My Kitchen Rules….goodbye to….

So who is going home tonight???  The BFF’s or The Twins???  But I’ll say this much…Greek is the word tonight!!  Plus the twinning is not really winning, one is busy losing…turning into Negative Nancy.  Oh dear…octopus saga and there’s no spare octopus….bugger…oh dear, time to look for more octopus, this time baby octopus so it cooks quickly.  Gee Negative Nancy needs to settle the hell down already!!  Thankfully she answers the door smiling, all be it fake smiling.  Thankfully dessert preparation seems to get rid of Negative Nancy.  I’m not sure about them allowing the others to ask questions….about the dessert is okay, but the lamb and octopus…oh dear!

Entrée 1 – braised octopus and clams with tomatoes and peas chosen by the mums, Little Misses Posh and Manu…oh god now there’s not enough octopus for each plate…are they kidding me???  Oh look, the mums can’t see much octopus.  Manu thinks it doesn’t look amazing, but it tastes fantastic…and to think that one single comment has made Negative Nancy bugger off.

Entrée 2 – kataifi wrapped prawns with zucchini salad chosen by the BFF’s, the dads and Pete.  I have to say this dish looks very nice.  Pete thinks it was a surprise, but it is a celebration of their heritage and the produce.

Main 1 – lemon and oregano lamb with Greek beans chosen by the dads, Little Misses Posh and Pete but the teams are concerned that it is lamb racks and not a lamb shoulder.  The lamb is cooked perfectly, but they’re worried about the fat and that it’s not rendered enough.  Pete asks why they chose to use lamb rack and not stuck to what they usually do, and the fat wasn’t rendered enough.  Surprise surprise Little Misses Posh aren’t overly impressed.

Main 2 – Piri Piri quail with saffron rice and cucumber salsa chosen by the BFF’s, the mums and Manu but they’re concerned sauce or no sauce.  Manu didn’t expect the dish, but he loved the quail and the spice rub, but thought it was a little dry.

Dessert 1 – galaktoboureko with ice-cream and grilled figs chosen by the mums, the dads and Manu…oh god 45 minutes for it to cook between courses…that’s a bit of a wait girls…now they’re worried it’s not crisp enough, but won’t wait any longer.  Manu says he knows what to expect and it wasn’t what he expected, not enough filo, not crispy enough, but loved the ice-cream.  The mums are disappointed and Little Misses Posh are screwing their faces up on it, but say that the ice-cream is lovely, they don’t comment on the galaktoboureko.

Dessert 2 – individual hazelnut mousse cakes chosen by the BFF’s, Little Misses Posh and Pete.  Pete said it was his least favourite dish of the night, the mousse was good and chocolately but not hazelnutty and he questions the used of macadamias on the top of the dish as it should have been hazelnuts.  The BFF’s couldn’t taste the hazelnuts.


The Dads – 7

The Mums – 6

The BFF’s – 6

Little Misses Posh – 5

And of course we’re off to Kitchen HQ for the final results and scores from Pete and Manu….oh dear I feel like I’m on Survivor…heading back to America for the final results.  Manu reminds us they need to beat 58…they got 24 off the other teams.

Manu – entrée 9, main 7, dessert 4

Pete – entrée 9, main 7, dessert 5.

Giving them a total score of 65…well they’re safe and second on the leader board…sorry BFF’s goodbye girls…oh and the tears have started again.  But given how young they are they’ve done very well.

Semi-final 1 is the dads against Little Misses Posh and semi-final 2 is the twins against the mums…and apparently it is grand final week.  I have to say about time!!!  This feels like it has been going on for months.



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