My Kitchen Rules…twins time in Melbourne


Now last week we learnt just how much Little Misses Posh don’t like the twins…well sorry lovelies I’m loving the twins and I’m hoping they do great tonight.

Oh girls did you just call barramundi boring???  I’m sorry but having lived in the Kimberleys for four years I love barramundi.  Now I have to ask why did you not check if your fish shop was going to be open, let alone if it sold the fish you wanted before the morning you had to race around getting the food.  Come on girls!!!  Then again I couldn’t tell you what hapuku is.

I’m trying not to laugh too hard after hearing that clementines and oranges are cousins and they help each other out.  Sorry girls as much as I love you it probably would have been better if you had of noticed if Coles sold clementines before deciding on your menu.

For two stressed girls they are surprisingly calm after the cake saga…I think I could learn some lessons from them.

Are you kidding??? How long do they need to spend on their outfits…the time is counting down and they’re still trying on frocks…um hello??? There are no points for your outfits!!!  Especially when you don’t open the door after the doorbell rings.  At least they didn’t scream when they finally heard the doorbell.  I mean it did ring twice!!

As for Little Misses Posh…talk about getting a tad nasty talking about the twins having half a frontal lobe each.  I’m seriously not liking you girls right now, and it doesn’t have to look like it is Greece.  You’re sitting in the suburbs of Melbourne, you’re not in a Greek restaurant.

Yes of course here is Little Miss Posh’s travel count…1 Greek Islands (oh look one of them have been there twice and the other got back recently).

As for the top about always clean your pan…honey, honey, honey.  It should be well and truly cleaned after use so there is no need to clean it again before use.  I’m slightly concerned…thank god their “husbands” Pete and Manu have arrived.  Miss SA is on fire with her nightly perving on Manu.

Entrée – Squid Wraps with Tomato Salad.  I have to say it looks lovely. But I’m not liking the narkiness being shown by Little Misses Posh saying that it is too simple and they’ll judge harshly if it’s not perfect.  You’re not children, but you’re definitely acting like spoilt brats about now!  Little Miss Posh needs to pick her jaw up off the table after Pete says he doesn’t like the dish but he loves it!!  But that doesn’t mean that they’ll say they enjoyed it…oh fancy that they’re concerned by the level of garlic and have to breathe their garlicky breath over each other…grow up girls!

Main – Hapuku with Black Olive Sauce, Vegie Chips and Roasted Tomatoes  Now you know that there will be comments on the mismatched portion sizes that are going on.  Finally there’s a bit of fire added to the flames with the seed in the sauce and hoping that Little Miss Posh gets it.  Oh dear god Mrs SA is a tad close to twerking…naughty nana I’m concerned as you’re wanting people to shake their bootie, but I’m with you on not wanting to be boring.  I’m loving how confident the twins are about their food tonight.  I agree with naughty nana though, it does look pretty good and of course a crunchy chip is always good.  Yay Pete loved it!!!  Bugger you Manu…and that’s not an excuse to cut to a shot of Little Misses Posh smiling at their smug grins!!  Bugger Manu got the olive stone.  Surprise, surprise Little Miss Posh hates the meal because of the slimy skin.  Heck I could have written that review before she went near the meal.

Dessert – Clementine and Clove Semolina Cake with Spiced Mascarpone.  I would love to see the recipe for the spiced mascarpone with a few shakes of this and a few shakes of that, you’ve got to love those recipes.  At least the cake is cut into the same sized pieces.  But girls there’s no need to keep saying “twinning!”  No need whatsoever!!!  Oh dear knock me over with a feather…Little Miss Posh thinks that the twins look smug!!!  Oh honey, honey, honey…where is the magic mirror to tell us who is the fairest after all!!  It’s great that Manu loves it after not enjoying the main course.  Oh look…Little Misses Posh don’t enjoy it.  Do they realise that they haven’t cooked yet???


ACT – 8

Qld – 8

NSW – 8

SA – 9

Wait for it…wait for it…wait for it…WA – 8…oh dear god for all their negativity they score them high!!!


Entrée – Pete 10, Manu 10!!! Well done girls!!!

Main – Manu 6 (that damn overcooked fish), Pete 9

Dessert – Manu 9, Pete 10

I’m seriously not liking Little Misses Posh right now…they’re a nasty piece of work!!!

Thanks channel 7 maths boffins… the twins scored 95!!!  Equal highest score ever!!! Well done girls!!

Tomorrow we’re off to SA…and hopefully Mr SA won’t bring his camera as he did tonight…yes we did notice it earlier on.


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