My Kitchen Rules…Instant restaurants are over…now we’re in to Kitchen HQ!!

A big breakfast for the first major challenge…for a huge crowd, at peak hour at the biggest train station in Australia, Central Station, Sydney.

Oh look Darling and Ditzy Darling are back and Darling is over-excited as she’s from Sydney, oh honey that doesn’t mean that you’ll go great.  The public is voting and the weakest team is through to sudden death.  With the stalls opening at 8am.

Strangely enough Coles has gone insane…thank goodness there’s not many others there to dodge the trolleys.  There’s nothing like going on the train with your Coles bags… Mr and Mrs Cheese are in the lead and Little Misses Posh have no idea where to go, but god love Little Miss Positivity who sings out to them across the station.

Pete and Manu are at the station at 6:10 when Mr and Mrs Cheese arrive first.  Heaven help us that the SA mums literally stop a train.  Oh look…Hapless Harry is completely confused as usual.  But Naughty Nana’s there with him.  Foodie Geeks are going out there with their idea again…bacon jam, they’re not sure how well people will like it.  The boys are still travelling…not rushing in the slightest.  Oh dear Naughty Nana is stressing as dear old pop bought the wrong cheese and she’s already resigned herself to sudden death.

Darling and Ditzy Darling reminisce that they met at Central Station, focus on the eggs and the 62 degrees you want them cooked at…oh look, the Food Science Geeks are the same over their pot.

Gee I was wondering where Foodie Mum and Daughter were…they were missing during the Coles racing, can’t work up a sweat or go on a train obviously.  Little Misses Posh have upped the last 10/10 dish from 3 hatted to 5 hatted…the things that happen with a gap in time.

Poor BFF’s the pancake batter is a bit dodgy and they have to throw it out…honey I’m not a pancake person but I can whip up some decent pancakes.  The surfy dad’s have a huge tub of ricotta, and they’re offering it to Naughty Nana and Pop…Nana doesn’t want it, but god love the dads…they pass a huge chunk over.

The boys are doing bite sized toasties…um I’m not overly sure how much cooking that has especially when Hapless Harry cuts himself while cutting the bread.

Are friands still called friands when they’re cooked in muffin tins??? I’m curious.  Foodie Geeks have had their eggs in the pot for 45 minutes and they’re still practically raw and they’re freaking out about the thermometer…strangely enough Ditzy Darling and Darling have the same problem.  Both have their eggs ready in time.

Time is up…breakfast is served and in the words of Harry before the ad break “Oh shiver me timbers.”  The boys can’t keep up with the demand for their toasties as the first ones go so quickly, now they say if will be 10 minutes until more are ready…oh deary me of me.

Foodie Daughter has started talking slowly to tell people what all the parts of the dish are…what the???

Ditzy Darling won’t stop screaming and banging pots…oh please!!

Mr and Mrs Cheese run out of food quickly.  Oh no, poor Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity, the friands are gone, the food’s in the oven, so Flower Power girl is offering free hugs.

The BFFs notice a lot of inconsistancies and think they’re not all cooked properly.  Naughty Nana is flirting and giving food to the best looking blokes first.  The second dish doesn’t come out of the tray, but she says it will taste as good as she looks.  The surfy dad’s run out as well and tell people it’s a 20 minute wait…I’m not liking that.  The twins are constantly talking and sold out, but stop cooking…I’m guessing they have nothing at all left as they’re clapping themselves.  Oh dear…poor Harry…gets the tray out…15 toasties means 5 serves only.  He ups the oven and smoke is all over the joint.

The second batch of friands is a tad gooey…oh well Flower Power Girls serves them anyway.

Service is over!!!  But wait…the public is voting via tablets and not the old fashioned way….interesting!

Back to Kitchen HQ for the results….here’s the initial comments from Pete and Manu and the comments from Kitchen HQ.

Qld surfies – Cheesy bacon and egg pie with a rocket salad.  Manu thinks it’s clever that the pancetta is at the bottom and likes the flavour.  Pete thinks you can eat it on the run…Manu enjoyed the twist on the bacon and egg roll.  Pete comments that it was one of the few you could grab with one hand.

Vic boys – trio of toasties, bacon and tomato and mustard, gruyere and onion, prosciutto and pesto.  No comment from Pete and Manu other than a mmm…Pete questions if the boys did enough and said they expect people to cook as it is a cooking competition…poor, poor Harry.  But Pete tells them luckily for them the toasties were delicious.

SA mums – Congee with Chinese Sausage and eggs.  Pete and Manu love how well the eggs look and think it is full of flavour and a perfect dish…Manu says it was a ballsy choice that worked for him as it was so flavoursome.

Tas BFF’s – savoury pancakes with caramelised onion and chutney…cooking to order.  Manu loves the chutney…can’t say the same for the pancakes though…Manu thinks that they had all the ingredients to make a great dish, but the pancake was dry and doughy.

Mr and Mrs Cheese – Chorizo and goat’s cheese quesadillas with guacamole.  Pete and Manu think it’s good for on the run…Pete loved that they made their own tortillas, Manu thought they met the brief.

Flower Power Girl and Little Miss Positivity – pear and raspberry friand with a baked pear.  Pete thinks it is very light, Manu agrees and it’s not too sweet, but wants to know is it a dessert or breakfast…Manu is still questioning if it is breakfast or dessert, would prefer it for afternoon tea, but loved the light and fluffy friand.

Naughty Nana and Pop – ricotta and potato bake with crispy bacon and capsicum relish.  Pete and Manu think it doesn’t look great, and question is it breakfast on the run…Pete said it was poorly presented and it needs to be worked on.  Pop says they need to start serving people who can’t see, which gets the others laughing…Pete’s close to a laugh.

Little Misses Posh – Mediterranean baked eggs with crusty bread and feta whip.  Pete says it’s not the prettiest, Manu thinks it tastes like breakfast however…Pete comments on the presentation again.  Manu loved the flavours.

Foodie Science Geeks – 62 degree eggs with bacon jam and asparagus.  Manu’s a tad excited about the egg.  Pete enjoys the playful bacon jam…Pete, bacon, eggs, asparagus works, the egg was perfect and the bacon jam also worked and it was simple and uncluttered.

Ditzy Darling and Darling – poached salmon, rice, peas and 60/60 egg.  Pete loves the look of the egg on top, but thinks it is very unusual.  Manu thinks they’ve gone a bit crazy.  Both think the salmon is overcooked…Pete thinks the eggs was cooked perfectly, the salmon overcooked and questions the herbs as there were too many for him.  Manu thinks the combination of flavours were too crazy.

The Twins – breakfast lamb gozleme with tzatziki.  Pete thinks it will be a crowd-pleaser…Pete it did work and they did a great job.  Manu was concerned, but enjoyed it.

Foodie mum and foodie daughter – Moist banana bread with sweet caramelised banana and ricotta and pecan butter.  Pete and Manu enjoy the dish, Manu thinks it has a savoury taste to it…Pete “there’s good banana bread and not so good banana bread, your’s was excellent” as there was texture with the dates and nuts and a bit of extra love in it.

But of course the winner is up to the people…and it goes to the Surfie Dads!!  The boys are completely shocked and are now safe from elimination.

“One team is safe, but one team is a step closer to elimination” reminds Manu…”the team off to sudden death is……..Ditzy Darling and Darling” and everyone is deathly quiet and they’re almost in tears as they had positive feedback from the public…now Darling has a real fighting spirit…oh honey you needed that all long.

Next up is Sunday with the food truck…it looks a tad big, I’ll say that much…oh and restaurant vs restaurant for real paying people with teams joining up….ohhhhhh that looks like fun!!


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