My Kitchen Rules…Little Misses Posh take 2

So we’re back in Perth for Little Misses Posh to cook again and they’re starting the day with a bit of yoga…I noticed that last night there was no talk about where the girls travelled to…I wonder if this will continue…please let it continue for my own sake.  But they decided to remind us about their pastry and bread saga from last time.

Foodie Daughter is trying to look rather flash tonight…yeah I’m not sure about the head piece…it’s rather constricting, yeah not liking it.

Mind you Little Misses Posh are still going on about the twins…get over it darlings.  They’re not at your dinner, focus on what you’re doing and honestly girls you’re not sounding as classy as you think right now…mmm “classy chicks” that’s just wrong in itself!  But I’m still wondering how eating around the world means you know food and you can cook good food…eating and cooking are two completely different things.

Well the theme hasn’t changed since last time.  But restaurant theme does not necessarily mean good food.

Okay I haven’t been to the world’s best restaurant…I know that confit means to cook in fat, but chicken cooked in duck fat??? Is it just me or does that sound bizarre.

Hooly dooly…they’re making their own pasta, without a mixer to mix the dough…don’t rush honey.  There’s a rather interesting mix of sound effects going on however.  Oh and now she’s making her own cannoli dough…holy heck!!!  Good thing they’re looking for crab shell…well you would think you probably should look for it.  Oh dear the pasta’s having a moment and one poor Little Miss is having a good teary…oh poor petal.

The others are on the way…gee Foodie Mum’s got the cleavage out tonight…and Miss Food Science Geek is wearing a terribly short dress.  But damn the screaming when the doorbell rings!!! OVER IT!!!  Apparently the restaurant is decadent, opulent and indulgent…this from Foodie Daughter with the huge black shoes on with her frock and amazingly enough The Captain wasn’t around during the Gatsby era.

Oh bless Flower Power Girl thought “oh my Lady Gaga” when she realised that The Captain and Trophy Wife are dating and not father and daughter…honey you’re priceless.

The poor girls want to run and jump the fence over their dodgy pasta dough, Pete’s not liking how flustered and stressed they look.  As far as the menu is concerned Flower Power Girl thinks it’s very ambitious, while The Captain thinks it is rather simple.  Good thing The Captain’s making dad jokes, pity that the Gate-Crashes are horrified by his dad jokes.

Dough number 2 is an improvement on dough number 1, but the poor love isn’t overly happy with it.  I have to agree with Little Misses Posh, it does look stunning, however I’m not sure about it looking like them as I haven’t seen the super refined side of them yet.

Entrée – Poached Marron on Crab Pillow with Truffle Emulsion.  Harry thinks it looks “sen-bloody-sational.”  Manu’s happy so the girls can breathe for half a second and he’s happy that the girls have made everything from scratch.  Pete says when compared to last time’s trio of cheeses it is like chalk and cheese.  Oh what a shame that The Captain got some shell and has over-cooked dry pasta and his marron’s not cooked properly and couldn’t taste the truffle when he left the truffle on the plate, I think it was an old person’s moment.  Poor Flower Power Girl is a tad confused as it’s game on.

