My Kitchen Rules…off to the manor

We’re off to the manor in Walcha…so much for them originally saying that they lived in another W named town…good they’re further than 100km from Country Town 2.0…and as for being lady of the manor…well honey I’m custodian of the manor that is out of Country Town 2.0 and I think that is much better than being lady of the manor…someone needs to be in charge if you ask me.

Oh honey, honey, honey…why are you swearing in the butchers????  I liked that he scared the bejesus out of you by saying that there’s no scotch fillet…such a good butcher.  That’s definitely not as upper-class as mummy dearest is.  There was no running in Coles though…just when they got home.  I love that Little Misses Posh are expecting CWA hoity-toity.  Um there’s a thing such as too many flowers, and I think that we may be reaching that.

Oh dear…Foodie Mum swore…I’m getting worried now.  Got to love that Foodie Daughter said her mother was turning into The Captain and wanted to know where her sailor’s cap was…poor mummy dearest said for her to wash her mouth out…then the poor girl questioned the pastry.  I think we can knock mummy dearest over with a feather.

No, no, no…I wouldn’t be enjoying that lamb with the orange and marmalade in the marinade…no thanks, not for me.  “Oh my goodness the chips”…I feel like I’ve been sent back in time with the chips being over tanned.

The guests are arriving and The Captain is wondering if they killed their own lamb for the night and Little Misses Posh are worried it will be full of beige entertainment.  Foodie Daughter is concerned about her garlic hands for when she hugs people and why on earth do they have a different doorbell to everyone else????  Just a small question.

Then in real country motherly style Mummie Dearest gives everyone a glass of water after Foodie Daughter says for everyone to help themselves to a drink.  Well that didn’t go down well with Little Misses Posh.

At least Pete and Manu are getting a thrill out of the doorbell…Foodie Daughter is slightly overwhelmed and excited at the same time.   The Captain thinks the menu is classic country with a few modern twists.

Entrée – Seared Scotch fillet with eggplant caviar, fennel chips, baby herbs and homemade aioli.  The meat is being served rather raw and cold as apparently it is easier to cut when it is cold.  The two of the are questioning each other and now Foodie Daughter has taken control…”It’s my way or the highway”…for goodness sake they’re drizzling olive oil over the top of the dish to moisten the meat…what the???  The poor Captain is flabbergasted as nothing is cooked on the plate.  Poor Manu has a huge sip of water straight away and the ladies think they’ve over-seasoned the dish.  He asks if they are happy…Foodie Daughter says she is but asks if he is happy.  He has a few small critiques, but is happy.  Pete thought it was presented simply and elegantly and loved the fennel chips except there weren’t enough and poor Foodie Daughter is in shock “really?” oh honey, yes he said really.

Main – Walcha Lamb Lion with potato galette, beetroot, asparagus and orange and mint sauce.  The potato galettes are being done individually and the poor daughter is struggling.  The Captain thinks that it takes 24 hours for Trophy Wife to cook a potato galette as you have to put it in the fridge and so on and so forth.  I’m thinking there’s a senior moment going on.  The lamb is being done individually and Foodie mum is counting to know how long to cook them and Foodie Daughter is stressing out and thinking she’s driving her mother insane…um yep.  Manu comes in and Foodie Daughter is stressing even more.  Manu’s questioning the sauce though…yes well so am I.  Poor Flower Power Girl is confused by the names of Little Misses Posh, don’t worry honey I have no idea which is which, hence the name Little Misses Posh.  Oh look the meat is very very pink…and rather raw…I’m not thinking I would enjoy it too much.  Such a shame the dish looks RSL like when being plated, just put it on the plate and serve it before the vegies are stone cold.  The meat looks a tad too raw for Little Miss Posh who enjoys rare meat.  Pete think the meat is a tad too raw, but it is very tender and the asparagus is salty and seasoned, but not the meat and he loved the potato, but wanted more.  Manu’s not looking overly happy….oh crap, he didn’t enjoy the sauce and The Captain is struggling not to laugh…he thinks the sauce is like pouring sugar over a limp piece of meat.  The Captain thinks the dish is a waste of a nice piece of lamb.

Dessert­ – petit apple lattice pies with spiced crème anglaise.  What’s with the egg whites all over the top of the pies???  Poor Daughter thinks the crème anglaise  is too sweet, mum likes it.  What a shame the egg whites are stuck all over the pastry.  The Captain believes mummy dearest missed her nana nap…bad dad joke and Flower Power Girl is having an “oh my Lady Gaga” moment.  But The Captain and Trophy Wife think it’s a whack of pie and not a petite pie.  Pete thinks they have delivered perfection and it blew him away and the pastry dissolved in his mouth.  Manu loves the savoury pastry as it was holding itself.  Oh Mommie Dearest and Daughter are smiling like nobody’s business as Pete says it was the best dessert of the competition so far.  Foodie Science Geeks love the dessert.  Little Miss Posh wanted more wow and less pleasant as her nan does pleasant.  Little Misses Posh want The Captain and Trophy Wife to stay for strategic reasons as they’re not the best cooks.


Wait there were no scores announced…just that they will see us back in Kitchen HQ and then an ad break…come on people…we need the scores!!!  Ohhhhhh the judges are scoring first tonight…they need to beat 27 to stay in.


Entrée – Pete 9, Manu 9

Main – Manu 6, Pete 7…um bugger the rest of the scores they’re safe already

Dessert – Pete 10, Manu 10

Contestants – combined score of 38….they got 89…and they’re on top of the leader board…umm what did they score them individually???

Bye bye Captain and Trophy Wife.


Oh look there’s a food truck…looks like fun.


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