My Kitchen Rules…oh dear lord the Captain is in control…or is he???

Tonight we’re off to Cairns…oh bugger the first sight of the Captain is with his shirt undone…please, please, please do that shirt up already!!!

Oh heck…we’re going for live seafood again…thankfully no screaming and then thankfully they walked through Coles…we don’t want the Captain to do a hip.

Now the Captain thinks he’s got plenty of time to dress the instant restaurant and then takes too long making the cutlery look “perfect”, personally I think we need to put it normally on the table, not some weird way inside a rope.

Heck they’re making their own bread, butter and mayo…take that Little Misses Posh!!  Nothing like raw crayfish because of the whole 12 minutes saga…the poor Captain isn’t sure on timing…is it 12 minutes from putting them in the pot of 12 minutes from when the water they’re in goes back to the boil.

Thankfully there’s no screaming when the doorbell rings either, but what’s with giving everyone sailor hats to wear.  Let alone the fact one of the others thinks they can smell sticky date pudding…um no, that’s the bread…

To make it worse they forget the chairs and then there’s a party captain, are you kidding, the poor bugger has to get everyone drinks…so much for the hosts doing that.

The poor Captain has a senior moment, calls Pete Manu and calls Manu Pete…um hate to say this but they look completely different.

Oh dear lord they’re trying to act young by saying “amazeballs” and “totes ridic”…save me, I want to get off this boat right now!!!

Entrée – Far North Queensland Crayfish Stack with lime mayonnaise.  Now I have to say that the dish doesn’t look overly spectacular to me…a pile of avocado, with a pile of crayfish mixed with lime mayo on top and a couple of bits of capsicum on it.  I’m agreeing with Miss WA here, I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a stack.  Thank you Manu…they haven’t done enough, it isn’t a stack, there’s not multiple layers on it.  Sounds like the lime is a bit hit and miss as Miss WA can’t taste any lime…not sure how that has happened, I hate to say it given I just live in WA for 4 years, but the WA women on here are seriously annoying me!!!

Main – Mud Crab and Angel Hair Pasta.  Given that the pasta has to rest for 30 minutes between mixing it and the actual making of it…I hate to say that I’m agree with Miss WA, they should have made it a lot earlier, not waited until now.  It might be a long, long wait for main course, they’re had an hour wait already…oh god they look like they’re still another hour away and poor Manu is ready to keel over in shock.  Poor guests are starving after that small entrée.  God love Pete for asking who would be upset if they have to wait another hour for their food…naturally all the hands went up.  The Captain has a silly idea to go and tell them that they’re waiting…thank goodness Trophy Wife tells him not to, he may not come back alive, or in one piece.  Heck we’re up to 2 hours since entrée…and the pasta is looking like complete rubbish…finally it starts to work.  It better be better than perfection for Miss WA to be happy.  The poor Captain tries to rescue it in the water, I’m still not too sure.  Ohhhhh they’ve mixed the pasta into the creamy, crab sauce…of dear lord I don’t think this will go down to well, other than the fact the others are starving as it’s been 2¼ hours between courses.  Poor Pete is disappointed because of the dodgy pasta, the Captain didn’t rescue it from sticking all that well.  At least the seafood worked, but their all complaining about the pasta.  The Miner has a good point, the food’s not what he wanted, but in terms of the competition it is what he wanted as it’s been pretty dodgy so far tonight.

Dessert – Tropical Eton Mess with Spun Sugar.  I think we may have another sugar problem on our hands…7 cups of sugar with the passionfruit…holy heck!!!  Strange that it’s not working properly and is too runny for Trophy Wife’s liking….strange about that…the Captain has tripled the amount of water and sugar due to an old age moment.  Good thing they’ve got a passionfruit vine outside so they can start the syrup again.  The Captain thinks he’s saved the day…does he realise that he’s the one that buggered up the day to start with.  Okay Trophy Wife I know it is Eton Mess and as you said it’s meant to be messy, but still, there could have been some nicer plating going on.  Plus like all your guests think there is no fruit, I know you said it doesn’t need any, but if that’s the case why did you call it Eton Mess????  Just curious!!!  Hahahaha Manu thinks it’s very sweet…two teams in and two teams with very sweet desserts.  I mean it is sugar (meringue) with sugar (passionfruit syrup) and sugar (spun sugar).  Vic Boy has a point, basically it’s a pav.  I’m predicting some low scores tonight…Ditzy Darling thinks it’s too sweet for him, even though he served a sugar overload last restaurant.


WA – 5

SA – 5

Tas – 4

NSW – 4

Vic – 3…well the scores aren’t looking spectacular!


Entrée – Manu 5, Pete 5

Main – Manu 4, Pete 4

Dessert – Manu 4, Pete 3

Total score from the channel 7 boffins is 46…ouch…that’s NOT good!!!  Well it is for Ditzy Darling and Darling.

Tomorrow night we’re off to… Tasmania and I have to now work out if I’m watching the INXS movie tonight or the Schapelle Corby movie…tough decision!


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