My Kitchen Rules…is there a husband out there???

Not only do the teams have to cook for 200 builders on a building site today, but they have to build their station and cook their dish in 90 minutes, so they can experience being a tradie…it’s a bit disappointing that it’s only putting together a table…god love Little Misses Posh…sorry darlings but even I could do that.  15 minutes later Little Misses Posh haven’t started cooking.  Of course the talk is that Little Misses Posh will be busy flirting, while Little Misses Posh are worried that blonde twin doesn’t have a boyfriend…ummmm darlings focus on the food.  15 minutes to go and not a single thing on a plate.  Nothing like all the girls going a bit of flirting when the tradies front up.

Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity – Spicy Indian Prawns with fragrant basmati rice.  Flower Power Girl is a “prisoner of prawns” given that she has 320 prawns to peel and remove the poop chute.  The girls are having trouble with their rice not boiling and Pete’s concerned that it won’t be ready for them.  No good that when everyone starts serving the girls aren’t…oh girls, come on lovelies.  Finally the rice is ready.  Pete and Manu like the flavour of the prawns and think the rice isn’t very fragrant and a tradie says he could eat 3 or 4 times what he was served.

Foodie Science Geeks – Prawn and chorizo skewers with seared beef and chimichuri sauce (Brazilian BBQ and potato salad…and apparently when Flower Power went to a Brazilian BBQ Little Miss Posh wasn’t there as it wasn’t in Brazil…Flower Power Girl, just saying that I seriously adore you).  They freak out about the potatoes not cooking, then they’re overcooked and Mr Geek is annoyed, mate listen up, you’re cooking on a damn barbie…deal with the lack of perfection.  Mrs Geek thinks she hasn’t put the love into the dish.  Pete thinks there’s a lot going on on the plate and the potato salad doesn’t look appetising.  Manu thinks there’s not enough oil or vinegar in the sauce and the skewers were just prawn and chorizo grilled, but nothing done to them.

Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest – beef rendang with cucumber relish.  God love Mummy Dearest for comparing the tradies for the men at the station who love her left over curry for lunch.  Oh love it…mum’s majorly stuffed up as she asked if she could use a bowl, daughter said yes, then daughter looked for the vinegar syrup and of course that’s what mum just tipped out…oh hell foodie daughter was swearing at her mother, priceless television, until the sarcasm comes out.  Pete’s eyes light up when he tastes the beef, but Manu’s not a big fan as it is meant to be a dry curry, but he’s gotten a curry sauce on a chargrilled steak.  God love when Mummy Dearest is relieved when Pete says how much he loved it, then it’s head in hands when Manu says he never wants to see a steak in curry sauce again.

BFFs – Mexican chicken with wedges and guacamole.  The girls are freaking out about using the barbie and contemplate putting baking paper down on it first.  The girls set off a huge fired during serving.  Pete loves the presentation and both love the flavour on the chicken and think it is delicious.  Pete said the dish was the best presented.

Little Misses Posh – bourbon lamb cutlets with potato salad and kick ass chilli sauce.  Oh look, now there’s flames on their bbq…strange about that.  Now I’ve honestly never heard of lamb cutlets being called cutties…but hey whatever gets you going.  Pete loves the marinade and Manu’s singing “Ye haaaaa….” Oh dear lord save me now!

The Twins – Asian style honey and soy chicken with BBQ corn and Asian slaw…the girls think Pete and Manu will love it as it’s not Greek, it’s Asian.  Oh bless you beautiful girls, and of course Little Misses Posh are concerned about them only cooking Greek food, yeah sure you are darlings.  Oh girls…how the heck are you managing to make fire when you’re barbecuing corn when it’s wrapped in foil????  God love when a boy goes over to help…but he’s apparently not blonde twins’ type.  Oh no, Pete thinks that as a complete dish there’s not enough Asian flavours.  Seriously how many times have we been told that blondie is looking for a husband, strangely enough a nice young man comes and chats to her and she’s got a date and giving out her number…love it!!!  Pete asks what part of Asia the girls took them too and then says that it was the Australian version of Asian with honey and soy.  The girls think they Little Miss Posh could have helped them and debate if she’s been to 42 or 43 countries.

Darling and Ditzy Darling – Korean BBQ beef and seafood pancake.  Amazingly there were no huge sagas.  Pete says it was delicious.  Manu said the beef was cooked to perfection and he loved the pancake.

Surfer Dads – pork fillet with satay sauce and acha salad (pickled carrot and cucumber salad).  All looked good until the dad start to run out of satay sauce and they have to add water to it to make it last.  Manu says the sauce is a bit watery and both Pete and Manu find the pork a bit dry.  Pete also says the vegies are refreshing.

The Mums – Jamaican jerk chicken with coconut rice.  They went quite well…but they had a bit of fire going on as well during serving.  Pete’s comment on the chicken “yum.”  Manu thinks it was a good use of the barbecue.

The builder’s choice…and the team getting a huge advantage at the next challenge is…Little Misses Posh…damn, shows what alcohol does to a man’s brain.

The team with the weakest dish…and going straight to sudden death is…Foodie Science Geeks.

Looks like the mums are going to have a moment on Sunday night at the food truck…poor things.


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