My Kitchen Rules…the arrival of the food truck

I’ll preface this post by saying I’ve travelled about 2,000km since Friday afternoon.  I went from Country Town 2.0 to Sydney and back, driving 420km each way and flying the other part for a whole 24 hours in Sydney, just to watch a rugby game as you do…well you do when you’re me.  Plus I was up at 4:30am Saturday and 4:45am today…no sleep in this weekend.

So tonight we’re at Cronulla Beach for the start of My Kitchen Rules.  Tonight they’re running a restaurant for “real paying customers.”  There’s going to be two groups and Little Misses Posh have said they’re with the “no ego group”…ummmm darlings you may think it is the no ego group, but you are in it you realise.

The guests are to pay what they think the meal is worth…ummmmmmmmm that will be fun.  Simple premise, you group earns the most money you’re safe from elimination.

Now the food truck has arrived…you know they could have made it a lot more interesting and made it the food road-train, I mean we are in Australia after all.  God love Flower Power Girl “What the absolute truck?”  I’m not sure about Pete’s face on the truck though, apparently it is a sexy face according to Little Miss Posh.  Mind you the truck looks like it belongs in transformers as things are popping out in all directions and Harry can’t keep his mouth shut, actually neither can Christo.  “Get trucked” is their response.

Oh heck, crank judge is back…Colin jumps out of the truck.  One of the Little Misses Posh has the hots for him (personally I have a thing for Pete) and Flower Power Girl is scared of the red hot fiery Irishman.  God love that Pete tells Colin not to break the contestants before leaving.

Each team has to prepare an appetiser, two main courses and two desserts and have to have a head chef and maître de.  Foodie Science Geeks are the ones in charge so they get the appetisers.  On the other team the Twins are the ones in charge.

They have 90 minutes before the paying customers arrive.  I so want that truck though, between the kitchens in them and the pantries in them…I’m needing it.  Flower Power Girl has proclaimed the white aprons to be like angels and the black aprons to be like the grim reaper…oh dear lord.  Naughty Nana thinks that the Twins have major princess head swell going on, nana nana nana they’re in charge.  Let them have their moment.

Foodie Daughter is getting pushy with mummy dearest again…give her a break love.

I’m loving the twins…checking on everyone, god love them.  The mums are stressing about the pork as it’s the nonna’s recipe…but they’re fiddle farting around with tying the pork belly and he’s thinking it’s a waste of time as it will fall apart at the end anyway.  Colin’s worried about them and tells the twins, but they think all is good.  At least they’re using the pressure cooker.  Oh no, Colin’s worried because the white beans aren’t cooked and aren’t prepped.  He’s riding the mums pretty hard, with very good reason.  He keeps reminding them that he’s there to help them and get through.  If only they would listen.

Naughty nana and pop are making rack of lamb with vegies and I’m liking the sounds of that.  Pop’s getting nervy and nana’s getting on him about carrying on.  Go nana.

Oh dear…Harry and Christo are flirting big time tonight…the mum’s on one side and the BFFs on the other.  The BFFs are thinking they’ll get it all made before service and they’ll be able to put it together as they need to…I’m thinking Flirty Harry may get in their way if he doesn’t watch out.

Colin’s back screaming at Head Chef twin…would be good if the others actually listened to her.  He tells the mums to take the pork off, there’s no more time to waste on waiting for it…amazingly the pork is cooked, but then they go and put the lid back on, much to Colin’s disappointment.

Foodie Science Geek boy is lost and confused, so Foodie Science Geek girl gets Flower Power Girl to help her…then in the other team Harry and Christo are attempting to help the BFFs…and I do mean attempt…they decide to whip their cream, but they over-whip it leaving the poor girls with none so they have to share their cream with the girls.

5 minutes remains in prep and it’s all slightly chaotic.  Little Misses Posh are running behind, no salad is ready, the sauce isn’t ready and they finally ask for help…bless Foodie Daughter, she steps up, aren’t you a sweetie???

Now Harry’s showing the girls how to use the blow torch on the girls’ meringues and proceeds to burn the tips of them…seriously Harry, what’s doing?

Colin says he’s feeling panicked, so does Mr Cheese, Colin says he doesn’t looked panicked…god love Mr Cheese he lifts up an arm and shows Colin his sweaty armpits…nothing like a country boy.

The black team makes a good start…then the black team…however Foodie Science Geek boy is not very loud…even his missus is not hearing him when she’s standing right in front of him.

