My Kitchen Rules…Little Misses Posh

Oh dear lord the night we’ve been waiting for!!!  Little Misses Posh are going to cook for us tonight.  But seriously having truffles and eggs for breakfast!!!  What the heck are you trying to prove darling??

Travel count…1 New York (mentioned in their intro package), 2 UK (oh apparently rabbit’s eaten a lot over there…do I care???), 3 Spain

Naturally you go to a gourmet deli and not Coles…oh look Trio of Cheese for an entrée to Mr and Mrs Cheese…then shopping for wabbits…you act so stuck up and then you say wabbits, oh honey you’re every so mature!  Now trolley riding…I now know how Little Miss Posh spent her teenage years!!  Heck now you want the most “awesome-est” instant restaurant ever…oh honey zip it now!!!  Please!!!

Now what’s with using the fancy class to pour the tequila…yeah not making me feel more confident.

So the other contestants have arrived to the Gatsby themed restaurant…all dressed beautifully too…and Little Misses Posh said that they loved what the twins were wearing…what the heck is going on???  God love the fact that the twins are happy for anyone else but Little Misses Posh to beat them!!!  I love the twins!!

Entrée – Trio of Cheese…I’m trying to work out why when one Little Miss Posh doesn’t like cheese would you cook a trio of cheese for entrée…um I’m confused, it is a blonde moment (oh that’s okay I’m actually grey)…maybe it’s old age (oh hell, I’m only 37).  Are you kidding???  You’re bagging white bread out of a plastic bag, you’ve just cut off such a huge proportion of the population with that comment alone.  Oh hell Mr Cheese is a kid in a candy store with hearing that he’s getting a trio of cheese…I haven’t seen him that excited since he cooked his own cheese dishes.  Um the fritters look rather like baby vomit at the start…that explains why a three year normally enjoys them.  Plus there was a deep fryer in use yet again…strange about that!!  Pete, Pete, Pete I have fallen more in love with you after you call the food mediocre!!!  Especially the comment of store bought white bread under the cheese…be still my beating heart!!!!

Main – Peasants’ Paella with Rabbit and Snails…I’ll be happy to have the paella, I’m not sure about the rabbit or snails though!!!  Good thing Manu’s able to give plenty of advice on eating snails…that’s the main reason he’s there tonight.  Poor twinnies though, they had a pet rabbit and they’re freaked out about eating snails…at least Mr SA was able to lighten the mood saying that he had a pet snail!!!  Oh what a shame, the rabbit’s not cooked properly…what a crying shame!!!  Naturally out darling Little Miss Posh has eaten plenty of paella in Spain, of course that does not surprise me!  Honey so you can’t put rabbit legs on your plate as it would be uncouth…I do not have words for that!  Just when Manu makes it sound like he wasn’t enjoying the mail he decides to show us his empty plate and get a tad excited about snails, as only he can.  Oh dear the poor twinnies are enjoying the dish, that’s going to go down so well with Little Misses Posh when they come to collect the plate, poor thing think it’s the worse dish they’ve had all competition.

Dessert – Millefeuille with Passionfruit custard and lime tequila curd.  Oh I’ve now worked out what the controversy is…they bought puff pastry instead of making pastry.  Everyone else would rather them make their own pastry…given that it’s a cooking competition I think they should be making it themselves.  Oh be still my heart yet again…Manu I’m loving you tonight, thank goodness you brought up the pastry!!!!  Then Pete thinks it’s almost inedible!!!  Oh my heart can’t take this!!!  Poor Mr SA has got pastry, pastry and pastry and a lack of filling.


NSW – 5

Qld – 5

SA – 3

ACT – 3

Vic – 3

Judges … oh wait…we’re having a Survivor final vote count, we have to wait until we get to the city to hear the final scores and find out who’s going home.

Entrée – Manu 5, Pete 3

Main – Manu 8, Pete 9

Dessert – Pete 2, Manu 4…damn you Manu

And it’s time to go………..ACT awesome…Little Misses Posh got 49, Canberra Awesome got 47.

Tomorrow we get to meet the new teams…it should be interesting!


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