My Kitchen Rules…semi-final 2

Tonight is the battle of the Mums against the Twins…loser goes home, winner goes up against Little Misses Posh in the final tomorrow night.

I so, so, so want for The Twins to get through.  Just to witness the most interesting competition for the grand final.

The mums

Entrée – Mushroom wontons with prawns in a hot and sour broth…the broth appears pretty good, but they’re concerned about the amount of chilli in it.  A few wontons burst in the broth, so there’s now only 2 wontons on each plate instead of 3.  There’s a few ohhhhs going on when the chilli hits the mouth of the judges.  Grumpy Judge thinks it’s a good dish.  Blondie Judge thinks it is a spectacular dish and is perfect.  Better Homes and Gardens Girl thinks the chilli is pushed a little bit too far.  Pete thinks he could eat it every day.

Main – smoked duck breast with seared scallops and Asian greens…they’re so worried about how long they need to cook the duck for and then the battery falls out of the timer and they’re starting to stress as there is also smoke coming out of the smoking contraption they made.  Well the duck’s been smoked, but they aren’t cooking, so in a split second decision they decide to render the fat and finish them in the oven.  The duck has come out of the oven and it’s still raw in the middle…oh heck, this is not looking great with only 10 minutes to go.  The plates don’t look great as they were so rushed, but nothing they can do about it now that time is up.  Grumpy Judge thinks the presentation is a little pedestrian.  Guy thinks the presentation is lacklustre.  Blondie Judge thinks the duck breast is the star and Better Homes and Gardens Girl loves the sauce but wants more and poor Manu is annoyed that he’s still asking for more sauce in the semi-final.

Dessert – peach and apricot tarte tatin with cinnamon ice-cream…they put the tarts in the oven with 5 minutes to go before main is served…on a prayer that it will be cooked when they are back in the kitchen after the judges taste their main.  The first tart comes out of the tin well…but there are a few difficult ones.  Better Homes and Garden Girl thinks that the ice-cream is heavenly and Grumpy Judge thinks it’s one of the best ice-creams he’s had in a long time.  Manu doesn’t have words to describe the dish, he’s gobsmacked.

The twins

Entrée – scampi ceviche with carrot puree and watercress salad…there’s concerns when they put the scampi into the juice with 45 minutes to go, thankfully they realise it, but they’re not sure how they can remedy it as it was all of the scampi.  Out goes the first batch of scampi, time to start again with 30 minutes to go.  They’re using purple carrots for the puree…which looks interesting if nothing else.  Oh dear Negative Nancy has re-appeared during plating, she needs to disappear and fast.  Guy likes the idea of the ceviche and Blondie Judge thinks it is done well, Grumpy Judge isn’t sure where the carrot belongs in the dish.  Manu thinks the carrot puree is too creamy and too rich with the amount of butter in it.

Main – quail with stuffed vine leaves and avgolemene sauce…oh dear, they’re putting hot rice onto the vine leaves…I’m not sure about that.  Grumpy Judge says it’s a dish he expects in a fine dining Greek restaurant.  Better Homes and Gardens Girl thinks that the vine leaves are delicious and Manu loves the sauce.  Pete can’t fault the dish and things it is sensational.

Dessert – kourabiedes with Greek coffee and burnt butter ice-cream…oh no…scratch that it is now burnt butter custard with coffee and almonds.  Oh dear lord they poured the ice-cream straight into the ice-cream machine without the bowl in there.  I’m sorry girls but I had to laugh at that…oh dear it gets better as now the bowl is stuck in the machine because of the disaster before…god love the other twin who gets it out in one tiny pull.  But it’s rather runny when it comes out of the machine.  Oh hell after being in the freezer it still hasn’t set, poor things!!!!  Time for plan two…so now it is burnt butter custard with coffee and almonds of some description and Pete’s happy that they’re thinking on their feet and adapting.  There’s a few confused comments about the dish but when the judges hear that they changed the dish they’re all happy that the twins thought on their feet.


The twins – Guy 7, Better Homes and Gardens Girl 7, Blondie Judge 7, Grumpy Judge 7, Manu 7 and Pete 7 giving them a score of 42 out of 60.

The mums – Better Homes and Gardens Girl 8, Guy 9, Blondie Judge 9, Grumpy Judge 8, Manu 9 and Pete 9 giving them a score of 52 out of 60.

Can I say bugger??? I like the mums but I so wanted the Twins to get through…

So now we’re up to the Grand Final…The Mums against Little Misses Posh.


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