My Kitchen Rules…love, positivity and cheese.

So it’s the sudden death showdown cook-off between Mr and Mrs Cheese and Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity.

Entrée – The major talking point is the fact that god bless Flower Power Girl who puts on her Rainbow Brite happiness suit to help Mr and Mrs Cheese separate eggs as they’re struggling.  But Flower Power Girl is full of jokes “I’ve had worse splits that this…just talk to my ex.”

Mr and Mrs Cheese – twice baked guyere cheese soufflé with walnut, pear and rocket salad…well I have to say that it looks quite nice…I’m not a walnut liker myself, but I would give it a taste.  Grumpy Judge is missing the crunchiness of the cheese cooked on top…ohhhh dear a couple of judges and Manu are questioning where is the sauce????

Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity – Prawn and ricotta stuffed zucchini flowers and salad and lime mayonnaise.  The judges were after more mayo, but seemed to enjoy the dish.

Main – The girls are relatively calm…as for Mr and Mrs Cheese yeah that’s another story all together…they’re all over the shop stressing each other out big time.  The girls are focusing on making the dish look pretty as they were “born in these bodies”…um yeah, don’t get you but each to their own.  Then Mr Cheese is peeved as his beef is rare…poor bugger.  The girls are happy with what is on the dish, but not the presentation…well obviously tonight you can’t have your cake and eat it too…such up a bit of that positivity honey and motor on for dessert.

Mr and Mrs Cheese – Beef wellington with potato gratin and red wine sauce.  Better Homes and Gardens girl loves the gratin and the judges love the beef…well Mr Cheese will be knocked over with a feather when he hears that…the pastry however is slightly doughy, but at least they made it themselves.  The contestants on the other hand don’t like the beef.

Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity – Beef cheeks in red wine with cheesy polenta and brussel sprouts salad.  The meat goes down well with everyone, but Grumpy Judge doesn’t enjoy the blobs of polenta, then again neither does anyone else…they should have slopped a big pile of polenta down so all could enjoy it.

Dessert – Mrs Cheese has decided it is time to have fun as they might never cook there again…oh look the positivity is spreading all over the joint for a change…and nothing like a bit of bubbly from the girls for dessert…but now the girls are overly stressing.  Good thing the first crème caramel came out well…some don’t look quite as pretty though.  The girls start having a major stress moment in the last minute practically throwing Persian fairy floss on the dish and they think it looks awful…mind you they did say they needed 15 minutes to plate and had less than 10 minutes…it doesn’t look perfect and as I’m not a strawberry fan I’d be going the crème caramel…sorry.

Mr and Mrs Cheese – Crème caramel with spun sugar and edible flowers.  The judges think that it looks very pretty…yes well it’s about the taste, not the prettiness…blond judge loves it.  But Grumpy Judge and Better Homes and Gardens Judge got an overcooked one that was eggy and grainy.  The sugar basket is not seen all that well by the judges as it is caramel on top of caramel.

Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity – Strawberry shortcake stacks.  Better Homes and Gardens girl loves it, Grumpy Judge thinks it is very small and Guy thinks it’s a good high tea dish where that was one option, but doesn’t think it’s enough for a dessert.

Oh dear…Flower Power Girl has decided that her and Little Miss Positivity are good people and that Mr and Mrs Cheese are also good people and this sort of thing does not happen to good people…so maybe there will be a twist to save them…oh honey, honey, honey…so sweet and innocent.


Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity – Better Homes and Gardens girl 7, Guy 6, Blonde judge 6, Grumpy Judge 6, Pete 7, Manu 7…total score of 39

Mr and Mrs Cheese – Better Homes and Gardens girl 6, Guy 6, Blonde judge 6, Grumpy Judge 5, Pete 7, Manu 7…total score of 37.

Ohhhhhhhhhh Mr and Mrs Cheese are going back to the farm…you would have thought that Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity were going home seeing as they’re that upset and now they think they can’t let Mr and Mrs Cheese down…oh Flower Power Girl you honestly need to start worrying about yourselves for a change.

Oh look…the next task is pizza and Little Misses Posh look like they have trouble as they seem to be very behind the serving time…….please, please, please…I don’t ask for much!



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