My Kitchen Rules…where was the sauce???

The Surfer Dads get the night off for being the best team and poor Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity aren’t cooking tonight as they’re through to sudden death and elimination tomorrow night…the other six however have to cook and go head to head with another team…oh dear the looks of shock going around are funny!!!  The winner of the head to head is safe, the loser cooks again to find out who goes up to sudden death tomorrow and there’s only 30 minutes to cook.

The mums gets to choose who they are against…but whoever they choose selects the meat that will be cooked with…yeah that’s not a great thing to deal with.

They choose the BFF’s because they think they’ll do seafood…but the girls are going to surprise them as they’re choosing something they’re both going to struggle with.  They choose game meats.

Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest choose The Twins with the twins choosing the protein.  They choose lamb

Leaving Foodie Science Geeks against Little Misses Posh with Foodie Science Geeks choosing the protein.  They choose fish.

Naturally Pete and Manu try the dishes without commenting on them to the teams other than to ask them a question or two.

The mums – Thai duck salad with deep fried vermicelli and lychee salad.  The mums worry about their duck, but it’s cooked perfectly, much to their surprise.  Manu thought it was risky to do duck in 30 minutes but it was well cooked.  Pete liked the salad but questions the size and number of lychees.

The BFF’s – Deep fried spiced squab with Asian salad…the girls however don’t even know what squab is so this might be interesting, have never eaten it and never cooked it.  Their first tester is red raw when they check it…oh dear god, silly girls.  The girls are stressing as their squab looks rather dark on the outside and they think the mums look very confident.  Manu tells the girls the squab was melt in the mouth.  Pete says the sauce was the perfect accompaniment.

Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest – roasted lamb rack with basil pesto, olive tapenade and sautéed eggplant.  Mummy Dearest is too stressed about this damn lamb, seriously it can’t be that bad just because the oven’s been opened a few times…given you wanted to rest it for 10 minutes and with 6 minutes to go you’re putting it back into the oven.  I mean really???  Naturally Mummy Dearest mentions the sharing of the oven and how it impacted on her lamb…good on you mum, I love the twins but still…and actually you let them use the oven, even though I’m glad you mentioned it.  Manu says their lamb was cooked to perfection and just beautiful.  Pete says there was a lot on the plate but it was all perfect.

The Twins – Za’atar crusted lamb with roasted beetroot salad and goat’s cheese dressing.  The girls have oven issues as it is too high for their lamb and thankfully Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest let them put the lamb in their oven.  It’s all good until Mummy Dearest starts stressing about the twins opening the oven too many times.  The twins are happy with their lamb…heaven help them if Mummy Dearest isn’t happy with her lamb, she may kill them.  Manu says the lamb was cooked to perfection.  Pete loved the dressing and asks if there was enough on the plate.

Foodie Science Geeks – pan fried barramundi in Thai inspired coconut broth and coriander salad.  Strangely enough we see nothing of them during the cooking time until there is 20 seconds to go…I almost forgot they were there, maybe they’re cooking normally for a change.  Pete thought the dish was beautiful and he could eat it day in and day out.  Manu says there’s not much to criticise at all, but they should have chosen a better mushroom for an Asian inspired dish.

Little Misses Posh – Stuffed sardines with tomato and black olive salsa…oh dear lord Little Miss Posh had them in Portugal, strange about that!!!  Oh love seriously any time that you talk about places you’ve been it blows my mind…Portugal, the Mediterranean…stop now, I’m begging!!  Sorry darlings, but to me I would be going the barra.  Manu thought it was fantastic.  Pete loved the filling and the girls are grinning, surprise surprise.

The teams that are safe are… Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest solely because they achieved more and showed a little bit more technique in their dish, Little Misses Posh and The BFF’s and to think they felt defeated seconds ago.

Which means that the teams that have to cook again are… The Twins, Foodie Science Geeks based on the vegetable component…those damn mushrooms and The Mums solely because the lychees were too large and dominant in the salad.

Now for show down…one course per team with the teams deciding amongst themselves.  The Foodie Science Geeks seriously don’t want to do main, but they’re not quick enough and they’re stuck with main, with The Mums doing entrée and The Twins doing dessert.

The Mums – entrée dish – cavatelli with cauliflower sauce and pangrattato …otherwise known as pasta with sauce.  The pasta making mum uses a sushi mat to help her make the cavatelli, which impresses everyone, including me.  I’m liking the sound of cauliflower sauce though.  I’ve now learnt that pangrattato is a breadcrumb topping for the pasta…don’t confuse my fluey brain, please.  The girls are concerned about their cauliflower sauce…then again so are Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest.  Pete says that the pasta was superb, but not everything was perfect.  Manu says the cauliflower was overcooked and water and asks “WHERE WAS THE SAUCE????”

Foodie Science Geeks – main dish – scampi risotto.  During cooking Manu thinks they’re pushing themselves with doing the risotto, the stock, the oil and Mr Geek is angry and frustrated and all over the joint and Mrs Geek is getting annoyed with him as he’s non-responsive.  Manu goes over and tells Mr Geek to get his head back in the game as he doesn’t want to go back to sudden death and strangely enough he starts talking to Mrs Geek.  Manu says he doesn’t know how they created the best dish of the competition given how angry and upset they were at the start and it was perfection, which brings Mrs Geek to tears.  Pete says they set a new benchmark for the competition.

The Twins – frangipane tart with stewed rhubarb and cream.  The pastry doesn’t seem to be going all that well…take two.  Ohhhh they’re individual tarts…but pastry number two is a tad soft, of well too bad, not enough time for batch three…but it doesn’t look all that great.  The tarts are back in the oven with the frangipane in them with 23 minutes to go…they take 20 minutes to cook….mmm cutting it fine ladies.  With 5 minutes to go the frangipane is still rather gooey.  Oh dear…poor Manu starts coughing while eating the tart…definitely not a good sign.  Pete says the pastry was beautiful.  Manu was looking forward to the filling…but it was dried and he needed a glass of water and pouring the cream over it made it manageable.

Obviously the Foodie Science Geeks are safe…but who isn’t safe???

The Mums…are in sudden death.

The Twins are safe solely because the cream and coulis gave them some redemption.

The Mums need to remember the old saying of Manu…. “DON’T FORGET THE SAUCE!!!!!”

Tomorrow night will be interesting…The Mums verses Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity.


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