My Kitchen Rules…what’s in the fridge?

The black team from last night are cooking off tonight in Kitchen HQ.  MKR asked Australia through Facebook what’s in their fridge…the teams are getting the ingredients from someone else’s fridge.  The other teams are trying the food through a blind tasting like last week to save a team and Pete and Manu will also save a team.  They have 45 minutes to make a dish.

Little Misses Posh – salmon with potato rosti and asparagus and radish salad.  The teams think the salmon looks amazing, but some think it is underdone, the rosti is delicious.  Manu would choose undercooked over overcooked but their salmon was really, really pink.  Pete loved the presentation and the rosti.

Mr and Mrs Cheese – Herb crusted lamb rack, vegetable and haloumi stack and roasted tomatoes.  Some teams think it is nicely presented, but there are some inconsistencies with some of the meat being rather raw.  Pete thought the herb crust was great, but would have preferred the lamb rack cooked whole (strange that Mr Cheese wanted to do that…silly Mrs Cheese).  Manu had well cooked lamb, but the other elements weren’t great.

Surfer Dads – Crispy skin barramundi with rocket pesto, green peas, rocket and bacon…oh dear poor dad dropped the test piece on the floor…well no test-tasting that!  Teams think that the dish looks amazing and love the barramundi, but the combination is interesting, but there is something weird about the rocket pesto.  Pete thought the barramundi was cooked beautifully.  Manu couldn’t taste the rocket in the pesto.

The Twins – chicken roulade with mushroom sauce and zucchini salad.  The teams think it doesn’t look all that good and doesn’t taste great, the chicken is dry and the cheese isn’t great and it’s not a mushroom sauce.  Manu says the chicken was dry and the feta didn’t bring enough moisture.

Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest – Pork cutlets with balsamic apples and potato mash…it is quite funny when Mummy Dearest has a moment and throws out the good potato for the chips and not just the peel that she thought she was throwing away.  Then they thought there were 5 minutes left to plate…nope…a mere one minute…mad panic sets in.  Oh no mummy dearest is devastated.  Some of the teams think that it looks beautiful, but the pork is a bit dry, the apples are cooked well and the dish is well thought out.  Pete loved the apples and thought they worked well with the pork.  Manu thought the pork was a little dry.

The jury saved…Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest…and Mummy Dearest had a teary moment.

Pete and Manu saved…The Surfer Dads…because they loved the flavour of the dish.

The Showdown consists of The Twins, Little Misses Posh and Mr and Mrs Cheese with the weakest team facing Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity tomorrow night.  They have to use ingredients that are from either Pete’s or Manu’s kitchen with two crates of Pete’s and two of Manu’s to choose from.  Everyone wants Manu’s crate…however The Twins get shoved out of the way by Little Misses Posh.  They have 60 minutes to cook.

The Twins – baked snapper with eggplant and tomato ragu with a skordalia mash.  The girls put the fish in the oven with 30 minutes to go and the others are all concerned about that decision.  Suddenly the girls think the dish isn’t fancy enough so they decide to add some prawns.  Oh look the fish is over-cooked.  Thank goodness there’s enough time to cook more fish, be it a small piece.  Pete notices that the girls don’t have their usual confidence today and they have a teary moment as well and Pete thinks they were rushing.

Mr and Mrs Cheese – crispy skin duck with blood orange sauce, glazed carrots and cauliflower puree.  Mrs Cheese is having a crisis of self-confidence with the blood orange sauce and the sauce goes through all sorts of changes as it is too sweet.  Then in order to get crispy skin Mr Cheese manages to over-cook the duck.  Time is up and Mrs Cheese has an emotional teary moment.  Pete thought the skin on the duck was great, but the duck was slightly over-cooked.  Manu thought the sauce had a strange flavour.

Little Misses Posh – pan seared scallops with cauliflower puree and crispy bone marrow…oh and the cauliflower is a rather interesting colour.  Manu’s not sugar-coating it for the girls…oh crap he loved it and Little Miss Posh has a teary moment…yeah happy, not!!

The weakest team is… Mr and Mrs Cheese…they now go to sudden death against Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity.  The Twins are in complete and utter shock.


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