My Kitchen Rules…school yard games

Tonight we’re off to the school ground…and yes there are teachers in the ranks (as well as this one watching).  The Surfer Dads are both teachers as is Flower Power Girl.

The task is to feed 200 hungry children.

Naturally Little Miss Posh thinks that Flower Power Girl has an advantage being a home ec teacher…yeah, hate to disappoint you, that doesn’t mean she teaches kids to cook what they want to eat.  But the winners get a huge advantage and they’ve only got 90 minutes before the cherubs all arrive.  Oh and the food also has to be healthy.

Mind you I’m slightly concerned about the number of teams hiding lots of vegies…I hate to tell you I know a lot of kids that like vegies.

Little Miss Posh gets scared by the children, and manages to compare it to being in Jumanji…honey they’re children, not elephants.

Surfer Dads – Crunchy snapper with grilled zucchini fritters (well I like the sound of it).  Pete and Manu both enjoy the fritters and Pete’s lovin’ the fish and Manu thinks it is a very clever idea with moist fish and it’s the crunchiest fish Pete’s ever had.

Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity – pizza pinwheel with root vegetable chips…sounds nice…their prep was rather horrible as well, sticky dough, weirdly cooked pinwheels…poor things there’s not many kids going over to them.  Finally some kids make their way over to the girls.  I’m concerned about the 2 dandelion wishes and wishing on the eyelashes this morning, but hey, each to their own.  Pete and Manu think the dish was a bad decision.  Pete thinks it’s 90% dough and 10% topping and was poorly executed.

Little Misses Posh – Turkey Nachos with spelt chips and barbecued corn salsa…well Little Miss Posh isn’t liking the kids being up in her grill.  Pete says it tastes delicious and Manu enjoys the meal.  Pete says the girls had the dish of the day and the twins are concerned with head swelling.  Manu thought they understood what was asked of them.  The girls think they have dish of the day…um sorry my dear just wait and see, it is kids’ choice remember.

Mr and Mrs Cheese – chicken nuggets with sweet potato chips and corn on the cob (I’m really liking the sound of this…covers all of my comfort food requirements)…however in saying that their prep time did not go very well with super slow cutting of chips and then burning a heap of them and Mrs Cheese losing it a tad at Mr Cheese.  Oh dear lord they had kids rapping while they were waiting for their nuggets.  Pete and Manu think the chips are burnt and the nuggets dry as they were made from the breast, Manu was disappointed as the technique wasn’t the best.

Hapless Harry and Christo – Lamb pita pockets with freckles (which are battered, deep fried pickles).  Well for a change they didn’t have any major sagas.  Pete and Manu enjoy the freckles.  They think the lamb is overcooked and the boys are lazy for using store bought pita bread.  Manu says the boys had been improving, but today took a step back as they didn’t push themselves.

The Twins – chicken burgers with spinach balls (with the burgers packed with vegies)…well one of the twins tastes the spinach balls early on and hates the taste of them…but changed her mind after they were altered.  God love their decision not to put a skewer through the burger, they’re worried the kids might stab each other.  Pete comments that the spinach balls are more disc like and he’s even managed to screw up his face as it tastes like flour.

BFF’s – mini cottage pies with sour cream pastry…they realised after they started that it was hot and pastry wasn’t really the best idea.  Pete and Manu think there’s too much pastry for the amount of meat.  Pete says the pastry was to die for.

Foodie daughter and mummy dearest – beef and apple sausage rolls with fruit skewers (mum wants to make it a lunch box lunch)…oh dear daughter and mummy dearest are in shock that the kids are so polite…darling that’s how kids are these days.  Pete and Manu like the sausage roll, but they don’t know about the pineapple and strawberry on the side.  Manu says the sausage roll was beautiful and the fruit was very confusing.

The Mums – potato gnocchi with cheese bolognaise (with about 50% vegies in the bolognaise).  Pete and Manu enjoy the gnocchi but think there’s not enough seasoning.

Darling and Ditzy Darling – fish fingers with a roast potato salad.  Oh dear lord Ditzy Darling is trying to recruit kids with dad jokes.  Pete and Manu like the dish.  Pete says it was gorgeous and Manu loved that the fish fingers were baked and not fried.

Foodie Science Geeks – soft shell beef taco.  Pete thinks the beef is tender, but not very flavoursome and needed more and shouldn’t be held back as the kids are eating it and is chalk and cheese when compared to Little Misses Posh meal.  Pete loved the tortilla.

The children’s choice is…Darling and Ditzy Darling…well done…not that they find out their advantage until the next challenge.  Not surprisingly Little Misses Posh aren’t exactly happy with the result.

The team going straight through to sudden death is…Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity.  Manu tells them that frankly it was a disappointment.

On Sunday the truck is rolling into Melbourne and apparently the twins and Little Misses Posh are on the same team…ohhhhhh this is going to be fun!!!


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