My Kitchen Rules…vegetarian burger with pancetta…WTF???

The contestants all look nice and calm walking through Parramatta…then the food truck arrives…along with Grumpy Judge, however it appears that Flower Power Girl likes him.

Now let’s just remind everyone that the white apron team has won every food truck challenge so far.

The black team has Darling as head chef and Ditzy Darling as maître de.  The white team has Little Miss Positivity as head chef and Flower Power Girl as maître de and they’re wanting people to visualise their beautiful plate.

White team – god love Flower Power Girl, there’s no table numbers, she’s writing down the colour of the clothes they are wearing…yeah that’s not working really well.  Oh no…Flower Power Girl falls up the stairs with plates of salad…poor little chicken.  I’ll tell you though Little Miss Positivity is screaming the joint down when saying orders.

Entrée – Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity – twisted chicken caeser salad, with the twist being a scotch egg.  They’re making the scotch eggs and they’re all cacking and they’re throwing away their positivity, just like the rest of the team.  The girls are in major panic mode, so the boys decide help the “damsels in distress” by giving them a hand.  Pete and Manu both like the egg, Manu thinks it’s a good start, but surprise, surprise wants more dressing.

Main – The boys (Hapless Harry and Christo) – Angus beef burgers with fries with some pork in there to add extra fat and make it extra juicy.  Grumpy Judge is concerned as he only pays $5 for a burger…right now I would kill for a burger.  What the hell??? 6-8 chips per person…I’ll tell you now I definitely wouldn’t be happy with that.  Oh shite…the boys freak when they’re asked for vegie burgers and they’re not sure to start with, but do a bit of mushroom, lettuce and tomato and hope for the best.  Pete thinks it looks like it is from any takeaway shop and they both go in without cutting it.  Manu thinks it’s good but isn’t excited and thinks it isn’t good enough.  Oh shite…the vegetarian burger is served with pancetta on it…Grumpy Judge is definitely not happy…sorry Christo, autopilot is not an acceptable reason for that.  Pete thinks the chips are the highlight (that’s not a good thing boys).  Manu says it is not a food truck on the side of the street selling street food, it is a restaurant.

Main – Little Misses Posh – Open crab lasagne with pea puree and butter and sage sauce.  Grumpy Judge is concerned about the crab…no wonder as Little Miss Posh cut her hand on the first crab…oh god talk about funny when the second Little Miss Posh cuts her hand as well and can have reactions when being cut by shellfish…they’ve got a whole 15 serves done.  Grumpy Judge is peeved as “one has reactions to crab and the other can’t shell a crab”…seriously too funny!!  Oh dear the girls want to give up…now where’s the positivity darling girls???  “The truck feels like hell on wheels…with crabs,” I’m sorry, but why, why, why decide on that dish???  Just asking.  Manu is happy with the smell of butter, but thinks it was put together in too much of a rush.  Pete says the crab is lost in the dish.  Pete was excited by the thought of their dish prior to eating it and could only eat a couple of mouthfuls.  Little Misses Posh say they’re never cooking crab again in the competition or making pasta…yeah honey, we’ll wait and see.

Dessert – Foodie Science Geeks – fried apple pies with salted caramel…oh heck we’re going with experimental food again as it is a deep fried apple pie.  The dessert looks great, but looks aren’t the only thing that matter here.  Manu thinks it looks good and he really enjoys the evil richness about it with the crunchy pastry.  Pete thinks it is near perfect.  Manu said it was his dish of the day and Pete says it was restaurant style cooking.

Black team – Ditzy Darling thinks their menu is more refined and the white menu is for a younger customer.  As for Darling, she’s a tad too quiet and thinks she’s under control…let’s hope so.  Ditzy Darling is too busy chatting, when Darling needs a waiter and is too worried about yelling over the diners, good thin the mums aren’t afraid to yell out for him.

Entrée – Darling and Ditzy Darling – Spiced gazpacho with pink ling…I’m not sure what Ditzy Darling is doing to the cucumbers to remove the bitterness…then again neither is Grumpy Judge.  Actually Grumpy Judge doesn’t like his test taste of the gazpacho…silly Darling forgot to test taste her own dish, but tasted all the other dishes.  Manu thinks there’s too much vinegar and too much garlic.  Pete likes the fish, but not the soup, he thinks it is halfway there.

Main – The BFFs – middle eastern lamb with baba ganoush and flat bread.  The girls amazingly seemed to get through prep with no issues…or is it just that we didn’t see them very much.  Grumpy Judge thinks it’s a tad too strong in flavour and quite salty, the girls say too strong in flavour is better than not enough flavour and god love him for pushing them back in their box and telling them they’ve got attitude…thank you Grumpy Judge.  Manu loves the flavours and has nothing bad to say about it.  Pete thinks the baba ganoush is amazing.  Manu is glad there was finally a dish from them that wasn’t a dessert.  Pete thinks it is restaurant quality.

Main – The mums – pan seared swordfish with green curry and Vietnamese salad…the mums aren’t going well with portion sizes of the fish.  Manu thinks it looks pretty, Pete thinks it smells good.  Pete likes the curry sauce, Manu thinks it’s a bit sweet for him.  Pete says that every mouthful is a delight.

Dessert – Surfer Dads – ginger cake with caramelised peaches and spiced syrup…oh god…dad’s decided to put weight on the cakes to flatten them as he has no idea what to do as he’s not a dessert person.  Naturally the cakes aren’t coming out of the tin properly and they think they’re flat and dry…um you did put weight on them to flatten them and now you’re whingeing that they’re flat…okay I’m seriously confused.  To get them moister they add more syrup on them…yeah not sure about that.  Pete and Manu aren’t keen on the cake, but the flavours are great and working together and Manu thinks there’s too much syrup.  Manu said some of the plate was done well, but not all of it, and the sauce was very, very sweet.  Pete thinks their technique let them down

The winner is…the black team.

Tomorrow the white team think they’re doing classic things, until there is a MKR curveball…ummmmmmmm yes thanks!


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