My Kitchen Rules…Naughty Nana and Pop against Darling and Ditzy Darling

Given that I’m completely exhausted today I’m not going to write too much about tonight’s show…possibly because I ended up laying down on the lino floor at about 6:45 and managed to doze off for a while before the show started…and yes I do mean the lino floor, I was that exhausted I needed to doze anywhere.

Entrée – Darling and Ditzy Darling – Singaporean Chilli Soft Shell Crab…oh they’re on the full Darling road today…enough darling each other already please, I’m begging.  It appears that the crab and the chilli sauce are well liked by all, but the deep fried bun is rather tragic.  It was nice to see them go back to their heritage for their cooking…or more accurately venture to their heritage for a change as we haven’t seen that really much before now.

Entrée – Naughty Nana and Pop – prawn and avocado tart…the base is a tragedy and god love Little Misses Posh getting off on the use of store bought bread, I’m seeing a pot and a kettle right now ladies.  Plus nana has learnt how to measure in a cup and not just throw anything in the pot.

Main – Darling and Ditzy Darling – pork belly with quail’s eggs and Asian greens…mind you there’s 46 quail’s eggs to peel and Ditzy Darling is not in a big hurry doing it…and dear god he’s making dad jokes about finishing it and being “eggstatic and eggzuberant” thank goodness Darling put her head in her hands in shame over his carrying on.  The poor things aren’t feeling confident about their meal, yes it is not the prettiest of dishes.  Everyone agrees the pork is cooked beautifully but it needs some more flavour and the sauce needs more of a kick.

Main – Naughty Nana and Pop – spiced lamb shank with green beans and sweet potato and carrot puree.  Apparently that’s a bit too old school for Little Miss Posh, well honey I’m sure that lamb shanks have made a major fancy meal comeback the last few years.  Plus Pop decided it’s too much like hard work to use the drum sieve for the puree.  But there is no point stressing in the last 30 seconds about not enough sauce, it’s too late then nana.  Yet again everyone agrees the meat is cooked beautifully.  Thankfully Guy thinks that a puree doesn’t necessarily need to be smooth.  Funnily enough Pete is after more sauce

Thankfully both teams are working on their desserts whilst completing main course…a bit of forward planning for a nice change.

Dessert – Darling and Ditzy Darling – coconut filled pandan crepes…oh look Little Miss Posh asked why the pancakes were green , I’m guessing you’ve never had Pandan anything in the over 42 countries you’ve been to honey.  Mind you Darling using four pans at a time to make crepes is damn impressive in my opinion, even if she is burning her fingers.  Poor Darling looks like you can knock her over with a crepe she’s that buggered, poor love.  Cranky Pants is shocked by the sauce as it wasn’t sweet and most of the judges like it.  But Pete is not enjoying it, the sauce is overly salty and the rest is overly sweet and the marriage doesn’t work for him.

Dessert – Naughty Nana and Pop – sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce and ice-cream.  The poor cakes weren’t looking all that great when they were taken out of the oven…but they somehow came back from the brink of cake disaster.  Even Nana’s having a teary…hold it together ladies.  The pudding is soft and fluffy according to all, but poor Cranky pants is thinking it’s too sweet with sweet ice-cream and sweet sauce.

Judges’ scores –

Naughty Nana and Pop – Guy 6, Better Homes and Gardens girl 6, blondie 5, Cranky Pants 5, Manu 6, Pete 7, scoring 35 out of 60

Darling and Ditzy Darling – Cranky Pants 6, Blondie 7, Guy 7, Better Homes and Gardens girl 7, Manu 7, Pete 7 scoring 41 out of 60.

Ohhhh Naughty Nana and Pop are going home…they’ve provided plenty of laughs and her farewell speech to Darling and Ditzy Darling is a tad cute.

Tomorrow apparently we’re meeting the worst nightmare of Little Misses Posh with them cooking for kids who are brutally honest about their food….oh yes please, nothing like a cherub in a mood.



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