My Kitchen Rules…baby when the lights go out

Well last Wednesday saw the Foodie Science Geeks have major issues.  I also had major issues of my own that day with getting bogged on the way into town to go to work and then stayed in town so that I wouldn’t have to attempt going on the dirt to get home.  Then I managed to get a flat tyre as I got home on Thursday and had to buy a brand new tyre on Friday…annoying as the tyre was only bought in October and it was wrecked by the mud pushing the mud flap forward and then it rubbing on the tyre for the 30km from the bitumen to town at 35km home…so very annoying.  Hopefully I’ll be able to blog Monday and Tuesday’s episodes as I won’t be home…I have to go away for work…sorry mum (I know you read this), but there’s no promises for the next two nights.

Anyway onto Hapless Harry and Christo and I can only hope Harry’s not as hapless as last time.  They’re planning on being zen-like…well that lasts until they hit a traffic jam.  Manu’s already thinking the entrée sounds a bit basic.  What…no images from Coles this time???  I’m disappointed that we didn’t get to see the mad chaos of Coles running.

So the ice-cream is in the machine and bang…out goes the power, um don’t just stand there boys.  Strangely enough they start cutting vegies and miraculously the power comes back on without them freaking out.  Now there’s a manic beeping sound as the clever boys put the oven on fan/grill and not fan forced…well that’s what happen when you use mummy’s kitchen.

The boys are even calm when the doorbell rings and Foodie Mum can’t get over how dashing they look.  Oh look The Captain is disappointed before he even lays eyes on the menu as the restaurant is the same as last time…what does he expect???

Pete and Manu arrive and comment that the boys look calm, cool and collected.  The comment by Foodie Science Geek boy is that it’s fine to do simple food so long as it is done well…ummmmm how does one respond to that after what Foodie Science Geek served up.  The Captain’s not pulling any punches in his comments away from the others tonight…he’s even laying into Foodie Mum as she hasn’t cooked yet.

Oh hell…the boys aren’t sure what opaque means, but Christo knows that a beer bottle is opaque.  Oh dear lord.  Now poor Hapless Harry has managed to burn himself whilst cooking the calamari.  I am concerned by Foodie Daughter hugging up to Foodie Mum for a kiss…honey you haven’t even eaten yet and the night is early…take a breath, all will be good.

Entrée – Calamari sautéed in capsicum and garlic infused olive oil with seasonal leaves.  Well it doesn’t look too bad…but of course The Captain thinks it looks boring.  Oh dear…Manu’s said there is simple and there is too simple, that’s not a good starting point for the boys…and he couldn’t taste the capsicum infused oil, only garlic oil.  Pete thinks it’s neither here nor there…oh dear boys, I hope main is better for you.  Strangely enough The Captain thinks it’s worse than the first entrée he had from the boys.  Little Misses Posh aren’t enjoying it either…strange about that.

Main – Roast Pheasant with Bread Sauce and Beetroot Salad.  Well the bread sauce wasn’t looking too good whilst it was being blitzed…rather vomit like.  Strange that The Captain is the exact opposite to everyone else in how long the pheasant takes to cook.  Now I know they said 15 minutes, but I’m sure that’s not when you’ve got an oven full of them.  Put them back in the oven boys, common sense needs to prevail here and not panic.  It’s been a mere hour since entrée…in the scheme of this show that’s not too long.  The others seem to be going slightly mad and bonkers whilst they are waiting.  Now it’s been two hours…I’m hoping the pheasant are cooked…but NOOOOO!!!  They’re still raw.  Oh we’re up to 2½ hours since entrée…and it’s still red raw…poor buggers.  Now we’re up to 3 hours and the boys said they haven’t stuffed up as the pheasant isn’t over cooked.  Finally the pheasant is cooked and not overcooked…get it on the damn plate already.  Scarily the boys can still joke…Christo “Harry how’s your breasts?”  They need to focus on putting the food on the plate and get it out there.  Hate to say it but when you see it on the plate I can’t see where the 3 hours went.  Pete reminds them about serving the food at an appropriate time and they it tells them they haven’t planned properly, but he loves the dish.  I know the boys think they’ve done a Houdini, but waiting that long isn’t going to help…but Little Miss Positivity and Flower Power Girl love it and The Poor Captain thinks it is an entrée size.  Gee I hope dessert is out quickly.

Dessert – Baked Stone Fruit with Amaretti Crumble and Vanilla Bean Ice-cream…oh dear the crumble was too runny….take two…this time with more biscuits.  I hope it improves as I’m not liking how it looks so far.  Oh dear lord…how long does it take to cook some fruit with crumble on them???  I’m worried that he’s turned the grill on though after the hassles in the prep time.  At least they’ve put the ice-cream in a separate dish so it doesn’t melt all over the place.  Manu likes the mixture of the ice-cream’s sweetness with the fruit’s acidity and Pete think’s it’s delicious and has a simplistic nature.  Oh dear Foodie Mum’s waiting for an explosion of flavour which didn’t come, but Flower Power Girl is wanting to bathe in the ice-cream.


Flower Power and Little Miss Positivity – 6

Foodie Science Geeks – 4

Foodie mum and daughter – 6

Little Misses Posh – 6

The Captain and Trophy Wife – 5…strangely enough most teams marked down slightly on the time between courses.


Entrée – Pete 4, Manu 3

Main – Manu 8, Pete 7

Dessert – Pete 8, Manu 8

The boys have scored…65 putting them above the Foodie Science Geeks.

I’m scared that they’re playing Eminem after they tell us that tomorrow night we’re back to visit The Captain and Trophy Wife, which should be interesting…especially after seeing the preview where Pete holds the soup up and nothing falls out of the bowl…Tomorrow also marks me off on a 470km drive for a work thing after spending the morning with the cherubs…the start of a week that include 2,000km of driving as well as working, work meetings and going to the rugby.


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