Balls in the bush

Last night in the next town along from Country Town 2.0 was a ball held by one of the schools.

Given that we hold our own ball later in the year four of us decided to go over and make a night of it.

We took the one hour drive early in the afternoon, slightly later than planned, which meant that lunch was a pie from the servo in Country Town 2.0 as the cafe was already closed…not that there is anything wrong with that, the cheese, bacon and meat pie was actually pretty good.

So over we go, with a quick stop off to the supermarket as you have to take nibbles to the ball, but buy drinks there.  So we get cheese, dips and crackers…looking back we probably should have eaten a bit more before we went…and a couple of drinks.  Thank goodness Yellow bubbly comes in mini bottles.  Then decided coffee and cake was required as there was a place open in this town.

We had a few drinks and got ready, sticking fairly close to the theme of “black, white and a touch of green,” along with a few dramas as one of the girls had left her dress at home…an hour away, thank goodness another of her friends that had come over for the ball had two dresses.

As for me I went black…with no white and a touch of blue wearing this frock from Target.

Which is a dress, but looks like a skirt and top and is seriously comfy and was on sale for $30 which was a huge bonus when I got it a couple of weeks ago.

And these Hush Puppies shoes…given I’m a size 12 (Euro 44) shoe I don’t do heels all that well, or hardly ever and these were perfect given I was up dancing for a number of hours.

So off we go to the ball…4 Cinderellas and we find our table, get a few drinks, have some nibbles, do a lot of dancing and 3 of us lasted until the ball ended at about 1am…then with some others from Country Town 2.0 head to where there was apparently an after party…nothing like walking around a town you’ve hardly been to ever in the middle of the night.

Well the after party was a non-event.  So we decide we should probably head back to where we’re staying.  Thankfully in this town the police offer lifts home, which is great as it’s not a town with the best of reputations.  So the police arrive dropping people off at the non-event after party and we get a lift back…mind you it’s now close to 2am.

We get back to the house and the other person we went with wakes to let us in and we end up sitting up talking for another hour or so, mainly about the events of the night and that one of the girls and one of the police officers have a mutual friend and then we have a few hours sleep…and I do mean a FEW!!!  We’re all up by 7am, and I’ll tell you I was that tired, but was awake and just wanted more sleep, but was hot and bothered.

We go off for breakfast and for the first time in history I can’t finish my bacon and eggs, the eggs are covered in cracked pepper…NO, NO, NO and the bacon seemed extra salty.  Then we head back to Country Town 2.0 arriving back at 11am and then I get to drive the 35km back home where I collapsed into bed for the next 4 hours…then did some study and then had another 90 minute nap.

All in all a great night, even though the band was so loud, I think that made my head hurt more today than the bubbly that I had all night as I drank 5 bottles of water whilst at the ball as well.  The company was great.  The music went from ABBA to country and everything else, which was good.



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