My Kitchen Rules…what came first, the chicken or the egg?

Tonight the teams are playing for big stakes…to go up against The Twins in sudden death…and I’m sure that all of Australia are going for Little Misses Posh to bugger the hell up…I know I will be.  As usual there are two cook offs.

The first is… “what came first the chicken or the egg?”  Two teams have to cook with chicken and two with egg, the boys and the Foodie Science Geeks want chicken and Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity and Little Misses Posh want eggs.  But I’m sure there will be the usual twists that MKR likes to throw in…oh thank you Manu, right as the teams are thinking about what to cook the twist comes in.  There’s direct cook offs, chicken v chicken and egg v egg, one from each food will cook again tonight and the tasting contestants are choosing the weakest dish.


Foodie Science Geeks – chicken two ways with Asian slaw, being poached chicken and deep fried chicken.  I’m confused about putting the batter for the fried chicken into the cream whipper aerator so that it is extra light…I’ll hold judgement for now.  Mind you there’s arguing over when to put the chicken in to poach, apparently half an hour left is way too early.  The judges are excited that the geeks are checking the chicken with a thermometer to ensure that they are all cooked evenly.  Oh hell…there are some people with raw fried chicken, but the poached chicken is good.  Pete says one piece of chicken was delicious and the other was disappointed and poor Geek boy looks slightly shocked when he hears most were undercooked.  Manu thinks the team should have focused on one type of chicken so that it was perfect.

The Boys (Hapless Harry and Christo) – chicken laksa with chicken in it and grilled chicken with five spice on top of it.  Christo tastes the laksa and almost burns his mouth out…just a tad hot.  There’s concern from some teams about whether or not the broth was tasted and poor Foodie Daughter is completely confused.  Pete likes the choice, but the laksa stopped him in his tracks for the wrong reason as the soup tasted very flat and had no flavour in it.


Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity – Thai egg nets with pork and prawn.  The other teams love the presentation, but think the egg isn’t the star and it’s bland.  The contestants are wondering what they did in 45 minutes and there’s a lot of smoked paprika, but the cous cous is quite nice.  Pete thinks the plates was presented gorgeously, but the eggs were bland.  Manu loved the flavour in the pork and prawn.

Little Misses Posh – Middle Eastern Quail eggs with cous cous, complete with a quail egg saffron aioli…strangely enough the aioli isn’t working.  God love The Twins “she’s travelled around the world, she would have had 1,000 aiolis she should be able to make one.”  Oh and the poor things are disappointed with their dish…oh well.  God love you Manu for asking if everything made the plate.  He also says there were inconsistencies between the eggs on the plates.  Pete asks if cous cous and a quail egg is enough.

The jury’s least favourite dish belongs to Little Misses Posh…yes they have to cook again!!! Happy dance time!!!

Pete and Manu’s least favourite dish belongs to The Boys…mmm The Boys against Little Misses Posh…this is a good match up to see who goes against The Twins tomorrow night.

Round 2 is chicken verses egg again…the boys doing egg, the girls doing chicken.

The Boys – tortilla espanola with brava sauce and chorizo…otherwise known as a Spanish omelette.  Nothing like a bit of runny egg and omelette on the floor when trying to flip your omelette between two frypans.  Pete says that a normal Spanish tortilla has a lot of onion cooked through it to get lots of flavour through it and surprise, surprise Manu loved the sauce most of all as it was full of flavour and intense.

Little Misses Posh – Japanese inspired poached chicken in a mushroom brother with crispy chicken skin…thankfully during cooking the girls realise it is a chicken challenge and not a broth challenge.  Manu tells the girls the broth was beautiful and the chicken breast was melt in the mouth, but the skin was a bit too crispy and started to turn slightly bitter.

The weakest team is…Harry and Christo….damn, bugger, crap…yeah not happy with that decision.

So tomorrow we have The Boys verses The Twins…can we keep both of them???  Also why is Manu kissing Christo???


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