for a bloke…on a side note how I liked Andy when he was on there, and Emma, bless her she was gorgeous.

The ingredients are white chocolate chosen by Kate, guava chosen by Adam, lemon chosen by Julie, rhubarb chosen by Emma and hazelnuts chosen by Andy and they have to tell us why they chose the ingredient.  They also have a pantry of a few staples and have to use at least 1 of the 5 ingredients and have 60 minutes.  5 dishes will be chosen by the 5 champions to be tasted and the winner will get an advantage.

Gee some of them are a tad over enthusiastic…60 minutes and they’re talking about tarts and sorbets and mousses and curds and pralines and domes and ice-cream and souv-vie…then there’s the hassle of new brands of equipment and calling over the judges to help them.  God love when Little Miss BFF slices the top of her finger off in the food processor and has ruined her pastry and has to leave her cooking…poor love…but hello??? Who the hell puts their hand into the food processor…and then calls it a damn blender???  Oh bless her, 20 minutes to go and she raced back in to completely re-start and change her dish.

How I wish I had a blast chiller at home, it would make life and cooking so much more fun.

Nothing like some disappointed contestants…they need to realise that it’s not an elimination challenge and suck it up!!!  Otherwise this will be a bloody long competition for them.

Andy chooses Little Miss Dessert Queen Georgia with a lemon cake with roasted rhubarb and white chocolate sphere filled with a guava mousse.

Adam chooses Ben who has roasted rhubarb with white chocolate ganache, roasted hazelnuts and candied lemon rind.

Kate chooses Sarah who has a white chocolate and hazelnut nougat with hazelnut praline.

Julie chooses Tash with lemon curd tart with meringue and guava sorbet.

Emma chooses Dessert Boy Nick who made salted hazelnut crumb (made from hazelnut shortbread), lemon curd, white chocolate mousse and a hazelnut praline in a glass.

The winner was…Dessert Boy Nick…and yes he is gushing

Challenge 2 for the night is an invention test and he’s over-excited to be the first to go into the pantry.  His advantage is picking a core theme for the invention test, as opposed to previous times when it was a core ingredient…the themes are: the past, the present and the future and he chose the past.  The top 3 dishes are safe, the other 21 are put through to elimination and they have 90 minutes to cook.  Matt basically says that you have to channel the past and bring it up to now and tell the story of where and when you had it.

Little Miss BFF runs into the garden for fresh artichokes as opposed to racing straight into the pantry…interesting choice which the judges notice and Matt’s concerned about what Dessert Boy Nick is making…an apple and sour cream slice.

Mind you there’s a lot of stressed little cooks in the kitchen who are doing things that would never happen before, like messing up pasta dough for the first time ever and burning curry which results in tears and a pan being tossed into the sink, chicken being still quite pink with a few minutes to go, over boiling pots and small amounts of fire and the best thing of all…not plating much, or anything.  Nothing like a clock to freak the heck out of people and cause lots of tears.

The judges taste and there’s some lacklustre apple pie, some amazing pasta and some un-plated pasta, some lacklustre pavlova, some amazing curries and some slightly lacklustre curries, some absolutely amazing meat and three veg re-invented with super crispy onion rings, some well-cooked salmon and 2 plates that aren’t fully plated and some dishes that made all of the judges gush.

The three safe contestants are…cue ad break, yes I know I should expect it…anyway back to it…Laura (Little Miss BFF) and her pasta are safe as are Sean and his meat and 3 veg as is Jamie and his tea-smoked salmon.

Tomorrow is elimination with Kylie Kwong and the biggest elimination ever with 3 rounds…fried rice as round one…and then apparently there is an epic blunder and food that Georgie Boy and Kylie won’t eat.


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