My Kitchen Rules…Grand Final

Finally…after what seems like forever, well it has been 3 months since we met these delightful cast of characters…we have reached the Grand Final and it’s down to The Mums and Little Misses Posh.

Oh dear lord…are you seriously kidding me??? The two teams walk into a dark Kitchen HQ apart from a few fires going from pots before all the lights are finally put on.  Talk about being over-dramatic.

Tonight they have to serve up a 5 course menu with 100 plates, 20 plates per course…oh dear just start cooking already.

They get 2 hours until first course is served.

God help us Little Misses Posh are taking us on a trip around the world…gee I never would have guessed that…so we’ve heard about Italy, Europe and Michelin star restaurants in London, then we’re off to the South of France.

With 45 minutes before first course is served all the other teams arrive and everyone hugs and kisses each other like long lost best friends and then the cheering starts.  A while later their loved ones arrive.  I have to say it is cute when their kids arrive and that’s both of The Mums as well as one Little Miss Posh.

After course 1 there is one hour until course 2 is to be served.  There is one hour between course 2 and course 3.  There is 90 minutes between course 3 and course 4.  There is 45 minutes between course 4 and course 5….cue the slow motion movement with them going on about how it is the last ever dish they will cook in MKR…yes we do realise that!!!

The Mums

Course 1 – beetroot carpaccio with cured salmon and I have to say the dish looks absolutely beautiful.  The judges comment that the dish is fresh and the textbook flavour combination and Grumpy Judge would have liked a bit more horseradish cream, as would Manu.

Course 2 – open scallop lasagne…oh my goodness gracious me, she’s hand rolling the pasta dough…wow!!!  Oh dear, midway through cutting the pasta they realise it is the wrong size, meaning that they have to re-roll it during the 2nd course.  Oh dear one of the mums is stressing and freaking out cooking the pasta as it is overcooking while she is taking it out of the pot, but the other mum thinks it is cooked perfectly.  The female judges think that it looks beautifully elegant and delicate on the plate.

Course 3 – spiced squab with heirloom carrots and pomegranate jus.  I’m not sure about this, it looks rather pretty, but… Guy loves the squab breasts and Pete thinks the carrots could have used a few more minutes, but there is nothing else to fault on the dish.

Course 4 – ouzo and tomato braised lamb and wild greens, potatoes and consommé…with only minutes before course 3 is served they’re not happy with how the lamb moulds are going so they put it into a single mould as opposed to individual moulds leaving only one mum to plate all of course 3…and there’s worry at the start as to whether it will end up being a consommé or a broth and it all depends on how clear it is, or isn’t.  The greens are being fried instead of blanched and now they’re turning brown…cue the tears.  Nothing like a cheer of “Go Mummy!” to stop the tears and make a mother re-focus.  Good thing is had turned out to be a consommé.  Grumpy Judge is impressed that they’ve used a secondary cut of meat and taken it to the next level and Guy thinks the consommé is perfect and Manu thinks it is unbelievable and is amazing cooking.  Blondie Judge thinks it is perfection.

Course 5 – deconstructed chocolate and rhubarb tart…the ice-cream is being made during course 4 and it resembles soft-serve.  Then the ganache doesn’t work…no good when Little Misses Posh have ganache that worked on the first attempt.  Good thing the ice-cream set in the freezer.  I agree with The Mums that the quenelles of ganache look rather unsightly…no comment required there.  Guy thinks all the flavours are sensational.  Grumpy Judge says it has all the flavours that he grew up with.  Manu thinks it is a great dessert.

Little Misses Posh

Course 1 – Caprese salad…bloody heck they’re making their own mozzarella and they only have one chance at making it.  Well Mr Cheese thinks that the curd looks good, which means that it must be pretty decent.  This dish also looks amazing and Manu tells the judges that they made their own cheese, just to shock them slightly.  Guy thinks this re-invention of a classic dish has worked and Blondie Judge thinks that making your own cheese is “just wow!”

Course 2 – confit ocean trout with broad beans pesto.  During preparation there is a lot of stress about making sure there are no bones in the fish.  Blondie Judge loves the skin and Guy and Pete both find bones, actually Guy finds 3 bones.

Course 3 – veal sweetbreads with Morel mushrooms and pea foam…should we be scared when Little Misses Posh says that the sauce is very punchy and in your face just like she is???  Grumpy Judge says using offal isn’t a safe route to go down, but it is amazing and Blondie Judge is blown away by it.  Manu says it is the best sauce he’s ever had on MKR!!!  Holy crap!!!

Course 4 – pig’s trotter crepinette with crispy pig ears…between pig’s trotters and ear and now stomach lining I so wouldn’t be going anywhere near that dish whatsoever!!!  Well it looks rather fancy, but I still wouldn’t be going there.  Grumpy Judge says it is his style of cookery and Blondie Judge is in awe of what they girls have done as home cooks.  Manu thinks it is unbelievable.  Better Homes and Gardens Girl thinks there is a repetition of the last course in terms of flavours and a very sticky sauce.

Course 5 – rose chocolate with spiced figs and pistachio ice-cream…oh look out comes a blow torch and Little Miss Posh thinks she’s got a flame thrower in the battle.  Guy enjoys the contrast made by the bitterness of the dark chocolate and Blondie Judge loves the rose petals in the glass, but Guy doesn’t like the glass.  Pete thinks the glass detracts from the rest of the dish.

Just when I think we’re going to get the scores…nope, we get more than 10 minutes where the judges tell the two teams what they thought of each dish…seriously hurry up, it’s getting late already!!


Little Misses Posh – Better Homes and Gardens Girl 9, Grumpy Judge 8, Blondie Judge 8, Guy 9, Manu 9 and Pete 9 giving them a score of 52 out of 60.

The Mums – Better Homes and Gardens Girl 9, Guy 9, Blondie Judge 9, Grumpy Judge 9, Manu 9 and Pete 9 giving them a score of 54 out of 60…and making them the winners!!!!

God love the mums…”it’s the best thing that’s happened in our live, oh apart from having babies and getting married” you have to laugh at that comment.


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