My Kitchen Rules…food truck

The food truck has rolled into Melbourne tonight, home of the Twins and Hapless Harry and Christo.  Turns out that the Surfer Dads are the only team that haven’t cooked on the food truck before.  The truck is in the arts area of Melbourne and surprisingly enough it is an area of Melbourne that Hapless Harry and Christo haven’t been.  Plus Grumpy Judge is here again tonight with the truck.

Yet again we’re doing a restaurant and Grumpy Judge wants different teams in charge this time, plus Darling and Ditzy Darling get their prize…to pick their entire crew and their dream team for the competition, they choose the BFFs, The Boys, The Mums and Foodie Science Geeks.  Leaving our dream pairing of The Twins and Little Misses Posh on the same team.  However they have Christo as head chef and Harry and maître de.

On the other team they’re putting up the Surfer Dads as head chef and maître de, not that they’re really happy about that.

White team

Appetiser – The boys (Hapless Harry and Christo) – Chilled Cucumber Soup with scallop ceviche, using Harry’s mum’s recipe and he’s been told by his mum that if he f’s it up not to come home.  Manu and Pete think the presentation is a bit dull and beige and the flavours are subtle and refreshing.

Main – Foodie Science Geeks – Asian spiced sirloin with umami broth and pak choi.  The first steaks are looking rather under while the chicken is ready to go to the table.  Manu loves how the beef has been cooked, but thinks the broth kills it and Pete finds it very confusing.

Main – Darling and Ditzy Darling – crispy fried chicken with peanut vermicelli salad…unfortunately their first chicken is raw…thankfully Grumpy Judge notices this during preparation time.  Pete thinks the chicken is brilliant, but the noodles are just a filler to the dish.

Dessert – BFFs – orange syrup cake with caramelised pineapple and crème fraiche.  Pete likes the look of it.  Manu likes the light, fluffy, full of flavour cake and Pete thinks it’s the way to finish a meal in his book.  Pete says “I’ve got one thing to say…why…” and the poor girls are stressing.  He goes on to say “Y-U-M, that is dish of the day” and the girls are so relieved.

Dessert – The Mums – sake poached pear with ricotta fritter and zabaglione…not great that the pears are still quite hard when the first guests arrive.  There’s a problem that the fritters are being cooked to order and they take 7 minutes each time, which is seriously annoying the BFFs as their food is ready, which in turn annoys the mums.  Pears start coming back as they’re too firm, they think they need a knife to eat them and they think they’re letting the group down…um yep, looks like it girls.  Manu thinks it looks so pretty that he doesn’t want to touch it, but that the pear is a bit hard.  Pete thinks it looks beautiful but doesn’t deliver on the flavour.

Black team

Appetiser – Surfer Dads – beef carpaccio with celeriac remoulade…Manu thinks the presentation is beautiful and it’s a good start.

Main – Mr and Mrs Cheese – dukkah crusted salmon with green leaves and roasted beetroot and poor Mr Cheese struggles taking the skin off the salmon.  Poor Mr Cheese is getting stressed as his salmon isn’t going out when it is meant to with the lamb.  Oh dear, some salmon is sent back because people want it cooked more, and more is sent back, and even more.  Even Grumpy Chef thinks it’s not even near cooked, that it’s essentially raw.  Thankfully Grumpy Chef gives Mr Cheese a pep talk.  However Pete and Manu think the salmon is on the edge of being over cooked and could have had 30 seconds less.

Main – Little Misses Posh – fillet of lamb with Israeli Couscous and Persian goat’s cheese cigar…and yes travel was mention, surprise surprise…not!  Then the girls burnt the sauce because they weren’t watching it and they used pomegranate cordial in it as they couldn’t get enough fresh pomegranate, all this with 5 minutes to go…yep, time to change ideas for sauce.  Better still Colin thinks the lamb is raw…no good when the first salmon are ready and Little Miss Posh is too busy singing while cooking.  Pete likes it, Manu likes the flavours and the marinade on the lamb.

Dessert – The Twins – lemon curd loukoumades with honey thyme syrup, otherwise known by surfer dad as “look at your mother” as he can’t pronounce loukoumades, but the twins are getting stressed and annoyed with each other.  One of the twins burns her hand in the oil, so can’t cook them anymore, but the other twin struggles to cook them.  Some loukoumades comes back from a Greek lady who didn’t like the lemon curd and changes to having a tart, which annoys The Twins no end.  Manu thinks it looks very sweet before he even starts to eat it.  However he likes the loukoumades and Pete loves the lemon curd in it.  Pete can’t manage three, but enjoys one.

Dessert – Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest – macadamia tartlets with caramelised apples.  Naturally Foodie Daughter is taking over and being a control freak and yelling at mummy dearest.  Manu says technically there’s nothing wrong, Pete thinks it’s way too sweet.

The winners are…the white apron group…meaning the black apron group have to cook off against each other at Kitchen HQ.


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