My Kitchen Rules…

Good evening boys and girls, it’s MKR time…perfect timing for me to sit on the couch after buggering up my ankle attempting to move a full moving box of kitchen goods that I don’t want in the kitchen outside around to the spare room.  Nothing like your ankle going over the edge of the concrete onto the hard dirt, especially when there’s an inch and a half gap…just a tad painful and a bit of swearing along with it and a couple of golf ball size lumps on the inside of my ankle and then having to feed cats at the main house and water lawns and do washing and cook dinner…I am attempting to stay off the sore swollen ankle though.  Now tonight MKR is not clashing with any other reality tv, but there is the 20/20 cricket on, so there will be a fair bit of flicking during the ads, especially if Aaron Finch is still batting (got to love a bit of Aaron Finch!!!).

Anyway, tonight we’re off to the Gold Coast to the surfy dads / PE teachers…and naturally they start the day by going for a surf, what more did you expect?  Along with them wanting to smash Mr and Mrs Cheese just because they’re from NSW.  Again what’s with the running into Coles?  At least they walked when they got in there.  But I’m wondering where are these Coles stores that sell quail???  Then again I do live four hours from Coles, so I’m not going to be popping in a hurry to see if the Dubbo store has quail.

Oh heck they’re talking about their travels, shall we put money on Little Miss Posh having been to Bali a few million times and being an expert on Indonesian curry???

Naturally they kick off the cooking time with a beer…better than a jumping up and down scream like last night, but I don’t reckon I would be wanting to debone 12 quail anytime soon.

Oh the poor buggers have lost their chocolate, get in the damn car already and stop talking about it!!  Especially given as you said “I’ve got to get some chocolate for this dessert to be right”…um that would be right, I mean you’re making rum chocolate pots.  Oh and yes, this time you may run in the supermarket.

Cricket update…flicked over just in time to see Finch smash a 6…like I said, you’ve got to love a bit of Aaron Finch!!!  Oh heck, that was a bit close for Cameron White and Joe Root, thank goodness our old mate Root didn’t catch it!

Oh dear still more saga with the chocolate…to melt or not to melt just yet.  Good thing to save it until later.  Here’s hoping there’s no jumping up and down or squealing when the doorbell rings, if they do I’m likely to scream myself.  Thankfully not even a high five between the two of them.  Mrs SA is tad excited when told that there’s a selection of local beer and wines and not to hold back, she could be in for a big night tonight.  Actually she’s in fine form right from the start, god love her.

Travel count from Little Miss Posh…oh yes honey drop in that you’ve been to over 42 countries…can you not give us an exact number????  1. India for authentic curry…I think she’s gotten Indonesia and India mixed up. 2 Europe, 3. Prague, 4. Croatia, 5. Sahara Desert 6. Thailand

Oh dear lord Little Miss Posh is saying you should always keep an open mind…oh dear lord who the hell is she kidding tonight????  She’s the one who hasn’t been very open-minded in regards to food so far.

Cricket update…flicked over and this time Finchy got a 4…yes, I’m a happy girl with that…then a nice 6 from Cameron White.

Entrée – Salt and pepper quail with lemon pepper dipping sauce…I’m starting to think I might be missing out as I don’t own a deep fryer and two teams have used them so far.  Now the saga of the amount of crumbing and the taste of the sauce.  I have to say the dish is looking pretty speccy.  Um Canberra bloke I’m concerned by your comment “calm as Hindu cows” what the??  Ohhh Pete’s excited, so is Manu…how about Little Misses Posh?  Well one wanted the salad dressed and the other wasn’t shown.  Mrs SA however, oh honey, you’re in really good form, between Pete’s eyes and Manu’s accent getting you a tad excited you’re in for a big night, watch out Mr SA.

Main – Spicy Indonesian Chicken CurryI have to say the curry paste is looking pretty nice, where’s smell-o-vision when I need it?  Poor Mr Cheese has decided that he’s too country as he doesn’t like spicy food, but in good country form he’ll give it a crack, good on you son.

Cricket update…both Finch and White have hit 50…well done boys!!

Oh look, even the boys question if Little Miss Posh has been to Indonesia or Bali, guess what, let’s cut to a travel montage from our darling girl.  The meal is served, I’d be willing to give it a crack, it’s looking pretty impressive.  Oh dear, the chicken’s overcooked as it’s cut too small, and Manu’s not overly enjoying the curry…oh dear, poor boys.  Oh poor Mrs Cheese doesn’t have any sambal and it’s not spicy enough for Little Miss Posh.

Dessert – Rum chocolate pots with salted caramel toffee…now boys you’re on the right track with not looking away from the toffee, after last night’s cream incident in Canberra…oh look that’s how you do it, you whip the cream and then you say you’ve whipped it good, not sing the song whilst whipping. Ohhhh that dessert looks seriously good!!!

Cricket update…bugger Finchy is out having scored 52, caught by his Melbourne Renegades team-mate Alex Hales!  Massive 6 from Cameron White off the bowling of his Melbourne Stars team-mate Wright.

Mr Cheese you’re a classic “I can’t believe they’re put up three dishes that all look so bloody good.”  Oh bugger, Manu’s asked the fatal question about whether or not they’ve tasted the whole dish as it’s too rich for him to finish and Pete can’t taste the Bundy in it.  Well at least Mr Cheese and Mr SA love the dessert and scoff the lot.


WA – 8…oh my goodness they scored them the highest, you could knock me over with a feather right about now!!

Vic – 7

SA – 6

NSW – 6

ACT – 7


Entrée – Manu 9, Pete 10

Main – Pete 6, Manu 7

Dessert – Manu 6, Pete 7

Now the boffins added up quickly again and they scored 79 placing them 2nd on the leader board.

Next we’re off to Victoria…I wonder what Little Misses Posh will think of dining there…but we have to wait until Sunday to find out.

As for the hype from last night’s preview I don’t think tonight lived up to the twins and Little Misses Posh coming to loggerheads quite as much as the preview had us think they would…but there’s still time for the explosions…if I’m to believe the previews…then there’s the build up of someone getting the highest score in MKR history…mmm that leaves us Mr and Mrs SA, Little Misses Posh or the Twins…one of them will cook damn well.  I know who I’m not banking on!


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