Masterchef returns…

I’ll preface this by saying sorry for the long post…but yes I’m just a tad excited tonight…My Kitchen Rules ended a week ago and now we’re onto Masterchef.  Now for those non-Australians out there I’ll say that the US Masterchef goes a lot quicker than the Australian one.  But the Australian one has George Calombaris, yes I know he’s no Gordon Ramsey, but he’s George Calombaris and when he starts bouncing up and down with excitement I’ll admit I get a tad excited myself.

The initial few minutes are an overview of what is to happen in the series…Marco Pierre White, Shannon Bennett, Maggie Beer, Kylie Kwong and my food dream himself…Heston Blumenthal…bestill my beating heart I could wrap Heston up and be happy forever!!!  Well foodwise!

We start with the top 50 and they’re there with their families.

It’s kind of cute when the judges walk out and they’re excited about it being the best year yet…well we’ll wait and see before we agree with that claim.  The top 50 will be whittled down to the top 24, with only 12 aprons up for grabs on this first day…in saying that the show is starting tonight (Monday) and is on 4 nights this week and then is on from Sunday next week.  Three yesses from the judges gets an apron, 3 nos is see you later, undecided is you can cook again.  Mind you there are 50 aprons printed with the contestants names on it, supposedly because they think it will be that close.

Now they’re all excited as they’ve been told that the winner is taking home $250,000.

They get one hour before they have to present the dish to the judges.

Up first is Emily…cooking in front of everyone clapping and cheering while she is cooking.  She’s apparently quite nerdy and has a degree is bio-medical engineering, but her passion is cooking and she’s making laksa…oh dear here’s the first sob story, my parents didn’t want me to do cooking because it wouldn’t secure my future and make me rich…please just get on with the damn food already, I don’t need the sob stories.  Hang on George said he loves spicy food…since when did that happen???  I’m sure he’s not a huge spicy food fan, oh well Masterchef has changed his palate by the sounds of things…oh he’s not clarified, he avoids it as it makes him sweat, but he’s happy to sweat all day long for that laksa as it’s delicious.  They all put her through, however Matt says he wants to see breadth in her cooking.  Congratulations love, 1st contestant in front of the judges, 1st apron given out.

There’s also Grant, who’s making a curry…two contestants making curries…oh hold up, he’s the brother of Ben from season 4…this could be interesting as his brother was in the top 5…gee even without looking you can tell he’s Ben’s brother, they’ve got the same voice.  Plus love a man who loves a pressure cooker…lord knows I’m a pressure cooker fan.  God love that George says “he reminds me of Ben” as soon as he sees and hears him, plus he used to be a teacher, until the Masterchef dream came up.  God love it when he mentions his brother and the light clicks on for George and Gary.  I’m always concerned when they ask the contestant to taste the own food and then ask their opinion.  Oh dear…3 nos…see you late mate.

Up next is someone with raw fish…no idea of her name, she’s straight out of the door.

Then there’s some food that Gary spits out of his mouth, see you later.

Then a woman with something in an egg shell, sorry honey off you go…followed by a couple more people.

Now we’ve got Laura who is super excited and nervous and chatty, she’s cooking a stuffed chicken dish with polenta and caponata…oh and she’s only 18.  George can’t stop eating, so much for the other two judges, he’s enjoying it and is speechless and could eat the whole dish himself.  Surprise, surprise she’s through, well there’s been how many ads showing her and Emily already.

Next up is Ben with snapper, fennel puree and orange miso reduction and yes there’s another sob story, okay I’m saying it straight out, the food is the focus here, not the sob story…after a lot of drawn out saga we find out he gets the apron.

Now we have Deepali who made potato curry and got through and then Matt decides it is selfie time for her.

Up now is Amy with a dish that looks rather nice and now there are more tears…45 minutes in and I’m over the tears…but she makes it through.

Someone else gets through without so much as a name or any details on what she cooked.

Colin a winemaker gets through based on making a terrine in an hour…rather impressive if I say so, that gets us to number 7 of aprons given out.

Up now is Ashley who is making crepe suzette…and she wants to make café style food at night.  She says it is a dish that a boy who wants to impress a girl would get, but it doesn’t happen often these days…oh she is a tad cute with George playing her waiter for her.  Gary and Matt get to enjoy it romantically over a small table with poor Georgie watching on.  Gary thinks it is not 2014 enough, instead it is 70’s style…Matt and George agree.

Next up is a food blogger creating a chocolate overload, however she thinks there is no such things as too much chocolate…holy heck there’s 5 different things on the board, including a tuille, a mousse and a fondant…and yes she gets an apron.

The next dish is from Amelia and it looks rather fancy, with a de-moulded pannacotta and all three judges love it…11 aprons are now out there.

Now is Nick who likes to bake with some sort of lemon tart with a crumble on the top of it and a crème anglaise and he’s bought his nana with him, oh god love him and he’s obviously not the tidies of cooks with his nana telling him to clear away a few of the dishes to make sure he’s got some bench space.  Oh dear, the curd isn’t set, so someone tells him to put it into the blast chiller….oh dear, it’s a gooey mess, his words not mine!  Well he’s proud of how it tastes and not how it looks.  Oh dear George has gone out to get Nick’s nana and take her into the judging room.  Matt says the dish isn’t good enough to go straight through and asks nana why he should get a second chance.  Oh thankfully George gives him a second chance.

Up next is flight attendant Nicole, oh look another semi-sob story, food, food, food, repeat after me, food is what this is all about…however she is doing a Japanese dish with duck, soba noodles, squid and mayonnaise and I’ll tell you those noodles look great.  She’s through to the top 24.

The judges walk out to say that something serious has happened in the tasting room and those in the cooking area are all in shock…cue an ad break…Matt tells them that they’ve just given away the 12th apron so it is time to rethink the rules as expectations have been exceeded and food hasn’t been this great in the top 50 before.  New rule, blow the judges away with your food and you get an apron, pretty simple.

Heck the next person, Cecilia, is making macarons, two flavours as well, black sesame and jaffa…add a bit of drama to the back story as well…anyway, onto the food.  Hooley dooley, Georgie Boy has compared them to Adriano Zumbo’s and takes a photo of them to send him, holy heck and Matt says that the black sesame ones are better than any that Adriano has done…I cannot believe that!!!  She gets an apron.

Now we have Hamish with a scotch fillet done rare with beetroot and carrot in a couple of ways.  Oh hell, the big fatty bit through the middle hasn’t broken down and looks rather yucky to me…then again I’m not a rare steak fan.  Well George and Gary say yes based solely on the vegies, however Matt wants to see him cook again.

Last dish of the day…Rachel who is cooking crab and prawn wonton in a seafood bisque as she’s a Darwin girl…oh dear a few bits of shell in there…oh dear Gary is drinking the bisque straight from a cup and George says it is one of the best bisques he tasted and yes she gets an apron.

14 aprons have been given out tonight…18 left and 10 aprons remaining.

Well the ad for tomorrow looks rather interesting with a lemon and lime looking dish…and a contestant thinking it is a Heston moment, yep, my kind of viewing.


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