My Kitchen Rules…battle of the girls…or is it ladies?

So tonight we’ve got the elimination battle between The Mums, Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest and The BFF’s, with one to go home.

Round 1 is to do with a fillet of beef…trimming and trussing it in 10 minutes with one team member doing the trimming and the other trussing.  Mummy Dearest is going on about having the knife at a 22 degree angle…look a whole new side of maths in Kitchen HQ.  Mummy Dearest is damn impressive at trussing the meat though.  God love Pete telling the BFFs that for a first effort they didn’t do too badly.  Naturally the advantage goes to Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest.  The choices they have for round two are beef, chocolate and skate wings…yes I’ve never heard of them either.

They choose the beef for themselves as they believe they’re not tactical…yeah sure honey, I believe that, NOT!!  They give the BFFs the skate wings and the Mums get the chocolate, ummmm not tactical….are you sure about that?

Round 2

Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest – Beef fillet with cauliflower puree, mushrooms and wilted spinach with a red wine sauce…good honest home-cooking says Mummy Dearest.  Oh look Mummy Dearest is trussing again.  God love Mummy Dearest….she wants to cook the meat in the oven for exactly 23 minutes with the door never opened, which stresses Foodie Daughter.  With 3 minutes to go Mummy Dearest can’t cut the meat, she’s freaking out.  The beef is starting to run into the cauliflower puree as they didn’t rest it for long enough…such a pretty look…NOT!  Manu says the presentation was effected by the meat not being rested enough, but it was cooked to perfection.  Pete on the other hand thought there wasn’t enough sauce!!!

The Mums – chocolate ravioli with chocolate sauce and orange.  Pete comments during cooking time that the mums need to come out and show they’re not one trick ponies.  They’re attempting candied orange zest, but made it too chewy, so on to round two…now we’re up to round three of the candied orange zest…seriously I hate orange and I can make that….oh seriously round three is buggered as well.  Pete loved the pasta.

BFFs – Skate wings with pea puree and bubble and squeak.  The dads comment about the girls working in a fish and chip shop so they should do well…ummm last time I checked you don’t de-skin skate wings in a fish and chip shop.  With 3 minutes to go the girls decide they want onion rings.  Oh dear the girls didn’t taste the skate, yep Pete and Manu are thrilled, NOT!  Manu thinks the fish is amazing.  Pete loved the bubble and squeak.

The team through to the final five is……..The BFFs….well I have to say I wasn’t expecting that.

So now it will be The Mums or Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest going home!  But first is a signature dish cook off.

Oh dear…Foodie Daughter decides the start of the signature dish cooking time is the right time to have a teary, suck it up princess as Mummy Dearest isn’t far behind you in the tears.

The Mums – Butter chicken with red lentil dhal and rice.  They start the chicken in the oven…but they’re stressing about how well it will cook, so change to using the pressure cooker…well they did put it in the oven with only 70 minutes to go.  The naan dough isn’t working out, so they decide to scrap it…oh wait, we’re back on the naan bread track, I’m confused, oh wait, so are the Twins, oh wait, I spoke to soon, the naan bread is off again.  The judges like the dish, but would have loved some naan and naturally Manu would have loved more sauce.

Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest – Chermoula quail with roasted baby carrots and quinoa salad.  God love Mummy Dearest…deboning 10 quail…she thinks it will take an hour.  15 minutes down she’s only done two….with an hour down she’s actually on the last one…almost like a miracle occurring.  The quail has been pan fried and put in the oven, but of course Mummy Dearest isn’t happy with some of the skin so it’s now under the grill.  Grumpy Judge says now it’s a competition as the dish was great.  Pete loves the salad, but questions the quail as his was quite dry, as was Manu’s…but the other judges had moist quail.


Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest – Better Homes and Gardens Girl 9, Guy 8, Blondie 9, Grumpy Judge 8, Pete 8, Manu 8 giving a lot score of 50 out of 60.

The Mums – Better Homes and Gardens Girl 8, Guy 9, Blondie 9, Grumpy Judge 8, Manu 8….it’s dead level so far, a 9 from Pete will get them across the line.  Pete’s score is…9…they got 51 out of 60 and survive to fight another day.

Goodbye Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest…heck that was a tough loss…and Mummy Dearest gets all teary thanking Foodie Daughter for taking her on the journey with her.

Now we’re onto the final 5…The Mums, The Dads, The BFFs, Little Misses Posh and The Twins…and we’re back to instant restaurants in their homes to see how far they’ve come since the beginning…but things will be a little different.  Two entrees, two mains and two desserts at each restaurant.

Holy hell is all I can say!!!


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