My Kitchen Rules…Brains and more brains.

Well last night I was too busy sneezing and feeling like crap basically to even contemplate writing about MKR.  But I’m happy that The Surfer Dads made it through.  Saying that, I’ve spent majority of today in bed and feel slightly more alive than last night.

But tonight we’ve got a big team going home…will it be Foodie Science Geeks, The Twins or our dear friends Little Misses Posh????

Three rounds for the night…mmmmmmm could be interesting.

Round 1…a skills test – filleting a fish, an ocean trout to be precise.  Thank god I’m not there, I would be in trouble.  One person has to fillet and the other has to pin bone in only 10 minutes.  The top team wins an advantage for round two.  The Geeks are struggling with the second fillet.

Gee that 10 minutes went awfully fast.

Little Misses Posh – it looked all good.

The Twins – there’s a few bones left.

Foodie Science Geeks – Pete comments that one is quite butchered…um that’s an understatement.

Surprise, surprise Little Misses Posh win the advantage…they get to choose who cooks with what in round two.  The choices are trout, lemons and limes and for the last ingredient it is…brains.  The bst dish in round two is safe.  The girls are debating whether or not to keep the brains for themselves to impress the judges or The Twins who have no idea what to do with them.

The girls choose brains for themselves, which surprises most of the others, they give the lemons and limes to The Twins and the trout to the Geeks.

Oh sweet, Little Miss Posh passed a brain over to the Twins…oh bless her, at least the Twins took it in fun.

Round 2

Foodie Science Geeks – Confit ocean trout with Asian Herb salad and deef fried brussel sprouts…naturally they have difficulties with the temperature of the confit and Pete and Manu are concerned by the conversation the geeks are having based on the time they are cooking the trout for.  They get the trout out to check it and it’s raw…surprise, surprise.  Finally it’s cooked.  Oh dear Mr Geek dropped the trout onto the open flame…amazingly he rescued it.  Then they argue of skin side up or down for serving…even I know crispy skin won’t be crispy if it’s down and gotten soggy on the plate.  Oh dear…Pete found a bone.  Manu is concerned about 42 degrees for 15 minutes for the fish…his is 60 degrees for 10 minutes, but he thinks the fish was perfect.  Pete enjoyed the brussel sprouts.

The Twins – lemon poached barramundi with crispy potatoes and leek puree.  I think the girls’ dish looks great.  Whilst eating Pete gets Manu to look at his…oh this isn’t good.  Pete loved the flavour in the barramundi, but says the centre of his fish was raw.

Little Misses Posh – crispy brains with lentils and green sauce…oh god the poached brains look absolutely shocking!!  The final dish looks rather one shade of beige.  Manu says the brains were perfection on the plate.  Pete thinks everyone would be converted by the girls’ brains.

The winners are Little Misses Posh…look they get to fight another day.

Round 3

The Foodie Science Geeks against The Twins…winner remains, loser is gone!  But it’s up to the guest judges…well that makes things a tad more interesting.

They have to cook their signature dish, with 90 minutes to cook.

Foodie Science Geeks – Mexican spiced beef in broth, using my friend the pressure cooker.  The chilli gel looks interesting as it means the taster can choose their level of heat.  But with 20 minutes to go the meat isn’t cooked.  Oh well time for backup plan.  The plate is ready except it has no meat on it…with 7 minutes to go…and when it’s checked it is still a little bit rare and it goes back in the oven.  The think it’s cooked perfectly with 3 minutes to go.  No jellies now as they can’t get them out of the moulds in time.  The judges like the taste of it and like that they thought on their feet to change their dish.

The Twins – Greek Walnut cake with vanilla crème anglaise.  So much for folding the egg white in…it’s being bashed into the mix…good thing they’ve decided to make another mix.  At least batch two looks a lot lighter. The candied orange looks rather bizarre…and tastes yuck apparently.  Looks like everything the girls are doing is going wrong and they’re stressing.  They’ve plated the dish, but think it looks shocking and appear rather defeated.  So they get different plates to see if it improves it.  The judges seems to like the cake, but think the crème angaise is rather sweet.


Foodie Science Geeks – Better Homes and Gardens Girl 6, Blondie 6, Guy 6, Grumpy Judge 5, Manu 6, Pete 6 with a total score of 35 out of 60

The Twins – Blondie 6, Better Homes and Gardens Girl 7, Grumpy Judge 6 (even though he wanted a main course), Guy 7, Manu 6, Pete 7 with a total score of 39.

Yes The Twins live to fight another day!!!  The Foodie Science Geeks are going home…I admit I kind of liked them.


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