My Kitchen Rules…back to the instant restaurants.

We’re off to the Dads in Queensland…in the rain.

The BFFs weren’t expecting what the Dad were offering and the poor dad’s are stressing about it being ladies night as they’re the only male contestants left.  Everyone oohs and aahs at the first sight of the menu.  Each team can only choose one option for each course, but Pete and Manu will choose one each so they’re tasting both and teams seem to be rather strategic, personally I would go the beef cheeks, but teams know the salmon is cooked to order and only one team and one judge has ordered the beef cheeks.

Entrée 1 – Wasabi and avocado soup with marinated tuna and tofu mayonnaise chosen by the mums, Little Misses Posh, Manu…Manu loved the avocado and wasabi together, but didn’t get a huge hit of wasabi which he wanted.  The mums couldn’t taste the wasabi, Little Miss Posh thought the soup tasted like a Lebanese cucumber, not avocado or wasabi.

Entrée 2 – tempura prawns with beetroot puree chosen by the twins, the BFFs, Pete…Pete thought the prawns were cooked to perfection, but thought the dish was quite sweet.  The twins thought the prawns could have been crispier.

Oh no the girls are all get slightly hangry…over an hour now waiting and they’re not enjoying it.  The Twins think the biggest threat is the Dads, Little Misses Posh think their biggest threat is the BFFs…yes that is the exciting dinner conversation and the girls all notice the dads look stressed when they serve the main courses.

Main 1 – crispy skin salmon with Moreton bay bug ravioli chosen by the twins, the BFFs, Little Misses Posh and Pete…oh bless the twins…they’re confused about how the bug will get into the ravioli.  But the skin is sticking while cooking the salmon.  Pete thought the fish was tremendous, but the skin wasn’t crispy, he though the ravioli was brilliant, but would have loved more filling, but wasn’t overly excited by the sauce, not that he had much sauce on his plate…and he wants the boys to take all the negatives on board if they get through to the next round.  Little Misses Posh think the salmon is a bit overcooked as do the BFFs and the BFFs weren’t keep on the champagne sauce.

Main 2 – slow cooked beef cheeks in soy and orange sauce chosen by the mums and Manu…Manu loved the beef cheek…all he could say is “wow!” but didn’t like that the rice was sucking the broth away from him, being sauce obsessed and all, but he needed a bit more than that for a top 5 dish.  The mums like how well the beef is cooked, but weren’t sure about the sauce.

The cheesecake is ready, but the spiced cake hasn’t been in the oven and then it goes in without a timer…oh dear lord, rookie mistake coming up…or I hope not, but I’m not sure, the dads aren’t the best at desserts….oh no the cake isn’t great when it first comes out of the oven.  I’d be going the cheesecake hands down.

Dessert 1 – spiced cake with lime sorbet and salty coconut sauce chosen by the mums, BFFs, Little Misses Posh and Pete…Pete would have given a perfect score if it had more sauce on it.  The bloody sauce…comments of the nights are focusing on the bloody sauce.  Some of the teams were concerned about sorbet and cake, as good as the sorbet tasted.

Dessert 2 – triple chocolate cheesecake chosen by the twins and Manu…but the twins are concerned as they think it’s rather boring and want to change their order…and Pete and Manu say they can go into the kitchen and ask if they can change their order…luckily the dads said they can…now they’ve seen the cheesecake they wish they were getting that.  Manu loved seeing the 3 different layers with different textures “bloody hell, it was just to die for, I can’t fault this at all”.


The Twins – 7

Little Misses Posh – 7

The BFFs – 6

The Mums – 6

Pete – entrée 6, main 6, dessert 9

Manu – entrée 6, main 7, dessert 10

Total score…70/100

Next we’re back to WA and Little Misses Posh for Little Miss Posh to change the world one palate at a time…and the preview looks interesting with a few tears.



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