Pete and Manu start with the white team’s appetiser and think the tuna is seared well, then have the black team’s prawn cocktail and think the prawns are cooked well but it needs a pinch of salt.  Naughty Nana and pop are run off their feet…the mums haven’t got any orders, so they’re just standing around…yeah not a good look ladies.

Somehow Little Misses Posh are back on track and they’re serving things at the same time as Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest, on the condition that the steak is medium rare…then someone asks for a medium steak and not a medium rare steak, strange about that…non everyone wants steak how you want to cook it my darling.

Poor nana’s getting over stressed and the lamb is coming out a tad too raw for some people…and Colin’s getting up the head chef twin as a dish has been sent back with a raw piece of lamb on it.  Nana’s getting peeved with Twinnie head chef, but she’s got a point, poor twinnie is badgering them.

Little Miss Posh you can screw up your nose all you like, but if the customer wants a well done steak, they should get a well done steak, even if it is putting Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest out of sync and stressing them out about their food getting cold.

Now there’s complaints about the pork as it’s braised and doesn’t have crispy skin and the people want crispy skin…so the mums decide to crisp up the skin on the pork…I have to say it looks a lot nicer that way.

Pete and Manu enjoy the pork as it is flavoursome, Moorish and melts in your mouth.  Then onto the lamb, Pete thinks it’s a bit overcooked, but tender and isn’t sure how it all works together…it’s one extreme to the other.

Foodie Science Geek boy is having troubles with all of the timing, the fish is cold, the steak’s not ready as the two teams aren’t talking to each other and nothing is going out on any plates.

Manu’s onto the surf and turf and has a medium/rare-medium steak and is surprised that it works with the steak…well he isn’t Australian, so we’ll forgive him for that.  Pete’s enjoying how well the trout is cooked and it has crispy skin.

Onto desserts…the ganache dessert from Mr and Mrs Cheese looks nice with the ganache nice and firm.  I’m not sure about the presentation of the deconstructed tart, it’s in a “messy way” and now their girls are worried they’ve bitten off more than they can chew as they’re taking a long time to plate up their dish and strangely enough the timing is out of sync again.  Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity are starting to niggle with each other…too funny.

Oh dear…Twinnie has confused Hapless Harry…with numbers.

Pete and Manu like the look of the girls’ dish.

Oh dear…someone found a hair in their dessert and sent it back…a blonde hair from Flower Power Girl or Little Miss Positivity…Foodie Science Geek decides to yell it to the girls as opposed to going over and telling them, so all the customers can hear.

Manu’s concerned by the ganache dessert…says you can’t serve just ganache on a biscuit, it needs to be married to something else.  Then he says that the girls’ dish looks “like the tart fell on the floor, they picked it up and put it back on the plate.”


White team

Appetiser – seared tuna nicoise – Foodie Science Geeks…Pete thinks it was a great way to start off the menu.

Main 1– Crispy skin ocean trout with lentils and salsa verde – Foodie Daughter and Mummy Dearest…Pete thinks when it is cooked well it is one of the best fish out of the ocean and they did it justice.

Main 2 – Surf ‘n’ turf – eye fillet with prawns and twice cooked chips – Little Misses Posh…Manu says it’s not something he would order himself, but a good idea given the customers and the steak was cooked to perfection and his hat is off to them for cooking that many steaks.

Dessert 1 – chocolate ganache and shortbread stack – Mr and Mrs Cheese…Manu loves ganache and it was to die for, but one spoon was enough for him.

Dessert 2 – deconstructed lemon and raspberry tart – Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity…Pete loved the lemon curd, but it didn’t look very good at all on the plate.


Black team

Appetiser – Prawn cocktail – The twins…Pete thinks it was a very clever way to start off the menu given the location, but he wasn’t keen on it being in a glass as it was tricky to eat.

Main 1 – Braised pork belly with white bean ragu and salsa verde – the mums…Manu…the pork was yum as it was melting in the mouth.  Pete says it is the kind of food he loves to eat, home cooking at its best, using the produce to its best.

Main 2 – Rack of lamb with roasted cherry tomatoes and mint sauce – Naughty nana and pop…Pete…it was a classic combination but he wasn’t wowed as it was a little over-cooked.

Dessert 1 – flourless chocolate torte with macerated berries – Victorian boys…Manu loved the macerated berries the best.

Dessert 2 – lemon and lime citrus meringue crumble – BFFs…Manu was confused until he tasted it and then it all made sense and there are plenty of squeals for the BFFs.

The winners are…the White team.

Next time…the black team have to go head to head to see who is going through to the elimination service…and there is a jury who can save any team they wish.  Not sure who they are but one of the BFF’s had a jaw drop.


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