My Kitchen Rules…girl power….roar or raw???

Tonight is sudden death…The Mums verses Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity…I’m sorry Manu but asking if Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity feel positive about today is like asking if Little Miss Posh likes to travel…silly question darling.  Oh and before you as there is a damn circle of empowerment with flour all over the floor…honey, honey, honey…you are too cute.

The Mums

Entrée – Seared prawns with fennel and leek puree and tomato salsa.  Well the dish looks rather nice and seemed to be cooked with no major dramas.  Grumpy Judges says the prawns were cooked perfectly.  All the judges loved the dish and Manu thinks the puree is the star of the dish and Pete is blown away.

Main – roasted chicken ballontine with quinoa and lentil salad and garlic aioli.  The chicken is out after being in the oven for 40 minutes and the other mum is worried that it’s not cooked even though it needs to rest and they’re both stressing with 13 minutes to go.  Naturally the ad break goes blank while the girls start cutting their chicken…but comes back in time to see that the first is a tad raw…oh hell, so is the second one.  So they have to panfry the pieces with five minutes to go.  The mums aren’t happy with their dish.  Better Homes and Gardens Girl has chicken that is on the edge of raw, but Guy’s is well cooked with inedible skin.  They all like the salad and aioli though.

Dessert – dark chocolate mousse tart with strawberries and pistachios.  The mums are stressing over the pie cases as the pastry is very short so the mousse goes in while the pastry is warm in the hope it will rescue the tart shell.  Grumpy likes the dish as it is quite rich and what he wants in a chocolate tart.  Better Homes and Gardens Judge isn’t impressed with the praline as it still has chunks of sugar in it.

Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity

Entrée – golden scallops with champagne sabayon, pancetta crumb and watercress.  Guy says it is elegantly presented.  Grumpy thinks the scallops are very well cooked.  The judges think the pancetta add texture to the dish.

Main – wagyu scotch fillet with roasted beetroot salad, frizzled onions and beetroot glaze.  “Wagyu beef is from the diva cows…from the cows that wear moisturiser,” seriously Flower Power Girl I want to have your thinking.  She’s aiming for 55 degrees for the meat and with 19 minutes to go it is at 30 degrees…oh that meat is not looking great.  The meat’s hit 34 degrees…well it’s perfect for Little Miss Posh, but as for the rest of us…no chance.  The girls decide to pan fry the meat….oh honey, honey, honey, you poor thing.  Plus Flower Power Girl is stressing over peeling boiling hot yellow beetroot, everyone is going to get about two pieces of beetroot per plate.  The girls aren’t happy about their dishes.  Grumpy thinks he’s missing some Scotch fillet…there’s two little pieces.  Better Homes and Gardens girl thinks it is haphazard.  Guy thinks it resembles a salad on a buffet.

Dessert – raspberry and rosewater Turkish mousse.  At least the mousse is already set in the fridge…that’s a bonus.  But the question is what is the meringue like as they won’t serve it unless it is perfect….and amazingly it is perfect.  Everyone loves the light and refreshing meringue.  Grumpy doesn’t normally like rosewater, but enjoys it.  Pete says the mousse is feather-light.


The Mums – Better Homes and Gardens Girl 5, Guy 7, Blondie 7, Grumpy 6, Pete 7, Manu 7 meaning a total score of 39/60.

Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity – Guy 7, Better Homes and Gardens Girl 6, Grumpy 6, Blondie 6, Pete 7, Manu 6….damn that last score meant they got 38 and they’re going home…bloody Manu!!!


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