Masterchef…the top 24

There are 18 contestants tonight battling for 10 aprons left in the top 24.

First up is an invention test with a twist…one of three core skills need to be shown; butchery, fish filleting or pastry and the contestants can choose the skill they wish to show in the 75 minutes they have to cook.

One contestant says she terrified about butchery to the judges as she grew up in a vegetarian household, yet chooses butchery…go figure.

Dessert boy buggered up yesterday and surprise surprise he’s doing sweet again with a chocolate frangipane tart with shiraz poached pears and an orange custard.

The gorgeous old duck from yesterday who did crepe suzette is doing quiche Lorraine and bless her she asks Matt to wait while she looks for a rolling pin when he’s talking to her, god I hope she gets through for comedic old-school viewing.  Oh heck the quiche goes in the oven with 30 minutes to go…and pumps the oven up to make sure there is no soggy bottom.

Oh dear, a contestant is cooking a dish he cooks for his family, Georgie Boy reminds him to make sure it is Masterchef worthy…he better step up.

One is making chicken and leek pie with sour cream pastry, pastry which he’s made how many times before and he buggers up the pastry…gee not sure it was a good idea to try to show two of the three core skills.

Nothing like being mid-sentence with a minute on the clock and suddenly they throw in another Coles ad for us!!!  Yeah so needed that!!  Not!!!

So time’s up…up goes dessert boy…well Gary enjoys it after telling him to zip it and stop talking for a few seconds…actually they all enjoy it.

Poor Gary can’t talk for the next bloke…jerk chicken, corn, caramelised pineapple and then there’s upside-down hidden mango that he reveals when he removes the skin…what the????

Old duck is here with her quiche and he asparagus with hollandaise sauce and she said she had a senior moment by making a family size quiche and should have cooked an individual sized quiche…yep, got to love her.

Here’s pie boy…ummm what’s with quail bones poking out of the pastry????  Just quietly I’m a tad scared!  So he wants to call it bone yard, but his skill was removing the bones from the quail and then he puts them in the dish…yep I’m definitely confused as well as scared…mind you the pastry is under-done.

Home-cooking boy gets a shock when Georgie Boy tells him that if he keeps cooking the way he did in that dish he’ll be right as the food is gold.

As for the girl who was terrified about butchery…well Matt said he would eat her dish before any other today…poor love is nearly in tears.

So butchery girl got an apron, as did home-cooking boy and dessert boy who is in tears and rambling, poor thing needs to learn to zip it every so often.

Pie boy is sent home, as is old duck…damn I quite liked her.

21 aprons have been handed out, 3 remain and there are 6 contestants standing there…yep ad break time…ohhh pressure test time…and the dish is one of Georgie Boy’s.  Nothing like a dish being carried in by 5 blokes…love it, love it, love it.  There’s a fruit crate, yeah no making that…citrus leaves…oh we’ll give you that…then there’s a lemon, a lime and bitters…and they’re all confused until George asks for it to be plated and they realist it’s not a lemon or a lime…oh dear, one of the contestant broke the lime before George managed to break it for him and thankfully he had another one.  The lemon and lime are broken to reveal multiple layers in them…and they’ll give them the bitters perfume.

However the lemon and lime skin are made from white chocolate and in the middle of the lemon is a lime cloud and the middle of the lime is a lemon cloud and then there’s a bitters mousse in the middle…oh I would enjoy that dish I think.

Oh look, there’s an 18 year old dessert queen…honey, honey, honey…don’t get too over excited, there’s 2 hours to cook ahead of you.

Jerk chicken boy Byron is going slower than a wet week, he couldn’t find the recipe and now he’s still going over it without making a single thing and everyone else is into the cooking…half an hour later he’s still not cooking.

Nothing like everything you need being provided with you…a thermomix, a foam gun for making the jelly mousse, moulds for the white chocolate…yes I need that kitchen…however god love those that say “it’s hard seeing my friend battling” um you only met at the first audition you ha, does that qualify as full on friendship.

Byron has caught up rather quickly…now there’s people trying to not get confused by the clouds…and yep Byron has gotten confused…and decides to leave it mixed up and hope for the best.

The 18 year old dessert queen did fairly well, but the mousse was looser than George’s.  The next young girl is up and the judges think it looks perfect and Matt is impressed as is Gary.  Next is Caroline and he lemon doesn’t look the best when cracked, but Matt likes the texture of the mousse, except there isn’t enough in there.  Ingrid is up and Gary loves the chocolate shells as they’re very thin.  Steven’s next and his domes don’t look great at all from the outside but Georgie Boy has a jaw dropping moment when he cracks them open and Matt’s a tad over excited and hints that he’ll be giving him an apron, oh look the other two agree, through you go Steven…2 aprons to go.  Righty-o, up comes Byron and Gary has now said that he gets Byron, the more that he’s been in front of him and he’s a tad teary and yes they notice the mousse is the wrong way around…cue ad break again.  George says it tastes great and Gary is gobsmacked, even with the mistake.  So Caroline, Ingrid and Sarah are called forward…and an apron goes to Sarah.  That leaves Byron and the young dessert queen for the last apron…the last apron goes to…Byron…is it wrong to say that we should have predicted that as there have been ads with him in it…but Matt tells the young dessert queen to come back next year and he saves her apron.

Now we have the top 24…and we finally get to the Masterchef kitchen and a mystery box where we have the 5 previous winner pop in for a visit during the first challenge….oh someone serves up an almost empty plate.


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