My Kitchen Rules…Little Italy…

Not only are the teams required to cook Mediterranean food tonight…but they are also required to do it at the Norton Street Italian Festival which has 100,000 people attend each time with the winners chosen by the public and the losers through to sudden death chosen by Pete and Manu.  Poor Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest aren’t overly excited as they’re not usually doing that sort of food.

To make things more exciting the teams have to drive themselves and their stalls close in three hours from when they leave Kitchen HQ and there’s two teams in each car.  Oh dear lord Harry, Christo and Little Misses Posh are busy singing like they’re old Italian men…we do not want to see much more of that car.  Let alone the fact that Harry and Christo are getting a tad excited over the voice of the GPS unit…I mean seriously, it’s a computerised voice.

Funnier still is that they’re in a crowded deli with real paying customers and the place is falling apart, hell I’d be out of there quick smart…the employees don’t look overly happy.

Oh dear…the Twins are out of the shop and the Surfer Dads are at another deli and they’re taking a lot longer than the Twins…off to the markets…oh Harry and Christo have taken all the whitebait at a stall…no good that Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest want it, right after the boys have bought the whole lot…so they have to get whiting instead…now the boys have bought another ingredient that Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest want…this is actually quite funny.

Crud…the festival is packed…I’m not sure there’s bitumen between the people.  Funny thing is that Little Misses Posh think that because they’re the first there they will be the first to serve…um we’ll see!!!  The Mums and Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest seem to be taking forever which pleases Little Misses Posh no end…they arrive almost half an hour behind the others, leaving them only 90 minutes too cook and serve…not long.

God love that Pete and Manu think that the Foodie Science Geeks are crazy for making gnocchi…only about 1,500 gnocchi to make.  Oh no…the twins have to ditch the first batch of plenty…and naturally the Twins dish doesn’t excite Little Misses Posh…mind you they’re making dough very, very, very slowly and don’t think they need to hurry…um don’t forget you can start serving as soon as the food is cooked, no need to wait.

Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity are buggering up their risotto…the liquid is still there and the bottom is burnt, but they think there isn’t enough time to make another batch…thankfully it doesn’t taste burnt.  As for her circle of empowerment…well I found that today in the form of listening to Bon Jovi whilst working on a computer minus the cherubs.

The BFFs are attempting their chilli chocolate sauce…let’s just say that it is very, very chilli…yes darling girls the chilli is definitely evident.

An hour until the stalls closed and nobody has served a single dish…seriously how are people going to vote when there’s no food to eat.  Oh dear lord Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest and settled and excited and “feeling the Italian vibe”…help me please dear god help me.

The BFFs are the first team to serve with their churros, followed by Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest and the Boys, then Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity.  Everyone else is serving, except of course Little Misses Posh, who don’t even have a pizza in the oven…ohhhh still waiting for pizza, oh look, now it’s in the oven, but the poor people have to wait 15 minutes for them to cook.

Oh dear lord!!!  Pizza and surprise, damn surprise Little Miss Posh wants to eat it…oh baby, baby, baby you did cook it after all…they’re excited as one pizza makes 10 serves.  The girls would rather it slightly more cooked, but have decided to serve more as opposed to going for perfection…oh dear, that might kick up at the butt.

Plus Ditzy Darling is using his dad jokes as he turned the oven down…oh hell no…no more dad jokes, I’m begging.

The dads are worried about a big bloke…thinking he’s a mafia style man taking over their stall…they want to serve him quick smart so he’s out of their way…good think he loved their dish.

Time is up and Mummy Dearest actually looks messy with flower and batter on her…the lady of the manor has worked hard today.

Back to Kitchen HQ…and Pete saying that for the most part the dishes were outstanding.

Little Misses Posh – pizza with pear, pancetta and rocket.  Manu loves the flavour but thinks the pastry is not cooked.  Manu tells the girls that they nearly ran out of time, their pizza was wonderful, but the dough wasn’t cooked…Pete then give his advice, they need to take it as Pete has a pizza cookbook out.  Little Miss Posh is shocked as a little Italian old lady said it was perfect.

Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity –mushroom arancini with roasted capsicum and tomato sauce and Calprese salad.  Pete loves the arancini as he can taste the mushroom and it has a good bit of cheese and Manu likes that it has a bit of freshness on the side.  Pete tells them that arancini done well is addictive…and there’s was.  Manu was excited by the lots of sauce on the plate.

Hapless Harry and Christo – whitebait fritters with fennel and radish salad.  Manu and Pete think there’s a lot of batter and aren’t impressed with the fritter or the aioli.  Pete says that the three elements on the plate were mediocre to say the least.  Manu says the need to tweak it to give a complete dish.

The mums – Orzo alla marinara.  Manu thinks it has the flavours of the sea and Pete is loving the dish.  Pete tells the mums it was utterly, mouth-wateringly delicious.

BFFs – churros with chilli chocolate and a salted caramel sauce.  Pete thinks maybe the girls are going for a crowd favourite by doings a dessert.  Manu thinks the balance in the sauces is brilliant, but the churros are the star of the dish.  Manu says the girls were probably very clever making the only dessert, but they can’t win the competition only making dessert, but he loved it.  Pete says they’re sweet girls, but he’s seen enough desserts from them.

Surfer Dads – veal piadinas with veal ragu, rocket salad and mozzarella.  Manu thinks it’s a good idea.  Pete loves all the aspects of the dish, as does Manu.  Pete said it was his dish of the day and the dads are in shock.  Pete loves that sometimes the simplest things are the best.

Twins – Prawn and mushroom polenta balls with gorgonzola sauce.  Manu can’t taste the prawns and Pete thinks there’s not enough filling in the polenta.  Pete says it didn’t work and it was bland and Manu agrees.

Foodie Science Geeks – ricotta gnocchi with Neapolitana sauce. Manu thinks they’re nice and fluffy and Pete thinks they’re light and the sauce goes well with it.  Manu tells them it was simple but perfect.

Darling and Ditzy Darling – Pork belly with salsa verde and watermelon salad.  Both Pete and Manu like the flavours, but think the pork needs a little bit more cooking.  Pete says he wouldn’t have ordered it if he saw the title on the menu, but he was surprised and he likes to be surprised.

Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest – Fritto Misto with anchovy aioli and a fennel and rocket salad.  Pete loves the light batter and Manu loves the aioli.  Manu says the seafood was cooked to perfection and he loved the aioli and Pete says it screamed Italian to him.

People’s choice goes to…an ad break…was anyone surprised???  I’ll tell you I wasn’t!!  Finally the people’s choice is…Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest and I reckon you could knock Mummy Dearest over with a feather…she’s literally gobsmacked and the jaw has well and truly dropped.

The weakest dish…and going to sudden death is…The Twins…bugger…oh look Little Miss Posh cast them a nasty look, honey we did notice it.  Pete says that it was a tough decision and the girls are determined not to go home.

Next time we’re back at the food truck…with Darling against Little Miss Positivity in charge of the teams and Little Misses Posh peeved at the positivity from Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity…looks like fun!!


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