Main – chicken confit with brussell sprouts, speck and mushroom sauce.  Oh god the travel talk is going on…but if confit is “cooked in it’s own fat” as Little Miss Posh says why is it cooked in duck fat and not chicken fat???  Yep I’m still confused, but I am a Country Bumpkin after all!  Oh heck, Manu’s reeling in shock that she’s only going to confit the chicken for 45 minutes and not 1½ to 2 hours.  Oh babe, honestly just because you’ve eaten it at a lot of fancy restaurants doesn’t mean you can cook it well…get that in your head honey.  Flower Power Girl thinks that brussel sprouts taste like garbage and Manu mishears and thinks she says cabbage…oh Manu.  The Poor Captain has set everyone off by saying he’s never heard of chicken and mushrooms in a dish together.  Apparently you can’t be a foodie if you don’t try brussel sprouts…never heard that before, but hey, we’ll go with it.  The sauce apparently looks incredible, yeah sorry I don’t agree with you there.  Okay I’m not overly liking the look of this dish.  You can’t help but laugh that they have to walk the plates through the torrential downpour.  The Captain’s starving and not happy that there’s a bit of chicken a few bits of brussel sprouts and not a huge amount more on the plate.  Well Manu loves the sauce, like I said however I’m not liking the look of it, I’m not a huge fan of mushroom sauce…back to Manu, he wants the definition of confit as he’s concerned about the recipe the girls used and of course they sent us to an ad-break before we hear his response.  Oh dear, the girls didn’t have crispy skin and then the sauce was on the skin making it even worse and Manu’s not happy with the use of fancy French words being used without knowing what they mean and serving up a pub dish that he wouldn’t pay for in a restaurant.  Not that the girls even heard that…they focused on the part where he called the entrée a three hatted dish.  Pete’s seriously not enjoying the brussel sprouts as they’re “al-dente” as Little Miss Posh said earlier.  Oh The Captain thinks the brussel sprouts are offensive, but he liked the gravy…oh dear gravy again.  Foodie Mum would order it again as would Foodie Daughter.  Flower Power Girl is offering a “compliment sandwich”…a teacher thing (yep they’re often used in reports), good, then not great, then good…”I like the sauce, I really didn’t like this dish, I liked the presentation a little bit”…she’s stressing because her mum told her if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all…poor love had to cover her eyes to talk…all because she picked on her mum’s chicken…Manu’s loving her comments though.

Dessert – Cannoli with orange and chocolate ricotta served with espresso-tini.  Oh heck we’re back on the travel band-wagon.  Hell I’ve eaten cannoli…in Lygon Street, in St Kilda, in Sydney, in Brisbane…I’m sure they’re authentic…they’re just not made in Italy.  Heck the dough is confused between Italy and India!!!  It’s taking after the well-travelled girls.  Oh look they’re starting to work…good thing as they’re running out of dough.  So apparently we’re doing “posh coffee and cake”…ummmm how is espresso-tini posh?  Poor Flower Power Girl is confused about what cannoli is, thinking it’s cannelloni or spaghetti…oh darling you are gorgeous!  Miss Foodie Science Girl and Foodie Mum are sounding super positive about what they think they’ll get while Trophy Wife is too busy saying, “no, no,” with a bit of head shaking.  No offence I would be hungry after that as I wouldn’t eat it, I’m not an orange fan in any way, shape or form and it isn’t a fan of me either…in saying that I make a seriously mean flourless orange cake, I just hate the smell of my house while I’m making it and I’ve tried a crumb of it and I hate it, but the friend I make it for loves it.  Right back to the cannoli…Manu’s disappointed and thinks it’s boring…I can see his point as there’s only a tad of grated chocolate and he can’t taste it properly…poor thing.  Pete’s conflicted, good cannoli, shocking drink… Foodie Mum is happy it’s not too sweet…of course it isn’t there’s about two scrapes of chocolate.  The boys think the cannoli is crunchy and The Captain thinks it’s soggy, I’m confused yet again.


Flower Power and Little Miss Positivity – 7

Foodie mum and foodie daughter – 6

Food Science Geeks – 5

Victorian Boys – 5

The Captain and Trophy Wife – 4


Entrée – Pete 10, Manu 10

Main – Manu 6, Pete 6 (on a side note they’ve realised they’ve been knocked off their pedestal…their words not mine)

Dessert – Pete 5, Manu 4

They scored…68.  They’re in second place…or as the tv keeps telling me they’re on the bottom of the leader board.

Tomorrow we’re off to the Foodie Science Geeks house for dinner…Flower Power Girl things Geeky Boy is a genius…the preview looks a tad interesting.


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