My Kitchen Rules…boys verses girls

Tonight we have The Twins against The Boys…and of course Little Misses Posh aren’t supporting The Twins and they’re happily laughing whilst the girls say that they need two brains tonight and not one brain.  Whilst the BFFs are very vocal in their support for the boys, and honestly I’m over it before the entrée is even on the table.

The Twins

Entrée – Mussels saganaki (feta, tomato, garlic sauce) with dill pita bread …oh dear one of the twins has cut themselves while opening the mussels.  But the poor girls are concerned about over or under cooking them.  Guy thinks the sauce is “Mama Mia.”  Blondie really likes the bread.  Pete thinks the mussels have been cooked to perfection.  Manu would have loved to see a bit more feta crumbled over the top.

Main – Baked Moussaka with Greek salad…the mince was done during the entrée as well as the potatoes.  The girls put eggs in the béchamel, which causes Little Misses Posh to turn up their noses.  The moussaka are in the oven and one of The Twins has named them all as she thinks of them all as her children with the amount of care she’s taking with them.  The teams have noticed how cool the girls are cooking today.  The girls think the salad looks a bit messy and of course Little Misses Posh find that funny…oh for goodness sake they need to give up the laughing and carrying on.  Say something nice for a change.  Better Homes and Gardens Girl thinks it is a good honest dish but too fatty on her mouth.  Blondie likes the oily bit.  Guy thinks it’s oily because of the eggplant.  Pete simply says “Yum!”

Dessert – Banana and Raspberry Cakes with sweet dukkah and citrus curd…can’t help but laugh when one twin puts the cakes in the oven and tells the other twin to remind them that the cakes are in the oven…I’m not sure what happened to having two brains.  The girls are worried that they didn’t show a lot of technique in their mains so they need to make the dessert perfect.  Little Misses Posh are screwing up their noses whilst the girls are busy putting the cream cheese over the cakes…I admit I’m a tad that way too, it is rather rustic.  The presentation is rather interesting.  The girls think the presentation is a let-down and they’re starting to doubt the whole dish.  Blondie doesn’t think it is worthy of an elimination, especially the cream cheese icing.  Better Homes and Gardens Girl thinks it is afternoon tea worthy.  Pete thinks it’s not a memorable dish.

The Boys

Entrée – Tuna Carparccio with Citrus and Soy dressing…it is the go to date dish…the BFFs ask why they have never had it made for them.  Hapless Harry is having trouble cutting the tuna, Manu tells us it is because he needs to wet the knife, Harry thinks it is because the tuna is too good.  Manu asks Harry what he’s doing for the dish and when Harry says that he puts raw garlic and that he knows that Manu doesn’t like raw garlic, then Manu tells him to really think about what he just said.  The boys have made garlic chips, but they think they’re over garlicking…um wake up and smell the garlic, it’s literally fried pieces of sliced garlic.  Blondie thought it looked gorgeous and the dressing is perfect.  Grumpy Judge also loves the dressing.  Better Homes and Gardens Girl says it’s not too simple as everything comes together on the plate.  Manu says the raw garlic isn’t a huge issue.

Main – Wagyu steak with béarnaise sauce and truffle chips…the boys think that seeing as they served a girly entrée that they need to serve a brontosaurus size steak so they get their manliness back.  The mums are freaking out while the meat is cut as they’re all uneven.  Manu has concerns about the bernaise and says he will kiss Christo if it is a good sauce (um Manu, we saw the preview last night…I’ll leave it at that).  Oh dear lord Harry’s considering cooking one steak at a time, kill me now, this is painful viewing for all concerned.  He normally cooks it medium rare, but as it is good quality steak he wants to cook it rare and is going for 2 minutes a side…oh god help me I’m concerned and confused, especially as he put them on when they’re not overly sizzling on the not super hot grill pan.  Pete’s looking at the boys cooking the steak and is concerned, Manu tells us that there is so much fat on the outside of the steak and it should be taken off or rendered.  Poor Harry is doing everything practically as Christo is still making the damn sauce.  It’s definitely a brontosaurus size steak…as the boys tell us it is bigger than their head.  The Twins are worried as the boys look so confident, I think they’re fine.  Better Homes and Gardens girl thinks the sauce is well done.  Grumpy Judge thinks the sauce is the best thing on the plate as the chips are soggy and the steak is raw.  Guy would send the steak back.  The other teams are worried about the raw fat on the steak.

Dessert – Espresso Crème Brulee and Panaforte…thankfully the hot part doesn’t make the eggs go weird and the boys get it in the oven.  The crème brulee is out of the oven, but buggered if we know if they’re set or not.  Brulee out of the fridge…brulee in the fridge…more confusion again.  The boys are busy using the blow torch on the brulee and Harry burns himself, then they think about putting some cocoa on top of the brulee…what the heck????  Are they mad???  Guy thinks the top is very thin when he’s cracking it.  Guy is disappointed.  Blondie thinks it has good flavour but is very runny.  Pete thinks it has good flavour, but that’s it.


Twins – Better Homes and Gardens Girl 6, Grumpy Judge 6, Guy 7, Blondie 7, Manu 7, Pete 7 giving a total score of 40 out of 60.

The Boys – Harry reminds Manu that he owes Christo a kiss after saying that he liked the Béarnaise sauce…and yes of course Manu kisses him on the cheek.  Better Homes and Gardens Girl 6, Blondie 6, Guy 5, Grumpy Judge 4, Manu 6,Pete 6 giving a total score of…and The Twins aren’t sure as they say that they can’t really count…but girls it’s okay as the boys scored 33.

The girls are in shock and Harry and Christo are still smiling and the BFFs are a bit teary on the sidelines and of course the cameras keep crossing to them.

Tomorrow the teams are cooking on a bbq for an entire construction site…and it looks like all the girls are getting a tad flirty with the tradies.


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