My Kitchen Rules…Intruder alert!!! Intruder alert!!!

Oh…they’re gate-crashers…well that doesn’t sound as good as intruders.

So there’s a pair of food scientists, a mother and daughter and a teacher and real-estate agent…but better still there’s the Captain and Trophy Wife and there’s Little Misses Posh!!!  How I’ve missed Little Misses Posh and how many places they’ve been to.

So we’re off to near Newcastle to the cooking teacher and real-estate agent who think that they have normal lives, but normal is boring…oh dear god…and a circle of empowerment in the kitchen…this will be fun I think.  I can’t wait to see how the Captain responds to this.  I’m sure we’ve got Little Miss Flower Power and Little Miss Positivity tonight.

Naturally there is a bit of Coles running…holy heck, how much food does she require…I think they’re expecting trouble.  Also why are you serving goat’s cheese when you don’t like it???  Haven’t we been down this path before Channel 7???  Plus Pete is hoping the dessert is not too sweet…well it is caramel so there’s a chance it may be.

Oh dear lord there are mood rings on the napkins and an inspirational journal…well if they take too long there might be some creative doodles going on.  Good to see they’re starting with dessert straight away as part of it takes three hours to set.  But it’s a concern when she has to keep recounting the 24 egg yolks.

Apparently “it’s un-Australian to not like beetroot mate” and negativity is “like walking around with an umbrella on a sunny day”…oh lordy, lordy lord they are full of interesting quotes and that’s just Little Miss Flower Power.  I’m seeing a lot of pink, red and orange tonight on the frocks, a lot of clashing going on in my view.

So there’s a few confused diners with the hippy/non hippy restaurant and poor Harry is concerned about being forced to have positive thoughts.  Trophy Wife and The Captain show their age…she hasn’t seen a mood ring since 1994 and he hasn’t since 1969…oh dear.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…the mum and daughter pair has a daughter who is a food critic and food writer.  Oh heck the mother lives in the next town from Country Town 2.0.  “I live on a property” says the mother…oh well honey guess what so do I, but I don’t feel like I’m the lady of the manor…but I have been called the custodian recently.

I’m not keen on Foodie Daughter…she’s rivalling Little Misses Posh in the posh stakes!!!

Oh dear lord the balsamic reduction is a tad scary when you have to sit the pot on the aircon vent.  Thankfully Little Misses Posh can make a joke about pastry!!!  Still don’t find you funny hon!

Entrée – Beetroot tart with goat’s cheese mousse and balsamic reduction.  Now if the balsamic reduction is lethal why the heck are you serving it girls???  Oh look Foodie Daughter wants dressing and Christo is worried about his tart thunder…a few dad jokes going on tonight.  Plus the Foodie Mum doesn’t like the effect goat’s cheese has on her palate…oh well suck it up darling.  Oh look Pete is looking for the dressing like Foodie Daughter was, but he loved the tart, even with the few problems.  One thinks they were slammed and the other thinks it was okay…honey you do realise that you’re in a competition.  Oh heck Foodie Daughter doesn’t have a fork…Little Misses Posh are wanting her to eat with her hands…the same girls who wouldn’t serve things that required eating with their fingers.  Strangely enough Foodie Mum doesn’t like anything but Little Misses Posh have decided to play the game and be nice as nobody else was in their first round and the poor Captain has memories of Anzac biscuits, apparently his have no oats in them…well at least according to Harry and Christo.

Main – Beef fillet with parsnip puree, beetroot and red wine discs and a red wine jus.  Oh god…”you can’t make your own fillets, you can’t make your own cow” is the response to the fillets being different sizes…well you could have asked the butcher!!!  “Parsnips are like heinous white carrots put on this planet to antagonise me” oh hell…what are we in for???  Now the beef looks overdone…apparently, well the other girl doesn’t think so…I’m confused!  Now the poor love has burnt the parsnip puree…I’m sorry but this is quite funny.  I’m not sure about trying to rescue it…I’m predicting that Foodie Daughter will taste some burnt bits.  Then they decide to serve the jus separately to ensure that Manu gets enough.  I think that the dish looks quite nice on the plate.  Manu liked how the beef was cooked, Little Miss Positivity needed to keep her positive side.  Manu wasn’t sure on the jelly, but liked that it was another element and technique and wants to score the sauce 10/10…claiming it’s the best sauce that he’s had…he’s having a sauce-gasm and stealing Pete’s sauce to get him through his moment.  Pete loved everything…and apparently it was like a “snuggly hug and a big warm bowl of porridge”…oh girls you make me laugh.  Strangely enough Foodie Mum wasn’t overly keen and The Captain wanted a bit of seasoning and he said he had gravy, which almost knocked Foodie Mum for six.

Dessert – Caramel Divine.  Well the sugar syrup turned rather toxic looking for a moment when the cream was added.  Poor Flower Power Dessert Boss is getting ready to cause permanent damage to her partner.  Well the mousse likes a tad dodgy and I’m not sure why you need to drizzle a plate with caramel when you’re putting a glass on top of the drizzle, plus where do you get heart shaped plates from anyway???  Plus apparently it’s super sweet…oh girls you’re going to be smashed by Pete.  Manu says his first bite was divine, second bite was beautiful and third bite was too sweet and somehow Pete managed half of his and loved the cloud-like custard.  Oh heck Foodie Mum is worried about her expensive teeth with the popcorn and Foodie Daughter is concerned with the sugar overload and weird shaped glass and as for Little Misses Posh, I think the sugar has bought on a bout of hyperactivity.

Scores –

Little Misses Posh – 7

Food Scientists – 7

Vic Boys – 7

Captain and Trophy Wife – 6

Mum and Daughter – 5


Entrée – Pete 7, Manu 7

Main – Manu 8, Pete 9

Dessert – Manu comments that it if was half the size it would have been divine…Pete 5, Manu 6…they’re not bad scores actually.

Thanks maths boffins…I’m too tired to think about adding up numbers right now…they scored 74…not bad!

Tomorrow we’re off to Perth again for Little Misses Posh second attempt at cooking…well this could be interesting…oh look it looks like they made their own pastry and pasta, well that’s a step up.


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